Marine who criticized Obama on Facebook is discharged

May 1, 2012 @

Update at 4:26 p.m. ET: “I love the Marine Corps, I love my job. I wish it wouldn’t have gone this way,” Sgt. Gary Stein told the Associated Press. “I’m having a hard time seeing how 15 words on Facebook could have ruined my nine-year career.”

Gary Kreep, an attorney for Stein, said he would file appeals within the Marine Corps but expects they will be denied. He said he planned to file an amended complaint in federal court.

Original post: The Marine Corps has discharged a sergeant for his Facebook postings criticizing President Obama, the Associated Press reports.

The Corps said Sgt. Gary Stein will be given an other-than-honorable discharge for violating Pentagon policy limiting speech of servicemembers.

The discharge will mean he loses all benefits.

The San Diego-area Marine, who has served nearly 10 years in the Corps, has said he was exercising his free-speech rights.

A federal judge previously denied a request to block military discharge proceedings against Stein, who called Obama an enemy on Facebook.

U.S. District Judge Marilyn Huff ruled then that the military has the right to respond to Stein’s online comments in a case that has called into question the Pentagon’s policies regarding social media and the limits regarding the speech of active-duty military personnel.

Attorney J. Mark Brewer told Huff the entire process violates the First Amendment, which federal courts have the right to uphold.

Huff disagreed, calling Stein’s postings “truly troubling.” Servicemembers have had their speech limited since the Civil War, especially if their comments are believed to disrupt good order and discipline.

The judge pointed out Stein’s March 1 comments on a Facebook page used by Marine Corps meteorologists in which the sergeant stated, “Screw Obama and I will not follow all orders from him.”

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  1. Josi

    8 years ago

    I think this judge was wrong. St. Stein was just exercising his right to free speech. Is it only free speech if you speak what you think about certain people only? He did not actually refuse to follow an order. He was just letting off steam and I think he earned the right. You may stop our speach but you can’t shut dow our minds without a lobotamy. Is that next? This President needs to go back to where he came from, where ever that is, and I would like to see him impeached so he will also loose his benefits. I am so sorry they took away Mr, Stein’s benefits. He gave 10 years honorabley. They need good men like him. I hope God provides blessings upon blesings for him in the future. I hope he knows that all things work for good, for those who are called according to God’s purpose, and the best is yet to come if he answers to a higher power than this judge.

  2. Keith Luxton

    8 years ago

    We should have rewarded the marine for telling the truth, and fired the Usurper from the presidency on May 1st.

  3. BarleyWheets

    8 years ago

    This whole thing stinks. The fist Amendment should be upheld. He has a right to say what he thinks. He was not giving away military secrets or trying to give away America a piece at a time like the almighty obama.

  4. Jan

    8 years ago

    We should get used to it. Obama is taking away our rights one by one and Congress sits on its hands and does nothing. Obama will executive-order the Constitution right our of existence. And free-speech is non-existent if it criticizes him — would we see the same result if it was praise??

  5. Richard Innes

    8 years ago

    It’s the military — including the Marines — and not the government or anyone else that has made and protected freedom of speech available here in the U.S.A. And is the government now wanting to take away our freedom of speech?

  6. david overgard

    8 years ago

    and now the great one is going after everyone else with this new law.
    Subject: New Law……just signed March 2012

    This is a new law signed by all congressmen except three.

    New law makes it illegal to protest in Obama’s presence
    This means that, wherever Obama is at, you do not have a right to ask him anything you want to. His secret service can have you arrested, fined, and imprisoned for more than a YEAR if you ask him something he doesn’t like. Sound like he’s more like Hitler than Lincoln to you?
    Guess you’ve probably heard about this, but sending it on anyway. It’s probably the scariest thing this guy has done yet.
    Are you aware of this new law, signed by “Obama” in early March 2012?
    May the Lord have mercy on us!!!!

    and MAP-21 gives the IRS the job of taking all of your guns and your passport if they say you are delinquent on your taxes. Read for yourself.

    MAP-21 Targets Gun Rights and More
    S.1813, also known as the “Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act” (MAP-21), has been approved by the U.S. Senate and is now enroute to the House for a …

    NO freedom left for the citizens of the US

  7. Greg

    8 years ago

    That is how dictatorship starts!
    Instead of arresting the usurpor and sending him to Elba (sorry Kenya)
    we prosecute American citizens – MARINES!
    Wake-up America or it will be too late!

