Lois Lerner Was Hoping They Wouldn’t Find This Email, But Investigators Just Did

July 10, 2014 @

U.S. House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrell Issa released the latest bombshell finding from his investigation into the IRS’ targeting of conservative groups.


Despite the fact that the agency claims two years’ worth of former official Lois Lerner’s emails were lost in a 2011 hard drive crash, a number of troubling correspondences have nevertheless found their way to congressional investigators. The latest seems to indicate that Lerner realized there was a distinct possibility her online communications could be used against her and sought to find a way to curtail that risk.

Oddly enough, her concern over expressing too much in an email did not prevent her from expressing herself through that very medium.

In the conversation, she expressed concern over “several occasions where Congress has asked for emails and there has been an electronic search for responsive emails,” prompting her to suggest “we need to be cautious about what we say in emails.”

Read more at Western Journalism. By B. Christopher Agee.

7 Comments → “Lois Lerner Was Hoping They Wouldn’t Find This Email, But Investigators Just Did”

  1. The Slugger

    3 years ago

    their will be nothing accomplished by Darrell ISSA’s committee as that committee is just burning time and money like all of the other BLOW HARDS in congress setting their drawing their paychecks and and being direlect in performing the duties that they were elected to do.

  2. Rip

    3 years ago

    Really odd that so many people don’t realize that Anything that Congress (the lower house) does, ALWAYS goes to the Senate for final approval, so unless Voters decide to evict Harry Reid from his strangle hold on the Senate, we will continue our slide into the abyss !

  3. luvzforplay

    3 years ago

    Maybe if they put the pressure on her and she realizes Obummer ain’t going to rescue her she may just implicate him and Holder and they could lock them all up where they belong !

  4. Warren

    3 years ago

    Is the American public really this gullible? There were multiple receivers and senders of the emails. Did their harddrives crash too? Congress just sits Daaaaa…

  5. Marc Jeric

    3 years ago

    “Now we know that not only Lois Lerner’s hard drive, but six other people intimately involved in this IRS crime had suddenly found their computers crashed in an amazing miraculous coincidence – all without any possibility of recovery. Important religions have been founded on less.” So declared George Will.

  6. Pat

    3 years ago

    You don’t hear much about this in the news as the swarm of illegal children and others keep the heat off this and the VA scandal, Benghazi, NSA spying, etc. etc. Obama and his motley crew keep the scandals flowing so fast that people can’t keep up with them or get so used to them that it is no longer shocking when the latest one comes out.


    3 years ago

    BOB is a fraud, arrest him and put in jail unless he can produce a valid BC and remove the restriction from his credentials and reveal to WTP, just exactly who BOB is…..

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