Judge Blocks Release of Recusal-Related Emails Kagan Sent WH—Says They’re ‘Personal’

October 17, 2011 @

(CNSNews.com) – U.S. District Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle, a Clinton appointee, has ruled that the Justice Department does not need to release emails Solicitor General Elena Kagan sent from her DOJ email account to people in the White House—in which she discussed her recusal decisions as solicitor general—because the emails were “used for a purely personal objective.”

CNSNews.com and Judicial Watch were seeking public release of the emails through lawsuits filed under the Freedom of Information Act.

The “purely personal objective” cited by the judge was Kagan’s goal of being confirmed to the United States Supreme Court.

At issue is whether Kagan must recuse herself as a Supreme Court Justice when the cases challenging the constitutionality of Obamacare reach the court.

Kagan was the Obama administration’s solicitor general—charged with defending the administration’s positions in federal court cases–at the time President Obama’s health-care plan was enacted and when Virginia and Florida filed lawsuits against that health-care plan in federal court.

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9 Comments → “Judge Blocks Release of Recusal-Related Emails Kagan Sent WH—Says They’re ‘Personal’”

  1. maggie

    7 years ago

    IF this Broad that Obama put on OUR Supreme Court sent personal mail to the NOW president, while she was working FOR him, it was not proper. Every word she sent should be put out in front so we will know exactly what she said. SHE had NO business sitting in on this question and she should have excluded herself. She is absolutely not truthful, when it comes to the Constitution, she votes the way she and OBama want. She would SWEAR BY OATH that daylight is DARK IF that is what he wanted!!!!

  2. Pat

    7 years ago

    So it was okay for liberals to ask for and get 24,000 emails from Sarah Palin’s account while she was governor but not okay for conservatives to get Kagan’s emails to the White House? The corruption in DC is unbelievable – it has taken over all three branches of government and kicked “we, the people” in the teeth….

  3. maggie

    7 years ago

    It was quite a while back that I went and found the messages this female had discussed with OBAMA. I changed computers and just plain forgot to make a copy of it. She was just what he ordered. I do remember that they had many, long meetings, supposedly referring to her work for him. I also remember that whatever he said for her to do, SHE did it. I have no confidence in the Supreme Court we now have. There is only one way for this to end and that comes when the 2012 election happens next year. Vote for ANYONE EXCEPT OBUMMER, we have taken much more than we should have from him.

  4. Paul

    7 years ago

    Just more criminal activity compliments of obama!

  5. Dee

    7 years ago

    This is the most corrupt administration that I have ever seen.

  6. Jim

    7 years ago

    These emails were sent from her DOJ computer and the second she hit the “send” key they were no longer personal but property of DOJ, which is the property of the American people. Anything on or sent to/from any company computer, whether business or personal, becomes the property of the company just as anything you put up on Facebook becomes the property of Facebook. That is the law, but law means nothing to these lawyers .. I mean criminals … but then I repeat myself.

  7. Michael

    7 years ago

    My family has 3 generations of historians and journalists;(in the truest sense, NOT the current lame-stream media sense), both democrats and republicans. Neither side can remember throughout recorded U. S. History an administration as thoroughly as corrupt as Obama’s.

  8. Jan

    7 years ago

    Michael is correct. There has never been “an administration as thoroughly corrupt as Obama’s.” Worse is the goal that he has to destroy this nation and allow the UN to usurp our sovreignity and place under a one world government. Soros is controlling Obama and Obama has become a dictator-in-chief. He ignores our laws, the US Constitution, he sends troops to Libya without Congress’ approval, to Uganda to protect Soros interests there (so who controls our troops, Obama or Soros), he encourages the demonstrations and class warfare, he hands billions of dollars to his donors in the form of “green” loans, and he will destroy this country if he is not removed and soon — he should be impeached.

  9. this bugs me.

    7 years ago

    […] this bugs me. do we have anyone in the audience that can clear this up ?? Judge Blocks Release of Recusal-Related Emails Kagan Sent WH […]

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