ObamaCare headed back to Supreme Court

October 8, 2012 @


On the day Barack Obama signed ObamaCare bill into law, Matthew Staver, the founder and dean of the Liberty University School of Law filed one of the first private lawsuits against the new Act, claiming ObamaCare mandated the forced, direct funding of abortion, a clearly unconstitutional violation of the free exercise of religion.

Though the University’s lawsuit has been held up by the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals which argued that the Anti-Injunction Act prevented the court hearing the merits of the case, that barrier was torn down by the June Supreme Court decision on ObamaCare. As a result, Liberty immediately renewed its petition that the Supreme Court review its case.

And on Monday, the first day of the new term, the Supreme Court ordered the Department of Justice to respond to Liberty University’s suit. That means the Justices are taking very seriously the Liberty charge that both individuals and employers are being forced to directly fund abortion, a clear infringement upon the freedom of religious expression.

For two years the Obama Regime has claimed that no taxpayer funding of abortion is included in the ObamaCare law. That is a lie. For “…nestled within the ‘individual mandate’ in the Act—that portion of the Act requiring every American to purchase government-approved insurance or pay a penalty—is an ‘abortion premium mandate’. ”

As Staver puts it, ObamaCare, via extraordinarily secretive rules issued on March 15th, 2012 by Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius, “funds [abortion] in two ways.”

“First [of] all, for the individual, for the first time in history, it requires each individual to pay a particular fee and that goes directly into an abortion fund and that fund funds abortion. This fee doesn’t go into a general fund, some of which funds other surgeries or medical treatment, some of which might fund abortion. No, this goes into a specific fund that funds abortion. (It’s the) very first time in history you can trace the dollar to the actual abortion.”

Read More at Western Journalism. By Doug Book.

8 Comments → “ObamaCare headed back to Supreme Court”

  1. JohnWayne

    7 years ago

    Maybe this time, they will dismantle that POS law!

  2. Donald Merriam

    7 years ago

    Probably not, John. They’ll just rule the part about forcing people to pay for other people’s abortions exceeds the congress’s authority and is unconstitutional. Most of the law will stand until it gets repealed. To do that, we need a 2/3 majority in both houses of congress this November to overturn the Puke-in-Chief’s veto. We won’t get that in the Senate this time around so without a Republican in the White House come January, we’re all going to get the shit taxed out of us when this law goes fully into effect.

  3. lucky3511

    7 years ago

    They should disband Obamacare and impound Obama. Get that illegal fascist-Moslem POTUS out of our whitehouse

  4. Donald Merriam

    7 years ago

    He’s not a POTUS in the White House, Lucky. After what he’s done to America and any prestige we once had around the world, he’s nothing more than a POS in a whorehouse.

  5. George

    7 years ago

    Let’s just get the POS out of office!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Linda

    7 years ago

    Because Kennedy ruled that Obamacare was a tax the 2/3 majority is not required.
    It will only need a majority vote.

  7. Donald Merriam

    7 years ago

    It was John Roberts who ruled it was a tax.

  8. Flo W.

    7 years ago

    Try this on for size, everyone; no one else of any stature has taken this awareness anywhere least of all to Congress, or the Supreme Court, though I have to Liberty Counsel also. Why is everyone ignoring this: OBAMA ADMITS HE’S KENYAN:
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edyJ4oS8kz0; How does it get any better than that – with or without valid Birth Certificate for MOST VALID REASON OF ALL for IMPEACHMENT IF NOTHING ELSE WORKS. His FIRST of many OFFENSES AGAINT THE CONSTITUTION. Folks, we are indeed an endangered species when our brain-dead Congress wouldn’t even touch this since 5/2010. This calls for some MOVERS and SHAKERS to move this to the front burner and fire it up.

    I am told by a reliable source that even Republican House Speaker John Boehner
    has tabled some Impeachment requests by one of the organizations that generates those letters of initial processing documents. It has come to my attention by others as well as seeing him cave to Obama on the Fiscal matters – that he too ought to be replaced by a more principled, and assertive person bearing in mind and staunch on the needs and will of the people than in also bowing down to Obama, as much as there needs to be some bi-partisan resolutions. Don’t know
    what Mr. Boehner’s stand is at this point, but generally, he seems to be softening up more than necessary and/or is also wooed by Obama, somehow.

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