Nevada Judge Rejects Personhood Petition For Being Too Vague

December 23, 2011 @

A judge in Nevada is smacking down “personhood” advocates left and right.

On Wednesday, District Judge James Wilson granted an injunction request by the ACLU and Planned Parenthood against a petition circulated by Personhood Nevada, ruling that it’s too vague and would confuse voters.

The group’s lawyer, birther attorney Gary Kreep, was cagey in the court hearing when asked about the purpose of the petition, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. At one point Kreep said it would prevent “discrimination against the unborn,” and another time noted he could only “speculate” on the possible effects.

Wilson ruled that state law requires the purpose to be clear so as not to confuse voters about what they’re signing. “To me it is not clear,” Wilson said. “It is not capable of being rehabilitated through rewriting.”

Another Nevada judge threw out a similar measure two years ago for the same reasons. That decision was appealed to the state Supreme Court, but by the time the case came up it was too late to collect the necessary signatures to qualify for the election.

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