Obama Escalates Military Purge

October 14, 2013 @

An alarming string of top military leaders removed from posts

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  1. nancy

    6 years ago

    You believe those reports of ‘personal misconduct’?? I got a bridge somewhere you might be interested in. Nothing is easier to fake or set up. What’s happening is a purge of those officers who can and will stop the regime from taking complete control of this country.

  2. TexRancher

    6 years ago

    This is cause for major concern! Typical Dictator move to take over the military which is restricted by law not to be used against AMERICAN citizens and the reason for the 2nd Amendment!

    This is a subversive move by a subversive phoney president who because of desperation is showing his hand before he’s really ready! He’s backed up by a totally corrupted political party!


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