Labor Union Limits Focus To 8 Battleground States

June 19, 2012 @

WASHINGTON (AP) — One of the nation’s most politically active labor unions plans to focus its resources on fewer states this year while working to help re-elect President Barack Obama.

The Service Employees International Union said Tuesday it will target its massive field campaign on turning out voters in just eight battleground states — about half the number it focused on in 2008.

At the same time, the 2.1 million-member union hopes to get 100,000 of its members to volunteer in its political program, twice as many as in the last presidential race.

Overall, the union is expected to spend at least $85 million to help Obama win, similar to what it spent in 2008.

“It’s a matter of figuring out where we can have the greatest impact,” said Brandon Davis, the union’s national political director. “You’ll see an expansion of what we’re able to do on the ground by being more efficient with our resources.”

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Photo Credit: SEIU International (Creative Commons)

4 Comments → “Labor Union Limits Focus To 8 Battleground States”

  1. Carl D Sedillo

    7 years ago

    Aren’t the efforts of the SEIU a violation of the Hatch Act? it is my understanding City, State and Federal Employees may not be directly involved in party political activities .

  2. Marc

    7 years ago

    Of course, this administration is totally corrupt. They’re almost in violation of everything..but when you hand pick judges, etc. and do things that are not Constitutional…who will hold them accountable…it certainly won’t be a politician or judge. Our system does not work because the unFederal Reserve has been undermining just about everything that affects us. Yet, everybody goes on supporting it…without question. This will not get taken care of sitting on our asses and whining that he’s a bad president, that my vote doesn’t count, my voice is not heard, etc. Thought determines what you want, Action determines what you get. Get off your ass or we will go down without a fight. The only way evil can triumph is when good men will do nothing. amen

  3. Horace

    5 years ago

    Union know Nobuma must go out are not reelection for him or be will another Civil War and are much worse for all Union. Union are a big cancer who must eradicate.

  4. Unions have done great things in the workplace and positively influence the community.

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