Kagan’s Handwritten Notes to Bell on Critical Race Theory

April 25, 2012 @

Breitbart News has discovered previously unknown handwritten notes from Elena Kagan to radical professor Derrick Bell, sent to Bell as Kagan worked on his seminal 1985 article on Critical Race Theory in the Harvard Law Review (99 Harv. L. Rev. 4).

The notes, which were not among materials presented to the Senate during Justice Kagan’s confirmation hearings, are preserved among Bell’s papers at the New York University archives.

Kagan’s work on Bell’s article was revealed in 2010 by Harvard Law School professor Charles Ogletree, after President Barack Obama nominated her to the Supreme Court. Ogletree cited her “phenomenal edits” on Bell’s “classic” article.

Bell’s article, “The Civil Rights Chronicles,” combined exposition and fiction to argue that the Constitution was–and remains–tainted by white supremacy, and that the United States awaited “a common crisis that will overcome racism” through radical constitutional reform.

Unlike then-Harvard Law Review president Carol Steiker, who corresponded with Bell via typed letter (apparently on a 1980s-vintage dot matrix printer), Kagan chose to write to Bell exclusively on yellow notepad paper. She did not explain her choice to write by hand, save to suggest in one note on Aug. 30, 1985 that she was pressed for time.

Read More at breitbart.com. By Joel B. Pollak.

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  1. John Hardman

    8 years ago

    Ms Elena Kagen as Solicitor General also was deeply involved in assuring that no briefs were filed with the SCOTUS pertaining to Obamas’ enigmatic Birth Certificate. It has ocurred to my simple mind that any and all of those black robed Supremes whose sole mission it is to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States of America; should recuse themselves if they secretly wish to dump the Constitution with subtrfuge and tricky legal manuevers. All supremes need to be honest with themselves and the Nation…IF THEIR HEARTS ARE NOT IN IT; THEY SHOULD RECUSE THEMSELVES, and step down or continue to violate your oaths of OFFICE.

  2. Dr. Dale Smith

    8 years ago

    Surprise, surprise, but not for the careful watchers of Kagan, for she has always been clear as to what she thinks of the US Constitution. Her appointment and all of Obama’s appointments to the judicial in all areas are to fulfill his total sell out to the Communist way and foist it off on the people of the USA.

    I know this for a fact as I once directed the largest Christian Mission working behind the Iron Curtain. We moved more than 11 million pieces of literature, mainly Bibles and New Testaments, hymnals and song books. I have personally known many of those who escaped the Gulag, coming to the West to work with us. I know the full story well.

    These are the kinds of tactics taken right out of the Soviet’s Operational Program and If people would look at the record it is easy to see that Kagan perjured herself at the SCOTUS confirmation hearings. She is also guilty of a serious conflict of interest in these hearings as Obama’s Solicitor General before the nomination. These notes only tell more about the Obama way just as Lenin said 1n 1921 – “Telling the truth is a bourgeois prejudice. Deception on the other hand is often justified by the goal.” Need a newer quote? “March 1976 – Leonid Brezhnev. “Let us recall that anything is moral in our society that serves the interests of communist construction.” Will Americans ever learn?

  3. Mark

    8 years ago

    http://www.trunews.com with Rick Wiles.

  4. luvzforplay

    8 years ago

    Well most of my life I realized our Constitution was one of the major things that made our Country so much better then others , of course back in thoes days the political folks for the most part were men of integrety and should one falter there was always the Supreme Court that would put them back on the right path according to the Constitution .. Now I don’t really know what happened to change things because back then we all had good paying jobs , and things sold in our country were made here . I guess that having the best Country wasn’t sitting well with some millitants and folks comming here illeagally , possibly they were jelious , but what ever it was somehow things went terriably wrong. We now have a President that canno string two sentenances together without a teleprompter and has almost single handadly changed our Demorocy to what is comming close to a Socialistic form of government and I believe his next step is to change us to a Muslem Nation , I figure thoes of us who love and respect thoes who have died keeping this country free and safe will be joining them , because men of good consencious canno’t permit this to happin , hopefully we will prevail , however if we don’t I would not want ot live here when the changes that Obama wants to implement take hold , thoes who woln’t fight , well then I guess you deserve what you will get !!

