Privilege to make a donation

Hi!! “You are “VERY” welcome!! It is a privilige and an honor for me to contribute and make a “donation” to your most “WORTHY” cause whenever I possibly can!! I pray to the good “Lord” daily that “HE” will give you all the resources that you and your Staff need to be “successful” in finding the real truth about Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as the “Commander-In-Chief” of this great nation of ours — the U.S.A.!!! Thank you so “very-much” for all that you are doing to preserve our lovely Republic, our Liberties and Freedom, and our Constitution!! “God Bless You all,” and please “NEVER” give-up and keep-up the “GOOD” work that you continue to do for all of us “Patriotic” American citizens, and for the United States of America!! Thanks again, and “God Bless America!!!”

Mario de Laosa, Jr.

March 9, 2011

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