Palin Hits Obama: “We Don’t Do Pinpricks But Sometimes We Elect Them”

October 2, 2013 @

Sarah Palin took a clever shot at Obama in advising the Republicans to remind everyone that a government shutdown isn’t armageddon, like Democrats would have them believe; but rather, it’s a pinprick. She then reminds Hannity that Obama said the other week when he was ready to bomb Syria that America doesn’t do pinpricks. She agrees, saying we don’t do pinpricks but sometimes we elect them.

4 Comments → “Palin Hits Obama: “We Don’t Do Pinpricks But Sometimes We Elect Them””

  1. Rick

    6 years ago

    What a great line. That pinprick has to hurt.

  2. Dave

    6 years ago

    Kudos to Palin for managing to deliver that line with a straight face. Thumbs up!

  3. mesaman

    6 years ago

    Palin, you should have been given the president’s award for outstanding citizen but then Hillary would have pouted. I guess you are superior to her, in every way. We salute you for saying what has to be said.

  4. Barbara J Struble

    6 years ago

    Sarah, you are sooo good. No wonder the “evil” is after her. Peace,

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