  5. Reuven Akiva

    8 years ago

    To All: Kagen is just another symptom of the mental disorder and disease that is known as liberalism, Marxism communism, socialism, progressive-ism, what ever their flavor of the month seems to be, factually it is fundamentally the same. Each one mirrors each other,in the means of which they are carried out to destroy success, freedom and liberty that the Constitution grants each one of us as citizens, for the exception of the stated unalienable rights given to us by our creator. Obama
    is your run of the mill toad, who has used his so-call black ethnicity to hold the entire county in paralysis. Why, the very idea of any closer examination of his real background, has registered the whispered and veiled threat from the “Black Caucus, Revs., and I use that term loosely, Jackson and Sharpton, the New Black Panthers an Luis Farrakhan just to name a few, “if Whitey wants a race war then let them try to give Obama any flack.
    Why do you suppose there has not been any real outcry in regards to him or his administration??? Because, in that dark recess of our humanity, there truly resides that absolute fear, that what happened in Watts, the Normady Avenue/Los Angeles incident and all of the other such incidents around the country, will certainly happen again. No one wants their city or neighborhood, cars, etc. etc.,
    burned to the ground. What we are dealing with here is the mentality very similar to the incidents that Muslims have wrought upon other societies, “What they do not like they burn to the ground.

  6. Richard Jauch

    8 years ago

    I am too old to do it, but would someone please start a fund that will take money from Patriotic Americans to pay the cost of transporting these moronic bastards to somewhere that the Constitution doesn’t bother them. Hugo’s dumps come to mind. In other words if you don’t like My Country and the Constitution that has been the best document ever written then GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. You Moronic bastards annoy me, get out NOW!!!

  7. Guest

    8 years ago

    Kagan isn’t the only leftist on The Supreme Court. Sotomyer is another one and the old lady who said she was helping one African country to make a Constitution said “we won’t do one like the USA’s as it’s too old”. It’s an impeachable case of action. So there’s three judges absolutely anti-Constitution falsifying their oaths. Obama planted two of them and if he isn’t impeached soon he may win the next election by hook or crook and appoint a member of the American Socialist party.

    Since he has admitted his birth cetificate given out in April last yearis a fake, he is guilty of fraud and that is a felony. NO presedent can have any felonious crimes and still be president.

    What is taking so long to impeach him??? There are a lot of excuses but the PEOPLE are getting restless and angry. A rally of Obamaface/USA flag burning would be an added attraction to prod the Congress to take action to remove him and imprison him for high crimes.

  8. Mr, Evans

    8 years ago

    Is anyone listening to the everyday people like myself or what. Listen, I believe that this SCJ is a Obama LOVER, and she will do whatever her god wants her to do. These people are setting up our Country for DICTATORSHIP. I think that that those who are just looking at the race for Presidency, needs to be looking at the BIGGER PICTURE; which is OUR NATION, Amen! Because our whole country is in TROUBLE if this President win again. This election is not about who is running against the President, this is about the American people, and what this man, and he is only a man, is destroying the American People and our way of LIFE. I am a person of color, and NO ONE, I mean NO ONE has given me anything, but the chance to made my own way in life, Amen! However, this President knows that PEOPLE LIKE FREE STUFF, and he is working this thing and no one seem to understand that if you do not get out they and shows what is really going, Mitt or anyone else will beat this guy. Again, I am a person of color (whom you all calls BLACK), but this guy is beating you all to the punch, Amen!
    Mr. Evans
    PS: This President knows how to PLAY SOME OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, and if someone do see what he is doing, he will get away with what he is doing!

  9. Mr, Evans

    8 years ago

    Correction: This President knows that PEOPLE LIKE TO GET FREE STUFF, and he is working his mojo on these victims of laziness and (FREE STUFF) to his advantage and no one seem to understand or care; for that matter that if you do not get a handle on what the real goal of the President are, Mitt or anyone else will NOT, repeat they will not be able to beat this guy and our Nation will be going to Hell in an Mr. Obama basket.

    Mr. Evans

  10. DENNIS

    8 years ago

    So many idiots on here and elsewhere keep calling for the impeachment of Obama. If they knew how their government works, and a little recent history, they would know that “impeaching” the president does not remove him or change anything. After an impeachment, the proceedings move to the senate, where a “hearing” takes place on whether or not he is guilty and then the senate votes to remove him or not. This just recently took place with Bill Clinton , who was impeached by the republican house, but was not removed by the democratic controlled senate at the time. It just made him stronger at the time and helped him get re elected! The same thing would happen with obamalamadingdong. If we impeached him in the republican house, the democratic controlled senate would not remove him, just as happened to Bill Clinton. Get off this impeachment crap, as you are pissing in the wind!!!!

  11. rosina

    8 years ago

    Impeaching is not the correct thing to do.
    His presidency must be declared null and void.
    He is an Imposter and we all know that he is NOT
    a natural born citizen. His father was a British citizen
    as I happen to be so could I be a President? Of course not. His mother was too young to give him citizenship (18 and age was 21 in the 60’s) Besides, she had not resided
    in US the previous 5years. So, How IN HELL did he get where he is?
    Throwing him out would also throw out all the laws he has signed, his czars, everything including his executive orders.

  12. catherine fix

    8 years ago


  13. As an illegal alien, Barack H. Obama II aka Barry Soetoro, and his drunk driving uncle and his welfare sucking aunt should all be arrested immediately, convicted by law, and put in prison a few years, then sent back to Kenya at their own expense.

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