Obama’s Secret $8 Billion Bribe To the Muslim Brotherhood

July 18, 2013 @

According to Arabic News Channel TV14 and reported on by Egypt Daily News, Obama’s relationship with recently deposed Muslim Brotherhood President Mohammed Morsi goes far deeper than mere support as a democratically elected President.

Per TV14, Obama conducted secret negotiations with Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood outside of normal diplomatic channels.

According to sources cited by TV14, Obama secretly transferred eight billion dollars to the Muslim Brotherhood—not the Egyptian government—as payment to guarantee that a large portion of the Sinai Peninsula be turned over to the terrorist organization Hamas, an avowed enemy of both the United States and Israel.

The secret agreement was signed by deposed Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi and his second in command, Khairat el Shater.

Who on the U.S. side signed the agreement and where Barack Obama got the eight billion dollars is not clear. When Mohammed Morsi was deposed and arrested by the Egyptian military, evidence of the secret agreement was discovered and seized.

Further, per the news segment, which has been uploaded to YouTube and has since gone viral, secret negotiations between Obama and the Egyptian military—specifically Colonel Abdul al-Sisi, head of the Armed Forces—were ongoing to ensure the agreement remained hidden. Per the secret negotiations, in exchange for Obama recognizing the Egyptian military as legitimate, Colonel al-Sisi promised to keep Obama’s illegal agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood secret. However, a source within the Egyptian military leaked Obama’s nefarious activities to TV14 and the world.

If Obama’s secret agreement with the Muslim Brotherhood is proven correct, it may spell the end for the Obama administration once and for all. Obama may have illegally siphoned off funds from the US Treasury and committed treason by attempting to turn land over to Hamas, a group that is not only an enemy to the United States, but has vowed to destroy every Jew on the face of the earth. If Obama’s nefarious plan would have been realized, Hamas’ control of the Sinai Peninsula would have put Israel in an indefensible position and would have led to a second holocaust.

If proven to be true, this would go far beyond the Constitution’s requirement of High Crimes and Misdemeanors as a basis for impeachment. It would mean treason, possible life in prison, or even the death penalty for Barack Hussein Obama.

By Kris Zane, Western Journalism

13 Comments → “Obama’s Secret $8 Billion Bribe To the Muslim Brotherhood”

  1. Watcher

    6 years ago

    Obama’s behavior with the Tax Payers Money is rather akin to a sailor ashore after a six months sea trip, with the entire Ship’s six month’s pay stopping off at a Whore House and treating every member of the of the Muslim Brothrerhood in Egypt to a “Slap Up Bang Up’ at our tax payers expense. This item should be charged to his personal account when we get our ship back.

  2. Flo/Az

    6 years ago

    Obama has a huge agenda is to destroy our country. Congress are aware of this illegal man from Indonesian occupying the oval office. He has stolen identity to be the leftists puppet. It is time to use RICO ACT to remove all his cronies and use treason to remove this puppet. Our oval office is too precious for this puppet to occupy. Our prayers will be answered soon and no body is above GOD!!!

  3. AL, Orange Park, FL

    6 years ago

    death penalty for BO oh man I felt a tingle go up my thigh
    and one could only wish
    but for now “rid ourselves of the punk in the white house from kenya”!

  4. M.Short

    6 years ago

    How much longer can we let this go on?
    Obummer should be tarred an feathered,.
    Actually should be shot for all of his treason acts he has committed

  5. Wondering Woman

    6 years ago

    Anyone remember the papers Obama signed on February 4, 2009? Papers setting aside $23+ million and earmarking it to bring Hamas immigrants to the US to become naturalized citizens. This is just more of his Muslim Brotherhood kinship.