  8. Urban Hess

    8 years ago

    I wore the Army uniform proudly for ten years including active duty and full time Ohio Army National Guard and resigned as SFC E7 knowing that if I reamained active I would have been elegible for E8 in the eleventh year. With a family, wife and two children, it was necessary to earn a better paying living.
    I am sure that Sgt Stein could have chosen more explanatory words than those used to ‘blow off steam’ at the barracks level. However I fully understand why he felt that he could state what he believed in our “free” country. But he surely must have also understood that military personnel have always been promised “double jeopardy”; meaning that, for instance, if arrested by a civilian policeman for speeding in a vehicle that the ‘soldier’ would face a civil punishment And a later military punishment. (Major Nidal Hassan’s murders of fellow ‘soldiers’ are however, a flagrant exception to The Uniform Military Code of Justice.)
    I completely doubt that Sgt Stein would violate a “lawful order”; he would never have been promoted to SGT in the Marines, in particular, if he was recalcitrant in any manner or fashion. Something does not smell right here.
    I wonder if Judge Huff is a ‘liberal’ (or had any military service) and I wonder if the Marine Officer(s) involved in this mis-carriage of UCMJ were guided by political correctness rather than an appropriate admonishment to a loyal Marine? Could it be that the prosecuting Marine Officer(s) were influenced by C.Y.O.A. and even more disturbing is the thought that those fellow Marines were personally and profession crushing retribution from Barack Obama. We all know that Obama wants to reduce the US Military by any means possible. Sgt Stein deserves help from Judicial Watch and/or the United States Justice Foundation and from all other freedom loving US citizens.

  9. Redeemed and Grateful

    8 years ago

    Liberals really do like Michael Savage has written ” have a mental disease “!! This is just Stupid!! To the liberals the first amendment only counts when it serves their purpose otherwise your a racist!!

  10. Urban Hess

    8 years ago

    Please excuse my failure to proof-read my earlier post about Sgt Stein. I, like Sgt Stein, was somewhat angry when I wrote and typed my thoughts without careful preparation. (Fill in the barracks language that I was striving to suppress and we will all feel better.) UH

  11. Edward

    8 years ago

    I was unaware that service members waived their constitutional rights when they entered the military. He did not stop being a citizen of the USA did he? If no, then doesn’t he retain his constitutional rights? Under what set of circumstances does what he wrote imply that it is an official stance of the Marine Corp? The rule is specific, the judgement is highly subjective and, I might add, maybe directed from higher up and not the opinion of the seated panel of judges. Therefore not valid since the unseen higher up did not view/hear the evidence ergo case not judged on evidence. I rule for the Marine Sgt..Case dismissed!

  12. Robert

    8 years ago

    The non-ccitizen “President” should remember that He has nothing for protetion now but VOLONTEER military to protect him in case of MUSLIM attack!!!

  13. RayJay

    8 years ago

    As much as I sympathize with Sgt Stein’s feelings, I also understand it was just a matter of his exercising his right to free speech. Upon identifying himself as a Sgt of the USMC, and stating unequivocally that he would not obey orders of the Commander in Chief, he subjected himself to discipline under the UCMJ. This was not only an act of insubordination of a rather high order, but in context with his website, could actually be construed as inciting others to behave similarly… It would have been fully justifiable for Sgt. Stein to have been received a much heavier sentence…. under the circumstances, he was treated fairly leniently. The UCMJ (NOT Pentagon POLICY) governs this type of conduct and is approved by the Congress. It is the law of the uniformed services and is not the whimsical enactment of Pentagon senior officers. The UCMJ is very clear on the limits to a service members public criticisms of members of the civilian government, to include the President (regardless of the justifiable contempt in which he’s held) and Members of Congress (ditto…). Sgt. Stein’s very specific statement definitely crossed a line and reflects poorly on all of us who serve and have served honorably.

    Ramon J. Martinez
    MAJ, MI, USAR (Retired)

  14. RayJay

    8 years ago

    Correction on previous post… Note the phrase “I also understand it was just a matter of his exercising his right to free speech.” Should have read “I also understnd it was MORE than just a matter of his exercising his right to free speech.” Thank you.

