School To 8-Year-Old: Jesus Is No Hero

March 21, 2014 @

Second grade students at Cerro Gordo Elementary School in North Carolina were recently given a fairly common assignment. The kids were asked to think about who they consider to be a hero and begin writing a paper explaining their decision.

When 8-year-old Ryleigh Watts returned to class and informed her teacher who she wanted to honor, however, her mother said she was told to “write about something different.”

Who was the proposed subject of young Ryleigh’s paper? Jesus Christ.

“I think she should have freedom to write about what she wants to write about,” Heather Watts said of her daughter. “If she wants to write about Jesus, she should write about Jesus.”

According to a local NBC affiliate, the school disputes the controversy, explaining “we have learned that students were not restricted from writing on any topic of their choosing.”

The official statement encourages “our parents and guardians to contact or visit their child’s school to address any concerns.”

Ryleigh and her mother, however, are not budging from their original story. Watts met with both the school’s principal and her daughter’s teacher and reports that the situation has not been rectified. The young girl, she confirmed, must still find a new hero for her report.

The ordeal, Watts concluded, amounts to the school trampling on a student’s constitutional rights. Freedom of speech and religion are clearly delineated in the Bill of Rights; and, as she noted, both are being attacked through this assignment.

Obviously, students in school are held to a somewhat stricter standard than Americans in other environments. Rejecting an 8-year-old’s report based only on her admiration of Jesus Christ, however, is objectively discriminatory.

Much to the chagrin of many leftists, there is no basis for schools – or any public place – to ban personal displays of Christianity. Activists across the nation, however, seem to be pursuing that very goal.

In reality, Ryleigh’s choice made much more sense than any other imaginable subject. Christ left a perfect place to lay down his life for all mankind. If ever there was a story of heroism, the Gospel is it.

Unfortunately, today’s morally bankrupt public education system apparently has no room for such a message of love and hope.

Profane rappers like Jay-Z are heralded as role models by this administration, while kids idolize vampires and other monsters brought to life by leftists in Hollywood. Either of these choices, one might assume, would have been enthusiastically embraced by Ryleigh’s teacher.

–B. Christopher Agee

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  1. Sean

    6 years ago

    This is what is wrong with our country. If she wanted to write about Obama, the teacher would have told what a great choice. She chose Jesus Christ, and that was just not PC enough for the school teacher. Give me a break!! I admire that young lady for sticking to her guns. If she wants to write about Jesus, then so be it.

  2. Benjamin

    6 years ago

    A and flagrant abuse. I’m sure there are better teachers in the unemployment line that would be happy to backfill.

    Time for a vacancy.

  3. Benjamin

    6 years ago

    A VERY strange system here. It removes a word from my post, and then says it was posted 7 hours ago — the moment it was posted.

  4. MP

    6 years ago

    If this young girl had written about Obama OR any other Liberal SHE would have been the hero! This is what’s wrong with our education system today! NO FREEDOM OF CHOICE!

  5. Okwaho

    6 years ago

    Well kiddo, one thing is certain. Your teacher ain’t no hero either! Stick with Jesus. She probably worships Obama, the false prophet!

  6. abutom

    6 years ago

    THAT GIRL IS MY HERO. In the movie son of God. Pontius Pilate says after he crucifies Christ who died to give us everlasing life. Pilate says in one week no one will remeber his his name. Two thousand years later through out the world two names get repeated. Jesus Christ and Pontius Pilate.No one will remember the teacher and principal who denied Christ. Christ remembers Ryleigh who loves him. Whats that passage that says and a child shall lead them?

  7. bruce Kroog

    6 years ago

    Fire the teacher and file a lawsuit bases on the second amendment . Then take your child out of then school and form a group to boycott the school. mAKE SURE THE SCHOOL BUDGET IS defeated. Picket the school and force the resignation of the principal. If you wrote about that bearded ********* that would have been OK.What do expect inn our schools today when you have a muslim sitting in the Oval Office. My doctornsays I have a digestive problem that causes me to throw up when I see his puss( I mean that thing that sits inth Oval office. I have a picture in my office showing that thing in a Nazi uniform

  8. Bellerophon

    6 years ago

    Unfortunately, many teachers, including this teacher, one can safely assume, are not in a position to grade a paper submitted by a student re the Lamb of God.

