Ron Paul Calls for Criminal Investigation of Eric Holder

December 14, 2011 @

Yesterday on the Alex Jones Show, Ron Paul said criminal charges should be brought up against Attorney General Eric Holder for his role in the Fast and Furious drug smuggling sting gone terribly wrong.

“He should be immediately fired,” Paul told Alex Jones, “and then there should be an investigation and find out if charges should be made.”

If you don’t know what Fast and Furious is, you can blame the mainstream media and it’s collective smokescreen put in place to protect the Obama administration and Eric Holder.

Here are the basics of Fast and Furious:

The ATF, in 2009 and 2010, encouraged gun dealers to sell more than 2,000 guns, mostly AK-47s and .50-caliber rifles, to smugglers. The idea, ostensibly, was to catch the “big fish” and to stem the flow of illegal weapons into Mexico.

After the guns were sold, ATF supervisors ordered field agents not to stop the smugglers at the border. Of the more than 2,000 guns sold, only a small fraction have been recovered, usually at the scene of a violent crime.

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3 Comments → “Ron Paul Calls for Criminal Investigation of Eric Holder”

  1. Tomtom

    7 years ago

    Holder is a miserable “LACKY” for Hussein. They both are trying to bring down AMERICA. FIRE them both !!

  2. Dee

    7 years ago

    Fire them hell, put them in prison.

  3. Michael Laborde

    7 years ago

    Holder and Obummer are not only criminals, but also racist. Kickem out of the country.

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