    Ramon J. Martinez
    MAJ, MI, USAR (Retired)

  15. Noel

    8 years ago

    If George Zimmerman can start a website and raise $200,000.00 for his defense and living expenses why can’t this Marine do the same? I am SURE he would have plenty of support and it would be a tax free gift for him. Just a thought.

  16. Duane Karjala

    8 years ago

    Sgt Stein simply stated he would not follow ALL, that is all, A-L-L, and the fact of the matter is, no member of any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces has to obey all orders. The key is, appropriate orders.

    The so called Nazi War Criminals couldn’t use the defense that they were only following orders. They were prosecuted anyway.

    Remember, you do not have to obey all orders. You must however, render obedience to appropriate orders.

    It is a matter of conscience for each individual to decide if orders are appropriate.

  17. mark

    8 years ago

    Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER Dictatorship. I hope everyone’s under the Blood of Jesus.

  18. Mark Hawthorne

    8 years ago

    For an organization famed for having the biggest balls in the world, they have shown how small they are. Granted, a Marine will ALWAYS show respect for The Commander in Chief – but that is for a REAL Commander in Chief, not a usurper. Semper Fi, Sgt. There are more people on your side than you will ever realize.

  19. Perfectlyaged

    8 years ago

    I think this is a brutal and atrocious act by the Marine Corps! Obama can say he approves GENERALLY of the troops or in other words I have limited praise, if any, for the men/women who risk their lives for ALL the American people, including the bisexual Chicago style thug that occupies the White House poorly! “Generally approve of the troops”…how much plainer can Obama be than to say those words? For the Marine Corps to punish Sgt Stein in the extreme manner that they did and make him or any other service man/woman honor the most unworthy man who has ever lived in the White House…I think is inhuman! The manner in which the Marine Corps released Sgt Stein was cruel and lacking of any credit given to a marine who has served almost ten years…ten years of his life given to unfair practices by the Marines. Obama certainly isn’t reprimanded for going overseas and telling the foreigners (after he has bowed to them) that the American people are arrogant, derisive, divisive and lazy.
    And to the Obama administration if you don’t approve of what I have to say…come get me! I am seventy-nine years old and have lived a great life and you will not intimate me by embarrassment like you did Sgt Stein. If you arrest me you are going to have to feed me and give me a room free or maybe do away with me. Either way I will have room and board or will be in Heaven with Jesus and my Father and Mother!
    Shame on the Marines…Sgt Stein’s punishment was unwarranted!!!!

  20. Aleks

    8 years ago

    When it comes to defend the USA especially in the last few years, the judges are betraying their homeland and a Oath means nothing.

  21. W. Pittman

    8 years ago

    They had better hope that Obama is not ‘proven’ to be ineligible to hold his seat as President (and with all of the FEDERAL fraud that they have committed to get & keep him there, he’ll fall), or they will be restoring ALL of his benefits w/ an apology… Good thing I’m out of the military or they’d be serving me the same way to protect our (traitorous) impostor of a President!!!! I MADE SURE that I was out before Clinton took the seat, as I knew that my ‘insubordination’ would be an issue… I love my country with ALL of my heart & soul, but I despise the traitors that run it!!!!!

  22. knybee

    8 years ago

    The way this president undermines the very foundation of law in this country everyday is the definition of traitorous. From making “deals” with other nations to “fundamentally changing” the very rights that the founders acceded to be from the Creator. Do not be ashamed to speak the truth. The military is by no means a protection of this government when they have decided that God is now their enemy. Or what, to think that the rights of the people are to be bought and sold is anything but making themselves God? People are praying for this soldier and others who believe in real duty and honor.

  23. Wayne

    8 years ago

    doesn’t matter what he wrote, he has the right to say anything he pleases.. that’s why we live in AMERICA. now it that piece of shit president was from America, he’d understand that!… GET RID OF OBAMA’S SORRY ASS….

  24. evesin0207

    8 years ago

    Obama is setting the background for Socialism. When he wins re-election against Romney, who is the poorest candidate to run against Obama, the stage will have been set for Obama’s plan to turn our beloved America into a “third world” country under his dictatorship. The Constitution will become a mere memory and we will no longer have any rights. His bodyguards, who are part of the Muslim, will flourish and Christianity and Judaism will come under fire. No one believed me a year ago, maybe they will believe me now.

