Obama Dumps Obamacare

November 14, 2013 @

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Barack Obama addressed the snowballing controversy surrounding his healthcare law in a speech Thursday morning. He announced that the millions of Americans who will have their insurance policies cancelled due to ObamaCare mandates will be able to stay on those plans for another year.

His gracious allowance would permit insurers to continue offering plans – which leftists have been calling “junk policies” – provided they disclose what coverage is not included and instruct clients they can sign up for the government-approved healthcare exchange.

The executive move comes in the aftermath of widespread criticism over Obama’s promise that citizens would be able to keep their healthcare plans if they liked them. As cancellation notices have filled mailboxes across the nation, however, Americans are rightfully upset.

Obama planned his announcement just one day before House Republicans planned to put forward their own answer to the healthcare debacle. While Democrat supporters of the law deride the GOP for wanting to repeal or reduce ObamaCare’s mandates, staggeringly low approval of the plan indicates that much of America is in agreement.

In the end, this “fix” amounts to nothing more than the Obama administration sweeping its problems under the rug. With midterm elections approaching, Democrats want nothing more than for voters to forget about the disastrous healthcare law looming over their heads like the sword of Damocles.

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–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: terrellaftermath

2 Comments → “Obama Dumps Obamacare”


    6 years ago

    This Fraud in the WH is now a victim of his own making,he is now subject to the articles of impeachment and the crime should be malicious intent for perpetrating a massive fraud against the nation for political gain…I also believe he is in the process of selling this country out…

  2. Susanm

    5 years ago

    IMPEACHMENT? Never happen, Congress does not have the b!!!! To do anything against their king.

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