    Many teachers are not intelligent enough to understand the doctrine of Love represented by the death and resurrection of Christ. But therein lies the perfect definition of heroism: the willingness to lay down one’s life for another.

  9. oldgringo

    6 years ago

    We are the only country in the world that has freedom of speech quaranteed us by our US Consitution…No other country has the civil liberties that American citizens have…Yet our liberal school system wants to take all that away…The teacher and the principle should be fired and given a one way ticket to Siberia!

  10. Roberto

    6 years ago

    I wonder if the teacher objected if this 8 year old picked Muhammad as her hero? Doubt it very much.

  11. mesaman

    6 years ago

    All the more reason to pull your children from these leftist-leaning schools. If enough people do this, school districts, states, and dare I say it, even the Bammie bunch will have to begin searching for a remedy that fits all citizens, not just his entitled few.

  12. Gail

    6 years ago

    The child is not violating any rule of “establishing a religion: – she is not the government, she has no power to force anyone to believe as she does – she and everyone else under the Constitution can voice their religious beliefs – has nothing to do with establishment of religion.

  13. v steve

    6 years ago

    We have the wrong type of people in teaching positions.

  14. DrSique

    6 years ago

    I would ask this vile, ignorant, anti-Christian excuse for a teacher to name one single person, in all of history, what figure has had a greater impact on humanity. Even those who do not consider Jesus to be the Son of God cannot deny his heroism. I hope that this family doesn’t give in to this PC intolerance.

  15. P.Smith

    6 years ago

    I believe that as “out of order” and wrong as Raleigh’s teacher was, maybe this incident is God’s way of CALLING ALL PARENTS to find out more about the people teaching their children! And as a Christian parent, I would not let this matter lay! My heart goes out to Raleigh and her parents; how much has this upset and confused this little child of God?
    I’ve hear of many actions over the years that indicate that school personnel should be screened better; parents, do you REALLY know what your children are being taught in school? Instead of just watching them go out the door, should you be more involved with the day to day teaching methods, etc. that take place at your child’s school?
    What about the class of school children in TN. that w/parental permission were allowed to spend something like 3 days in a Muslim classroom? What do you think those children were taught, Muslim cuisine? Are you familiar with Sharia Law?

  16. True believer

    6 years ago

    The government is riddled with socialists pushing their agenda. We send our children to school(state run public schools) to get an education not an indoctrination. Brought to mind an article I recently read written by Saul Alinsky: How to Create a Social State. Check out number 6 & 7.

    There are 8 levels of control that must be obtained before you are able to create a social state. The first is the most important:

    1) Healthcare – Control healthcare and you control the people.
    2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
    3) Debt – Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes, and this will produce more poverty.
    4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.
    5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income.)

    6) Education – Take control of what people read and listen to and take control of what children learn in school.
    7) Religion – Remove the belief in God from the Government and schools.
    8) Class Warfare – Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to tax the wealthy with the support of the poor.

    Does any of this sound like what is happening to the United States?

  17. Jim Krumrei

    6 years ago

    Now isthe time for a good journalist to take hold of this case of abuse of a teachers judgment. This decision of the teacher to declare that the child’s choice was unacceptable is putting a condition into tthe assignment that originally was not in it. That makes it discriminatory and shows prejudice. The school board and higher if necessary needs to be made to correct this matter before the class to get this matter straightened out forthe sake of all concerned, not just for Ryleigh’s sake.

  18. Jake Martinez

    6 years ago

    Brainwashing in America: ‘WHY FEW DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY”!
    “Food For Thought”
    Hello: When Are Americans Going To Wake Up-God Bless America!
    Semper Fi!

  19. ONTIME

    6 years ago

    Time to force the school boards into acting responsible and forcing the unions to stand aside and let the parents be the judge of who they will allow to school these kids…..