  25. Teddy

    8 years ago

    Don’t be surprised. Our POTUS has already shown his willingness to suspend the Constitution when it suits him. Just because Obama had added more to nation’s deficit than ANY other president is US History, takes his family on vacation at taxpayer expense, hates capitalism, is a friend of welfare mooches and leeches, tries to steal credit for taking out Osama bin Laden, and isn’t a US citizen doesn’t make him an enemy, does it? Didn’t you hear. Truth is hate for those who hate the truth. Obama needs to be booted out and his job given to this Marine.

  26. Todd Tomasella

    8 years ago

    Thank you Gary! If telling the truth costs you your job, then sobeit. As a Marine also, I would encourage you to live the truth at all costs brother! Great Job! Remember, long after the USMC is gone away like dust in the wind, He who is the truth and those who know Him, will be reigning (John 14:6). He’s coming soon. safegaurdyoursoul . com

  27. Melody

    8 years ago

    I wish we had more like him–if we did we might not be in the mess we’re in–my nephew got out way before his time was up and even though I don’t know the whole story I pretty much can guess he didn’t want to be serving under O anymore.

  28. MSUEH

    8 years ago

    “Screw Obama and I will not follow all orders from him.” I would have been booted out also. Long ago. Remember what happened to the good doctor Terry Lakin for refusing to deploy. At least these guys didn’t meet up with an untimely unexplained death. I’m certain they both will have much better employment wearing civvies rather than BDUs. If I were an employer, I’d be PROUD to hire men with such integrity. They both have earned and rightly deserve much more respect than those who have attempted to ruin their lives. Yeah, I “plan” on taking up FEMA residence before much longer. SCREW ØVØMIT; he really does make me vomit.

  29. Devil Dog

    8 years ago

    What do expect from a phony non American idiot, that the goofy kids put in the white house? I never thought I’d see this day, when I was fighting for this country at 17 years old in Korea, and now am a Disabled American Marine.Discharge the jackass in the white house and SEMPER FI brother. You are in our thoughts and prayers. Stand tall,Marine and hopefully, we WILL get rid of this moron soon.

  30. Carol Fryer

    8 years ago

    Ive been told most of the military is against Obama, but I heard some time back the marines are the exception but only at the leadership point, kind of like the criminal parties we now have.

  31. Carol Fryer

    8 years ago

    Its sad and scarey that the nation has to fight against enemies within that actually run our nation. They care more about lobbyists and illegals then citizens. They are bought and paid for by international monies. Very very disheartening.

  32. gwdork

    8 years ago

    The guy is a stupid jarhead and should have received a dishonorable. If he would have been in the private sector working and said that about his boss, he would be looking for a new job. The rest of you unpatriotic “A”-holes should get educated so you can see clearly what’s best for this country and that would be OBAMA!!!!

  33. Rich

    8 years ago

    Its no surprise that his right of free speech was violated. Barry and now the Supreme Court has been violating the Constitution at will. Just wait and see the violations in our future.

  34. Helen C Satmary

    7 years ago

    This fraud that occupies our White House should understand he can never call on our Armed Forces to personally protect him. He is a traitor and what he caused this Sgt to endure due to his thin, thin, thin, skin is totally disgusting!!!!!!! And what the Commanding Officer who allowed this FRAUD to achieve by actually discharging this Marine should go to Hell just like Obama.This is a PRIME disgrace to the United States of America and its citizens.
    WEhere are our REPRESENYATIVES to protect and defend this Country and its citizens?? People get on you knees and start praying like never before because we are in fact a communist country as of now. If you want America back as you knew it pray, pray, pray and live under Gods law. Many have forgotten that He is the one who blesses America or turns away from us as we have turned away from Him!

  35. Yoshi Batos

    7 years ago

    When you join the military you do give up some of your rights. We do this so that the comon person has the freedom to pursue the happynes that they so deserve. We even give up or rights to life so that they may be free. Please note that we do this freely. I am a Marine so I know what I am taling about. Even if I disagree with the Presedent. I must follow all lawful orders given to him or anybody else in my chain of command. If I suspect that a order is not lawful then I must cover my butt first and find out if that is true or not. As an enlisted I do not have much in way of finding out. (Unless I know for a fact that is indeed unlawful) That is why we have the chaing of command.