    This ineligible, fraudulent usurper likes to talk about detaining anyone on suspicion of being connected to terrorism. Wonder why our Congressional members are not taking what he says to heart and using it to detain Obama, wife, all his appointees, czars and all our politicians (beginning with Nancy Pelosi who allegedly signed letters stating that he was eligible and the DNC who let her do it) and all others who helped him pull off the biggest fraud We the People have ever seen. Perhaps we should also include all those Congressional members who have forgotten they swore to support and protect our
    Constitution from both foreign and domestic threats in those charges of fraud,
    treason and criminal activity of this administration, since they have taken no action against the domestic threats to our Constitution, and have even voted again and again for unconstitutional laws to remove our rights – one after another.

  6. Ron

    6 years ago

    Here is the problem: We have a felon in the White House who is protected by other criminals holding high public offices. This certainly includes the Justice Department. The “tip of the iceberg” manifestations of Obama’s criminal activities range from a forged birth certificate, to the deaths of Americans in Benghazi. The depth of the corruption iceberg we cannot see is massive but may be superficially defined by the running of guns to the drug cartels in Mexico, rigged voting machines and IRS harassment of political opposition in the United States. The Democrats of course are willing accomplices. Republicans can only be identified by their ineptatude and more critical, their silence. The mainstream media are facilitators of the continuing crimes. The corruption apparently is now so indemic in government that one must expect that felonies, including treason, are just part of doing business and no one will ever be held accountable.

  7. mrrzk

    6 years ago

    So how long must we wait before anything is done? O believes he is way above the law
    It is sad to see all that he is doing to destroy our great Country. The worst is Congress and all our representatives are ok with the destruction of our Constitution and Bill of Rights and ……….You all see what he is doing.


  8. Faseddie29

    6 years ago

    What the kcuf is wrong with you Republicans? What more does this TRAITOR have to do before you start IMPEACHMENT proceedings? He has not only used the Constitution as toilet paper, but has used it in front of your faces and you’ve been afraid to do anything about it. Where the **** are your balls? Or do you have vaginas instead?
    I am leaving the Republican party and switching to the Independent party unless you all do something about this Muslim in the White House!! And there are many more like me who are sick and tired of your lack of courage to stand up to this TYRANT who is destroying this country! Are you Americans, or what?

  9. BKennedy

    6 years ago

    Prove it! If it is so, just connect the dots – but prove the authenticity of those dots beyond reproach, first.

    Put honorable, tenacious researchers on the project as a front burner priority. Give them the tools they need to get to the bottom of it – show us the smoking gun… then, and only then, we can discuss the crime and the punishment.

  10. marylee

    6 years ago

    I can’t believe the congress does not know about this and just sitting on it..of all the letteres/phone calls I make..all I get are “pat” answers to keep me satisfied, but I’m not!!! this just proves that he is the most ILLEGAL on the earth..he is out to bankrupt this country..he has brough thousands of Hamas into this country! This man is not fit to be in OUR Whitehouse..it is not his..he is a tennat and time to kick him out..this $$ should come out of his own pocket if push comes to shove..what happened to TARP or all the other fake money deals he had?? did he pocket any??/ who knows?? I have a grandsom growing up and what kind of life will he have?? nothing I’m afraid with what this devil is doing to us.

  11. Sara Crew

    6 years ago

    The thing that bothers me is that when Obama is impeached we are left with Joe Biden to take his place. Think about that.

  12. Ron

    6 years ago

    Sara – This is not an impeachment issue. You do not impeach foreign enemy combatants who have illegally taken control of the government. There must initially be systemic nullification of everything associated with the Obama coup da ta. A messy business no doubt, but it absolutely is the right thing to do. The numbers of people we are talking about would likely clog the courts for decades, but our nation will be better in the end with these enemies of the nation appropriately dealt with through our systems of military and civil criminal justice. Impeachment simply means bring the charges. Remember, Bill Clinton was impeached. Through the nullification process Biden will likely continue to be fed by the taxpayers. Sheriff Arpaio’s tent city would provide suitable accommodations for most of those in Obama’s regime. I can even imagine that Biden may already have a taste for bologna sandwiches!

  13. v steve

    6 years ago

    The muslim brotherhood is big trouble. If the muslim brotherhood never existed there would be no terrorist. The muslim brotherhood hates jews and jews hate the muslim brotherhood because they both want to control the world.

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