Lawmaker: Congress Can Halt Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ in Tracks

June 28, 2015 @

A state lawmaker with expertise in constitutional issues says there’s a strategy that would allow Congress to halt the legalization of same-sex “marriage” by the U.S. Supreme Court in its tracks.

The court’s 5-4 ruling Friday abolished all state laws limiting marriage to one man and one woman.

But Virginia Delegate Robert G. Marshall contends Congress “can immediately take action on a strategy to block the Obama administration’s implementation of the court’s decision through the use of riders to appropriations bills which will come before Congress this summer and fall.”

“Suggested by James Madison, both liberals and conservatives have successfully used this strategy to change public policy over the past 50 years,” he wrote. “This approach is constitutional. It can be set in motion within days, if not on the very day of a Supreme Court decision. … And, if pursued by defenders of real marriage, this approach will require every 2016 congressional and presidential candidate to take a position on marriage.”

WND Article by Bob Unruh (Read Article Here)

17 Comments → “Lawmaker: Congress Can Halt Same-Sex ‘Marriage’ in Tracks”

  1. Larry

    5 years ago

    DO IT!!

  2. Ginny Lendennie

    5 years ago

    This issue should be left to each State to decide. Since when the majority of the people can not govern themselves ?.
    I think we are getting to a pinnacle point, to disolve USA into two countries , the Christan States and the Liberal States, and we the citizen can choose where we like to live

  3. Susan

    5 years ago

    Don’t just talk about “halting same sex marriage” in tracks: Do it. Give halting top priority and do it NOW.

  4. DM

    5 years ago

    Marriage is defined by God, since when can the Supreme Court
    re-define something that has not been defined by law? Get rid
    of this atrocious abuse of power by 5 unelected nincompoops.

  5. pklinko

    5 years ago

    The States should decide along with a vote from the general population.

  6. June Larsen

    5 years ago

    This bill enables the beginning of Christian persecution on a larger scale than it is now!! The UNELECTED Supreme Court has placed themselves as gods. Since when were 9 people given the authority to INTERPRET and change the real meaning of the Constitution. Our Founding Fathers were more intelligent than all the career politicians of today put together!!! If our Congress had a spine where it should be; this would never have happened!! Hopefully they aquire some guts/courage before it’s too late!!

  7. June Larsen

    5 years ago

    Not a Democrat and NOT a Republican — and we want out country back!!!

  8. Leo

    5 years ago

    Impeach the two “justices” who broke the law by not recusing themselves.

  9. dean

    5 years ago



    The fed gov is NOT America. The gov is not God. Stop placing faith in gov. Churches gave the power to the fed and state gov to define a spiritual concept by never challenging them on the issue and REQUIRING believers to get permission from the gov to have sex, IE marriage. The church has, and still is, legitimizing gov to define marriage by requiring people to involve it in their marriage as a third party. The in bed with the gov, 501(C)(3), church is to blame for this. Churches preach obedience to the gov by perverting Romans Ch 13, and other scriptures. It is time for churches to get out of bed with Satan, all kingdoms belong to him, read the Bible.

    The Church needs to confess and repent of it’s prostitution to the government. Exit Babylon, NOW.

  10. bob

    5 years ago

    I say do it now…..

  11. Duane Riegel

    5 years ago

    We constantly see e-mail about how things could be, but no one ever seems to get the ball rolling to make the change. The majority of American Public will support those congressmen and women who get this rolling and make it happen. The sooner the better.

  12. Sue

    5 years ago

    No one has given anyone permission, including the Supreme Court, to re-define the word “marriage” from the dictionary. When will Congress get a spine!? If we pass the Fair Tax Plan, this would NOT even be an issue except for healthcare. It will continue to force businesses to give benefits against their wills to same-sex couples or triples or quadruples or whatever will come next! Is this what freedom is about? I think it is NOT! Oh yes, we are NOT all EQUAL by any means. If we were, we would not have different gifts and talents (diversity?). People, obviously, have this “equality” thing wrong.

  13. Mark

    5 years ago

    I agree with others here, DO IT! I’ve said for years that gays could solve all their problems by forming a LLC for their union. I believe it would cover their concerns about being joined in the eyes of the law. Being equal partners under an LLC would allow each partner the right to inherit from the other, they could borrow together equally, they could specify in their corporation that they would be totally equal in all things. I suppose that it wouldn’t solve the issue of health insurance, but that is so screwed up under Obamacare does that really matter any more?

  14. klesb

    5 years ago

    Leo said it best — “Impeach the two “justices” who broke the law by not recusing themselves.”

    Congress has the Constitutional responsibility to deal with such blatant legal transgressions. Fire Congress if they do not take immediate action!

    And, if our representatives do not defend our Constitution, then they have forfeited their legitimacy, and deserve what We the People must do to defend it ourselves.

    We the People include as our members those who have also sworn an oath to defend our Constitution, are currently drawing our pay for doing our jobs, and are currently bearing arms in our employ.

    Congress! Immediately start doing your sworn duties! You have been put on more notice than you deserve!

  15. Vivian Lee

    5 years ago

    DO IT NOW!!!!

  16. Tina

    5 years ago

    DO IT!

  17. Laura

    5 years ago

    DO IT NOW! and impeach those justices.

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