    So please stop with the 1st Amendment rights issues. Anybody that has been in the military knows this. It has been drilled into us during boot camp. He was asked to take it down and he refused. Therefore this is not becomming a Marine. So he foreced there hand and removed him. Plus with the other than honorable he cannot join another branch of the military.

    What a waste. Being a Staf Sargent he should have known better. A private might not however.

  36. Rustytruck

    7 years ago

    It’s so obvious the guy you want on your side in any type of conflict would be Sgt. Gary Stein, can you imagine sitting in the jungle ducking bullets and the guy you have to rely on to cover your back is Obama? That is the only thing about him being in politics, is nobody in the military has to depend on him to stay alive in a war situation. He’d probably try to bow to the enemy and then bow down to the east and praise Allah. What a loser!

  37. Polly

    7 years ago

    Whether you agree or not with this verdict … just compare it to an officer in Waco Texas shooting his fellow servicemen/women and it was protected as much as the DC guys could get away with … we are upside down, folks!!

  38. Phil

    7 years ago

    Yoshi Batos–thank you for your comments. I totally agree, having never been a marine, I have several friends who have been or still are. To those of you who are claiming God will make this right, we know He always does. BUT, His word tells us implicitly that He puts governments into power and we are to follow them no matter how we may feel about them unless they explicitly go against His law (Ten commandments, etc). No gov’t comes into power unless He wills it (Read Romans 13). The marine in question knew the rules of the US gov’t considering his conduct as a US Marine and he violated them, therefore he has to pay the penalty. Too bad, but it is so.

  39. msbetz

    7 years ago

    WOW! Looks like Ron Paul may be the only ELIGIBLE candidate running…

  40. msbetz

    7 years ago

    Millions KNOW that Obama is not eligible but apparently none of our representatives know it or care to know it but now, Romney and Obama have the same problem with Article two Section one of the Constitution’s eligibility clause. Guess they could just remove it like Nancy Pelosi removing the entire reference to the US Constitution from electoral college documents in 2008. Was that the end of the Constitution? Arrest Pelosi and the rest will fall!

    RON PAUL, the only ELIGIBLE candidate!
    President Ron Paul sounds great to millions, including the military.
    NO MORE ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENTS with devious and divided loyalties!

  41. Old Jarhead

    7 years ago

    It is the Soldier, not the minister, who has given us freedom of religion.
    It is the Soldier, not the reporter, who has given us freedom of the press.
    It is the Soldier, not the poet, who has given us freedom of speech.
    It is the Soldier, not the campus organizer, who has given us freedom to protest.
    It is the Soldier, not the lawyer, who has given us the right to a fair trial.
    It is the Soldier, not the politician, who has given us the right to vote.
    It is the Soldier who salutes the flag,
    Who serves beneath the flag,
    And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
    Who allows the protester to burn the flag. — Charles Province

    And apparently it is Obama who wants to undo all of this.
    Hey Obama. No you didn’t get Osama! So STFU!

  42. bint alshamsa

    7 years ago

    Old Jarhead, actually, according to the founding fathers, it ISN’T the soldier who has given us these things.

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
    -Declaration of Independence

    That trumps your Charles Province quote…unless you don’t really believe in God or the claims of the USA’s founding documents.

  43. Rickey Horwitz

    7 years ago

    I remember a similar story with a high ranking officer making a less than flattering remark about Clinton to an Italian dignitary. I’m no fan of Clinton and certainly not a fan of Obama, but when you sign the dotted line to become a soldier you give away many of the rights that most of us take for granted. Dissention is not tolerated, I know first hand, as I was tossed out of the USAF because I made a remark behind the back of my commanding officer and it made it’s way back to his attention. The only difference is I was able to manage getting an honorable discharge, but this incident stayed on my record and came back to haunt me 20 years later when applying for a secret clearance.
    Moral to the story, when in doubt keep your mouth shut.

  44. Robert Eisenbach

    7 years ago

    This is an example of the great Political Correctness existent in the military today. One must remember that all hands are held by the same code of military justice and we’re all rated by the next in line supervisor from bottom to top. This includes all Officers. All Efficiency Reports must be glorified and spotless before they are considered for promotion or anything else. You can downgrade a individual anyway you choose except RACE.Ain’t that sumpin else?? I’m glad I retired when I did in 1973 E-7.

