Pro-Life: USJF gets trespassing charges dropped

June 13, 2007 @

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The UNITED STATES JUSTICE FOUNDATION (USJF) today announced that it had obtained a dismissal of charges against KORTNEY BLYTHE, JOEY COX, and AMANDA LORD, who were distributing pro-life literature and discussing abortion with students on the Cypress College campus at the time of their arrest. The three are members of the “Survivors” organization and were arrested for trespassing by KAREN CANT, the Director of Budget/Finance for Cypress College.

Before she initiated the “citizens arrest”, MS. CANT had confronted the three pro-life activists and demanded that they distribute literature and talk to students within a designated “free speech zone”. When the three declined to move to the two designated “free speech zones”, both of which are in remote areas of the campus, not heavily trafficked by students, and both of which were currently under construction, MS. CANT had them arrested for failing to leave “part of the property not open to the general public upon request of the owner.” USJF became involved in the case at the request of Life Legal Defense Fund (LLDF), a pro-life legal group headquartered in Napa, California.

Lead USJF Attorney, ALLISON PAINO, after researching the issue, was able to point out to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, who had filed criminal charges against the three pro-life activists, that the law that the three activists were charged with violating does not apply to a community college that is open to the public. After performing their own research, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office agreed, and dismissed all charges.

According to Ms. Paino, “It is clear from the facts of the case that the sole objective of KAREN CANT and CYPRESS COLLEGE officials was to silence the pro-life message being shared on their college campus. This attempt to silence all but politically correct speech on our college campuses is, unfortunately, not an uncommon event, and we at USJF are glad that we were able to, at the request of LLDF, assist these three activists, who were arrested simply for exercising their First Amendment Rights.”

USJF is a nonprofit, conservative, legal action, foundation, headquartered in Ramona, California. Since its founding in 1979, USJF has been involved in the protection of the constitutional rights of United States citizens and in the protection of the public from governmental corruption and government enforced political correctness. For more information, please contact USJF at 760-788-6624, or access our Website at .


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