Why Obama Should be Impeached – Now

November 8, 2013 @

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This isn’t the first time that I’ve thought President Obama should be impeached. But something has changed.

I don’t expect most people, even elected ones, to understand how government debt hurts the economy, how inflation is caused by government policies (I include the Federal Reserve here), and how it cheats people out of their money. There are a lot of other common government practices where most people just don’t understand the bigger picture; they just accept the story they are told at face value.

But something has happened that everybody can understand and which, in spite of all the perceived benefits of an Obama presidency, should cause them to rise up and put an end to it.

It has now been proven that President Obama is a liar. I don’t mean just the fact that he lied at some point in the past, but that he has been shown to lie regularly.

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  1. john muhaw

    5 years ago

    get this guy out he going to bank rupt us makes us a socials country a 3 world country

  2. HelenSatmary

    5 years ago

    He does not need to be impeached he needs to be removed for being a traitor to this Country and going against the Constitution which he vowed to uphold. He needs to be imprisoned and if someone does not have the guts soon and I mean very, very, very soon it will be too late for all of us as he is quite close to his plans to take over by Dictatorship. The legistator is playing right into his hands and I am not quite sure why. It is either that that is what they also want or they do not have the guts, ability to stand up for this Country and take it back and do what is right for the Country and the people they are supposedly representing. (Which they are not representing at the moment.)

  3. Spencer Downs

    5 years ago

    When I went to school, 2 + 2=4. Apparently Americans can’t do simple math any more! When you put all the known facts together, Barack Obama is a traitor whose main purpose is to bring down America! He has succeeded! “Surely not!” you say. Really? Consider: 1) He is constitutionally ineligible to hold office. No one has stopped him! 2) He has been deeply involved in scandals like Benghazi, Fast and Furious in both cases Americans died. Massive voter fraud. No one has stopped him or held him accountable! He has established at least six anti-American Muslim Brotherhood agents in his administration. No one has stopped him! 3)He has made fiscal policies and decisions that were designed to bankrupt America. No one has stopped him! 4) By his policies, he has abetted Islamic terrorism overseas. 5) He has obstructed justice such as the Fort Hood massacre, 6) He has released Islamic terrorists from Guantanamo who have returned to terrorist activities against the United states, 7) He has by-passed Congress at every turn and behaves like a Dictator, 8) He has abetted the attack on Christianity overseas as well as here at home by liberal groups like the ACLU, 9) He has decimated the leadership of the military making it weak and ineffective in the event of a move to take over this nation, 10) He has made it easy for large numbers of illegal aliens, including Islamic terrorists, to enter this country. No one has stopped him! The Democrat National Convention “boo’d” God twice and Obama never said a word: he has denied God Almighty and has violated his Oath of Office. That plus his hatred for Israel and his desire to divide Jerusalem have brought the promise of divine destruction on this nation! God said, “I will bless those who bless you [Israel] and him who curses you, I will curse.” God has removed His grace from America and she is finished! It is as simple as that, but the leaders refuse to see this! Their arrogance is unbelievable! So be it!

  4. Donald Ford

    5 years ago

    Wake UP America. Please understand that socialism come after the middle class is destroyed. That is the way to get it approval when most citizens are on goverment assistance. Obama Care was just one element to take money out of the hands of working Americans and give it to those the democrate can buy votes from. Before long they will raise taxes on all hard working Americans to obtain socialism because ALL THE CAR ABOUT IS HAVING POWER OVER PEOPLE.

  5. martha

    5 years ago

    Time is long past due for this man to be removed. It is obvious he thinks he is above the law. He has no respect for our Constitution, believes that laws don’t apply to him and cares NOTHING about the American people. How sad he could have been the best POTUS, if he only cared a little bit,

    Articles of Impeachment have been turned in at the WH. I don’t know what the process, but I pray we can unite and remove the cancer that is festering our Great Nation.


  6. Robert A Kaufman

    5 years ago

    Impeach & Arrest Obama NOW!!! He has completely turned on our only ally in the middle east & our best ally in the world Israel!!! He is a complete & full buddy of the regime in Iran!!! He is a Muslim, A Socialist, A Communist & A Marxist!!! GOD Save AMERICA & ISRAEL & THE WORLD!!!

  7. Faith Matsuoka

    5 years ago

    I agree that he should be impeached, but half the country still just love him and I don’t see how it could happen. Especially after the last election, where I believe he won by fraud. I hate to think about what damage he can do in the next three years. Our only hope is the Lord Jesus Christ. Pray, pray, pray!

  8. Bill

    5 years ago

    It is unnecessary for any politician to do anything damaging to the republic when the subjects of that government have successfully installed a destructive level of ignorance in the minds of the populace, to the degree that they believe that they are citizens, let alone free.

  9. Bill E.

    4 years ago

    1-The Democrat party has been taken over and is now the national Communist party.

    2-The Republican party has been mostly taken over and plays the part of the opposition.

    3-The information system was taken over in 1915 by J.P. Morgan himself by way of buying out the editorial departments of the top 25 newspapers in the country. Remember, at that time there were ONLY newspapers.

    4-The money system was taken over in 1913 with the creation of the “Federal Reserve” and the IRS.
    Watch “The Money Masters” on YouTube or search it and buy the DVD.

    5-The destruction of the World Trade Center and most (if not all) of the mass shootings were and will be false flags.

    They are using Pavlov’s (of dog training fame) techniques (fear and pain/punishment and reward) on the people and practicing the “Bread and Circus” tactics of the Romans and other tyrannical regimes to keep the people distracted and divided.
    The fall of Rome is the template for what they are doing today…debase the money, demoralize the people, destroy the borders.

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