  45. Warchief

    7 years ago

    It’s a disgusting outrage when Our service men and woman cannot say if they will support a President or not, The Govt needs to understand that that’s what makes this Country Great , The fact that Our Military Personel are not all Puppets who are willing to do or stand by doing some Creeps dirty work. Unreal, what is this Country coming too? Good Lord Help Us,

  46. Larry

    7 years ago

    Check out what is really going to become of the U.S. “After America: Rebuilding” is available on Amazon Kindle. It even has a new Constitution. Pretty neat read.

  47. Marvin Wagner

    7 years ago

    I lost Sgt. stripes by responding to a warrant officer, “I won’t eat” when he told me that I could not eat until I cleaned the coffee stains from my canteen cup. It was during the Korean War and I was, by standing orders, to buck the chow line so that I could relieve the Fire Direction Center crew on duty for chow. Actually I got into my own personal stash of food before relieving the FDC crew. Unknown to me, I was just promoted to Sgt. and it was posted on the Battery bulletin Board. The promotion was redlined because of the incident with the warrant officer. I didn’t know what red line meant until the major in charge of the FDC explained it. On the way by troop ship back to the states, I learned that he promoted me and did not inform me. That promotion kept me out of KP and guard duty until discharge. Insubordination includes remarks that are derogatory about superior officers. The president is # 1. Enlisted army persons are required to memorize the ten general orders that includes insubordination. Criticyzing # 1 is not good.

  48. Kazz

    7 years ago

    I think it is wonderful. Don’t you realise what this means? All US marines have to do now is tell the truth and they will be discharged honourably. This has to beat being assassinated by their own army because they refuse to kill innocent people of middle easter origin, oops I mean commit suidicide. Has it not yet occurred to anyone that the statitistics that show 50% of all deaths of US marines in the middle east that are due to suicide might not be suicide but rather murder at the hands of their own military?

    Wake up people we are in a spiritual war. Stein is a hero and Obama is an imposter. Let me ask you this, if the US people cannot be trusted with guns, then how can we trust the US military with guns? Aren’t they US citizens too? Isn’t it ironic that the biggest military hegemon on the planet, who has murdered millions of innocent people around the planet, now feels it must remove their own people’s guns for their safety. I feel very sorry for the children recently shot in Sandy Hook, and their parents, but I also feel very sorry for the Palestinian children who are being killed on a daily basis, along with other children right around the planet.

    It has become blatantly obvious that the elite on this planet are waging a covert war against humanity. They do this with starvation in Africa and South America, wars in the middle east, and toxic food, water, along with toxic vaccinations and chemtrails in the west. Fukushima was deliberately created to take out Asia. This is what AGENDA 21/SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT is all about. There is a global conscious awakening occurring that is revealing that the world elite have been enslaving and farming humanity for six thousand years, so the elite want to reduce the numbers of their slaves by 90% before we all wake up, so they can continue to control us. The good news is that they are not going to succeed.

    KNOW THY ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. RWBwolf

    7 years ago

    SO ? He said it……..If the nation was a chalk-board and everyone who felt the same way would write it, they’d have to go back for more chalk.

    what we haave here, is an inept situation across the Potomac…must’ve rowed ovr

  50. Jimmy Porter

    7 years ago

    This is not the Marine Corps I served in. I bet you have individuals who have not spent one day in the mud and dirt serving a country that you will give your life for. We need guys who are not cookie cutter sheep that will sell out themselves, their fellow man, their country. In fact they are going to be the ones who will rise up in military revolt to keep America free. A bad ass Marine or Army or Navy who will get close to Soetoro and take him out. The Military needs to declare a military coop and take Husein from where he is to the sewage disposal plant where he belongs.

  51. Ian Cummings

    7 years ago

    The Marine violated his oath of Enlistment. Every single job has inherent limitations. You cant call your boss a child molesting bastard then say you are expressing your constitutional rights when you get fired.

  52. Dean

    7 years ago

    I’m not going to make any friends by saying this, but it needs to be said… I am by no means an Obama fan. Personally, I believe he belongs in prison, along with many of his cabinet members. That said, speaking as a Veteran, you DO lose some rights in the military. One of them is your right to free speech. Unfortunately, Obama is the Commander in Chief- like it or not, that’s his title. It is against the UCMJ to say (or type) things which are negative about your superiors while in the military. I feel bady for this sergeant, but truly, he should’ve known better.

