Pro-life college student quits job with Girl Scouts over ‘end abortion’ t-shirt

January 9, 2012 @

TUCSON, Arizona, January 9, 2012 ( – An Arizona college student who stopped in at her workplace wearing a pro-life t-shirt quit her job rather than obey a supervisor who ordered her to turn the “Pray to End Abortion” shirt inside out.

Renise Rodriguez, a 21-year-old religious studies major at the University of Arizona, worked as a Girl Experience Associate for the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona in Tucson. When she went to her office on Jan. 3 during her off-duty hours to prepare materials for a meeting, she was told twice by a supervisor that if she planned to stay in the office, or attend a troop meeting, she would have to turn her shirt inside out.

“I started to get emotional because of the way I was treated so I left without preparing for the meeting and told my co-worker that she would have to get the stuff together,” Miss Rodriguez said. “As I was driving out, I called a friend crying and told her the story. I was so shocked at the way I was treated. After contemplating it for the rest of that day, I decided to write my letter of resignation.”

Her letter did not specify her reason for resigning, but she plans to discuss it with another supervisor when she does her formal exit interview.

“It is the courage and conviction of young people like Renise that gives us hope that we are closer than ever to winning this battle and bringing an end to child killing in America,” said Bryan Kemper, Director of Youth Outreach for Priests for Life. “Young heroes like Renise prove this generation is a pro-life generation.”


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  1. CommieKiller

    7 years ago

    I understand her getting upset. But she let it stew and that is what caused her to quit. She should not have quit. The Girl Scouts need good people like her! She should have stayed where she might have had a positive influence someday. We need to quit ceding ground to the enemy.


    7 years ago

    I applaud her for wearing the T shirt but if she cannot defend her position then stop the masochism. Learn why you have priciples and morals and be willing to stand up for what you know is right.

  3. AmeriKimPatriot

    7 years ago

    I agree 100% with the viewpoints expressed by CommieKiller and ONTIME. I regret that Renise made a hasty, knee-jerk decision to resign. She had every right to wear the Pro-Life T-Shirt. She gave up far too easily and quickly! Had she refused to turn the shirt inside out and stood her ground, the spotlight and pressure would have been on GSA — and THEIR IMAGE would have been at stake! If I had a daughter in that Arizona GSA, I’d pull her out of that organization PRONTO over this incident. I hope this story goes viral and forces GSA to have to make a public statement declaring their stance on abortion! See what happens to their membership numbers then!

  4. USPatriot

    7 years ago

    Renise, stand tall. You are doing God’s work. The girl scouts are now in the hands of evil people who advocate going against God’s law. The original organization has been co-opted. No apologies to anyone. Jesus loves you and the Holy Ghost is in you.

  5. Lemrob

    7 years ago

    If you do not stand for what you believe; then you will fall for anything.
    Do what you believe in. Jesus will always be with you.

  6. FLChristyB

    7 years ago

    The Girl Scout organization is getting lots of publicity lately, and none of it good. They need to clean house, and get decent Christians in charge again. If I had a daughter in Girl Scouts, I would yank her out until they made major changes.
    There has been a story running lately about how they are promoting ‘Media Matters’ in a book for Girl Scouts. It is embarrassing and frightening how many organizations have allowed the infiltration of Socialist/Liberals and the indoctrination our kids! WE MUST PUT A STOP TO THIS NOW, or the future will look very bleak indeed.

  7. Captain

    7 years ago

    Workplaces are not the proper forum for employees to push forward their particular views on one subject of another. It matters not whether the subject it abortion, politics, fast food, divorce, climate change, welfare, etc., etc. The workplace is owned and/or operated by the management for the benefit of the business. This kind of “in-your-face” activity is totally inapporpriate, regardless of subject. Take it outside. She did the right think in resigning, since she seems unclear of the responsibilities of an employee. If she ever has her own company, she can wear any T-shirt or banner that her heart desires.

  8. patriot1

    7 years ago

    The Boy Scouts have done a good job at keeping the queers at bay, but unfortunately the Girl Scouts have not done the same. They have allowed themselves to be taken over by dykes, perverts, communists, and other degenerates. Wake up America!

  9. Jeff

    7 years ago

    We need the contact information (email) for the GSA office. I found and sent an email to: [email protected] and let them know my thoughts.

  10. Helen Satmary

    7 years ago

    I think it is time for a new beginning to take the place of what the GSA first stood for. GSA has been overtaken by athiest and money hungry abortionist. There is nothing to be looked up to in this group. If you are in the business of killing babies and actually would like to be able to kill them after birth if the law would allow. A baby in the womb cannot talk, cannot holler (to be heard) or cry while being vacuumed out by some BULLY who has the audacity to call himself a Doctor (HA). He is just a highly paid murderer and picks on babies because they cannot fight back.

    Do not let your daughter be a girl scout,only for the grace of God the abortionsits did not get their dirty hands on your child. Start a new group may be call them Girl Scouts for a Free and Decent America.

  11. mitch

    7 years ago

    While I agree with her position on the issue, restrictions on issue advocacy in the workplace are reasonable. It seems that the problem was not just stopping by, but in her intention to stay and do some work, even if off the books. As others have noted, the GS have drifted left into various forms of political correctness, so you have to wonder if a T-shirt with a message they approve of would have resulted in the same action by the supervisor. As noted in the first comment, she may have overreacted, we need Christians (assumption) to be light in darker places.

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