Video: Listen to this Obama BULL

April 4, 2012 @

As Obama starts to feel the pressure of the re-election campaign, he is spinning out of control. His rhetoric is getting more hardcore Socialist/Marxist by the day. Listen to his latest comments on the Ryan budget proposal. If his speeches are this irrational in April, imagine what he will sound like in October.

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  1. Walter Rykard

    7 years ago

    I for one do not believe a word that comes out of Obama’s mouth. He can lie better than any one I have ever seen. I just pray enough people have learn what they put in the White House, and vote him out in NOV.
    May God Bless all of us.

  2. Tommy

    7 years ago

    Let’s also pray that Mr. Obama will feel the heat from Sheriff Joe in Phoenix, AZ as he (Sheriff Joe) moves ever closer to exposing this Socialist! Seems that Obama is starting to feel some heat from within his own party as some are showing signs of skepticism every time he (Obama) opens his mouth.
    “One Nation Under GOD:
    “In GOD We Trust”

  3. Tomtom

    7 years ago

    Obama is all Bulls—,

  4. NoOBAMA2012

    7 years ago

    This guy is off his rocker…and will do and say anything even if it is a lie to be reelected.

  5. bosucs

    7 years ago

    God Bless Paul Ryan, hopefully he will run and Obummer is Done.
    Change it back 2012
    Obummer the dumber , show me the bacon….lol

  6. myopinion

    7 years ago

    Every time he says Our Country I puke

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