  53. Dale Payne

    7 years ago

    QUESTION: What would Chesty Puller say? What would Chesty Puller do? Take an inventory of some of the more memorable MEN and LEADERS from our history then ask of them this same scenario? Men like George Patton? Heroes like Audie Murphy? What would they say to the leaders of men, who would crawl over the graves of their own mothers, urinate in their faces, just to lick the shoes of a known habitual liar, marxist, fascist, socialist, and communist. A person (not a man) that has caused this once great country such embarrasment and shame. To make this once great country and people to be sneered at and mocked at by every country on earth. With a leader such as “o’bummer” and his hand picked lackeys, I know what my hero, Chesty Puller would say, and it would not be those nice, soft, caring, and kind words that Sgt. Gary Stein, USMC, said…..

  54. Gary Wells

    7 years ago

    i would like to say i agree with most of what was posted here. One question is did he post on a officially sanctioned sight if so he was in violation of the UCMJ, however i think he should also be able to appeal his discharge because it appears to be blowing off steam and nowhere was he guilty of violating a direct or lawful order. this is a object lesson for all on or going on active duty be careful what you say and when and where you say it. The basic answer of when in the military is you do loose some of your civil rights, and if UCMJ has changed to be more restrictive than it was in 01, you have 2 choices try to fight top get it changed or just hold yout toung. it sucks but all vets have been thru that

  55. Gary Wells

    7 years ago

    i do not know the reg. But i would think that a challenge could be filed againt it. The Basics of the ucmj used to be that
    1. you may not be involved in the political proccess while in uniform or under an official capasity
    2 you can not be involved with a group concidered to be subversive, these are normally listed as hate groups and briefed on a regular basis
    3. you may not display any material that could be deamed offensive ie the confederate flag
    4. you may not use oficial equipment for personal use, when such use is allowed great care should be taken to not adversally affect unit coheasion.
    Again they could have gotten more restrictive, and while Sgt Gary Stein exercized poor judgment in no way should it have risen to a court martial offence. again i DO NOT know current UCMJ but i would consider having the discharge reopened and MAYBE request a court martial. from what i have read it was an administrative discharge which is non judicial in nature if this is the case he could ask for and be granted a court Martial proceeding. But great care should be take before taking this step. Its the same with Article 15(non-judicial punishment)proceedings you can request a court martial instead and is the only recourse for a blatently wrong punishment

  56. Gary Wells

    7 years ago

    one last thing and this may be his ace in the hole as a sgt e-5 he should have been briefed on all of this, if he was not then the Marine corps is at fault. I do not know exact marine corps policy but i know Army from 94-2001. And you had regulart briefings where such things where addressed so you could best inform those under you.

  57. Gary Wells

    7 years ago

    One more thought, if im reading this correectly his exact words where“Screw Obama and I will not follow all orders from him.” This is subjective he could have chosen his first words more carfully but the subjective part can come from the requirment to follow ONLY the lawful orders of those appointed over me. The reason lawful orders where put into place was to make sure there was never another Mi lia massacre. For a order to be it MUST follow all USMJ and the constitution. Also if a order was deemed to be immoral it is not lawful UCMJ also has punishments for following unlawful orders

  58. Gary Wells

    7 years ago

    you know the more i think about it, unless there is more to the story, an other than honerable discharge is the same as alot of older vets no as Dishonerable discharge usually reserved for murderers and rapists and other really unsavory charictors. which almost leadsd me to believe one of 2 things
    A. there is more to this story
    B he was railroaded out of the Marines Again its been 01 since i was in but they didnt even give deserters that discharge, maybe a general or a general under other than honerable discharge
    Again if it had been me i would have welcomed a court martial after all pretty much the worst punishment they could give him is a other than honerable discharge

  59. Gary Wells

    7 years ago check out this web sight if you find anyone else facing this

  60. Gary Wells

    7 years ago

    also i do not know if he had a JAG lawyer but again if you know anyone else in a simular situation you always want to get a consult from a JAG lawyer, they cost nothing and are experts in UCMJ

  61. yogiman

    6 years ago

    Sgt. Stein,

    We all know how you feel about the usurper in office situation, but as an enlisted man, you know you do not refuse to follow an order from your superiors.

    You’re biggest mistake was saying you would refuse to follow an order from your CIC. Any thing else should have been accepted with open arms.

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