Obama Named As Accessory to Murder

November 15, 2013 @

Obama was named as an accessory to the Muslim Brotherhood’s murder, rape, and torture of Egyptian citizens according to a criminal complaint filed by Egyptian attorneys and lawmakers before the International Criminal Court.

Obama was also found to be secretly funneling millions of dollars to Muslim Brotherhood members. The bribes, recorded in a document seized by the Egyptian military, amounted to almost a million dollars paid to each Muslim Brotherhood operative, ostensibly charged with rounding up and killing anyone who opposed the Mohammed Morsi regime, which included the torture and crucifixion of Christians.

But this murder-for-hire plot is just the tip of the iceberg.

Watch Western Center for Journalism’s exclusive video to find out about Barack Obama’s collusion with the Muslim Brotherhood and their evil—but thankfully thwarted—“final solution.”

By Kris Zane

10 Comments → “Obama Named As Accessory to Murder”

  1. paul

    6 years ago

    I’m no fan of Obama.. but we would need a lot more than an egyptian news paper for evidence.. if they have it let’s see it.. if not .. well he is the President , whether we like him or not isn’t relevant.. but we would most certainly need more .. so where and what is it?

  2. Kay Rodriguez

    6 years ago

    My, Paul is quite anxious. Shouldn’t we believe innocent until guilty, then all the details will speak and charges must then be proven. Yes?

  3. L. Johnson

    6 years ago

    1. I did not see a conclusive imputation of guilt; only allegations of bad, seemingly criminal behavior.
    2. Hatred of persons is almost always pointless. Behavior is another matter.

  4. Linda

    6 years ago

    This is not any secret!!!! His indoctrination, behaviors and beliefs have been transparent since before his illegal regime and occupation of OUR White House!!!! Wake up, thankless and ignorant CITIZENS!!! Our very lives now depend on it!!!!!! Wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. DAY

    6 years ago

    The story said they have the paper trail of payments to the muslim brotherhood,,, The paper trail is how they got Al Capone… He is guilty.

  6. Sarah7

    6 years ago

    The CIA have paper documents where Barack Soetoro (name on his Indonesian passport) gave $4 MILLION to Mohammed Morsi personally. Is this part of our $17 TRILLION debt, along with his $20 MILLION in vacations he took in 2012 and $500,000 he and his entourage spent in South Africa for TWO DAYS. Our enormous debts will be the downfall of the U.S. dollar was before BHO is erradicated from our country and our lives.

  7. Really?

    6 years ago

    The people who hate Blacks never stop inventing things, do they? haha Whatever terrible thing Obama HAS done, he’s STILL NOT Mittens Romney, Mitler. Mitler (Hitler on Mitt) hated us–he said so TO OUR FACES!!! He would have corraled us eventually, according to financial and race, and then phased us out as humans. Put us robotically to work in HIS oil fields! It was for personal gain only, so THAT’S WHY HE’S NOT PRESIDENT. WOULD HAVE BEEN A WORSE NIGHTMARE. @@Oh, PRODUCE THE DOCUMENTS AND THEN WE’LL [email protected] PRAY, and do good for others. Stop bitching and moaning. Be a better person!!! Happy Holidays. Peace..

  8. Rp

    6 years ago

    Supposedly the Egyptians have evidence of payoffs by Obozo. If they produce the document and it is authenticated, then Obozo may fall on the sword, he is trying to lead us to, a one world government. Sounds like he may change his tune or go to prison for his stupidity and bad judgment.

  9. Paul T.

    6 years ago

    What an incredibly ignorant person it is who states “people who hate blacks never stop inventing things” No where in any of the statements did I see even one mention of anyone’s race. Then this person has the audacity to go off on a stupid tirade against Mitt Romney, who is one of the gentlest nicest people alive today. Well I suspect this race baiting,lieing fact changing obama loving moron, would love to see his majesty obama do all of those evil things to the rest of us. I hope he and harry, eric, and nancy go straight to prison where they belong. Oh and don’t forget the twins, hillary, and michelle. Did I miss anyone?

  10. Wondering Woman

    6 years ago

    Yes, a few key ones like John McCain, Rice who was lying about Benghazi, and all
    those incumbent long term politicians past and present who failed so miserably at doing their sworn duty of supporting and protecting the Constitution from both foreign and domestic threats as can be easily proven by the number of times they have voted to pass unconstitutional laws, like the NDAA, and all of Obama’s czars and appointees who are obviously new world order puppets just as Obama, both father & son Bush and Bill Clinton.

    Also all those incumbent congressional members who know that Obama was supplying military weapons/ammo to known Hamas terrorists through Benghazi, gave himself a waiver from the law against it for both his past and future continuing of supplying them to terrorists and still doing nothing to stop it.

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