Obama Campaign Asks Unions to Help Cover Convention Costs

April 25, 2012 @

President Barack Obama’s political advisers are pressing labor unions to contribute to the Democratic convention in September to cover a fundraising shortfall resulting from their self-imposed ban on corporate donations, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Democratic officials gave representatives of the major U.S. unions, including the AFL-CIO, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters and the United Auto Workers, a tour of the convention sites in Charlotte, North Carolina, April 23 in advance of a request for donations, according to the two people, who requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to discuss internal strategy.

The three-day convention will culminate in Obama’s re- nomination in Bank of America Stadium on Sept. 6. So far, the host committee in Charlotte is roughly halfway to its $36.6 million goal.

Four years ago, unions contributed more than $8 million to the Democratic convention in Denver, according to financial disclosure reports.

Jeff Hauser, a spokesman for the AFL-CIO, declined to comment on the new request.

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3 Comments → “Obama Campaign Asks Unions to Help Cover Convention Costs”

  1. Jan

    7 years ago

    I thought Pelosi was trying to prevent this — or was it only the freedom of speech that she was stifling — in violation of the Supreme Court? Day by day and piece by piece this administration is destroying the Constitutional rights that our fathers, grandfathers, husbands, sons and daughters have been figthing for. Read the piece above on the voting fraud. A totalitarian democracy as one commentator called it.

  2. David in MA

    7 years ago

    IN MY OPINION: obozo has wrought a path of destruction on America with his socialist agenda he has already put in place and if he is re-elected will finish the path he has taken and America will eventually exist no more. However, if he is re-elected he will have four more years to finish his agenda and announce he is president-for-life, if he is not re-elected and cannot find some way to institute martial law via an executive order he has already signed and congress is overlooking it’s importance, obozo, if not re-elected, will take a trip on Air Force One to a foreign country, probably indonesia and will walk off the plane and seek political assylim and will receive it because he still holds an Indonesian citizenship and passport. I believe he has thru stimulis money, election funds and other monies, stashed away billions of U.S. Dollars in Indonesia and other muslim countries to live very very comfortable (strange action for a muslim socialist, huh?)He, his wife & their children will enjoy the worlds countries and cities comfortably and America will dismiss his actions with the comment that America is glad to be rid of him rather than expose, charge and try him for the criminal he is. Of course, his minions will all be caught, tried and sentenanced to death by lethal injection…..as the guy on T.V. says, that’s my opinion and I welcome yours…….

  3. NCBigmouth

    7 years ago

    WTF, the Leader didn’t put the bite on his favorite union, the SEIU? Oh that’s right, they would have to put some money up for HIM, not vice versa. Nice arrangement there.

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