  20. m

    6 years ago

    The schools and administrators outright lie to our faces. The vast majority of students have more integrity than the people teaching them.

  21. vinnie

    6 years ago

    if it were my daughter, she would have already written the story, and turned it in to this bitch of a teacher… changes no changes no changes…..a copy going to the head of the school board, and to the school principal, and one to the local news staion

  22. mesaman

    6 years ago

    Good, Vinnie. I might add; “and one to the attorney representing parents in a class action lawsuit against dictatorial and capricious edicts from educators and their administration, whom we financially support.

  23. Cory

    6 years ago

    I understand all the people on here who think a great injustice has been done here because of freedom of speech and all that. But I’m sure all those people are the very same ones who would be on here offended that a child would write a paper about Allah, Vishnu, Xenu, or Muhammad. I think it’s better to just keep religion out of the school system to prevent anyone from being offended. If this report is true then it doesn’t seem like the school is trying to tell the child she’s wrong for her beliefs, nor are they trying to prevent her from writing about spiritual figures on her own time. They are simply following the guidelines of separating Church and State and not allowing children to write about religion for school assignment. It seems perfectly understandable to me. It would be totally different, however, if they were allowing other children to write about other spiritual figures but not allowing this little girl to write about Jesus. Although that doesn’t seem to be the case. My suggestion is to practice your beliefs in your own time, and leave them out of school work.

  24. Furious Charlie

    6 years ago

    Let’s have names please, names! Don’t let these bigots hide behind a screen of anonymity. They won’t be so eager to practice their religious prejudice if their identities were known.

  25. bd maus

    6 years ago

    That teacher stinks!

  26. Douglas

    6 years ago

    Why? “If the world hates you, you know that it hated ME before it hated you. If you were of the world, the world would love its own. Yet because you are not of the world, but I choose yo out of the world, therefore the world hates you.” John 15:18-9. That’s just the way it is. Accept it and keep on witnessing for Christ. Shame on the teacher, not on the student. .

  27. Crystal

    6 years ago

    Soooo… I only skimmed 2-3 posted before I kind of got the feel for the direction that the posts were going:
    1. agree that this was wrong!
    2. complain that the teacher/school etc. was wrong
    3. contemplate the condition of the country if this is being allowed
    4. blame it on the government

    BTW getting on a blog and complaining about it is not doing something about it!
    I also want to add that I completely agree that this is wrong. But if the action stops with the mother going to the principle then running to the internet to post about it for a bunch of people to complain about it… did they really win? Did they really achieve the results necessary to make a noticeable impact?…

  28. Dawn

    6 years ago

    OK so I may be out my depth here, as I’m in the UK. Saw this posted on facebook and was horrified. I despair when I see things like this, oppression being forced onto the young and up coming generations in so many countries. I thought that America was, like the UK, a democracy. Everyone was supposed to have th freedom of speech and choice.
    I know I’m too far away to be their in body, but I just wanted to let you all know that over here I am with you in SPIRIT, oopppsss, lol.


  29. Matthaios Kober

    6 years ago

    the movie son of God is Not Biblically accurate just like the Bible Mini series on the History channel Please do not get your Biblical/ Theological/ Historical Education from movies, T.V. or random News Articles. READ the BIBLE.

    Babylonian Talmud Tractate Sanhedrin 43a

    On the eve of the Passover Yeshu the Nasarean was hanged. For forty days before the execution took place, a herald went forth and cried, ‘He is going forth to be stoned because he has practised sorcery and enticed Israel to apostacy. Any one who can say anything in his favour, let him come forward and plead on his behalf.’ But since nothing was brought forward in his favour he was hanged on the eve of the Passover!

    Galatians 1:6-9 we know why they complained about the Passion of the Christ but yet seem to have no issue with the son of god movie. It is not Anti Semitic to disagree with the rejection of the Messiah people groups and religion are two different things. The Sanhedrin and many of the Jews “religion not people group Hebrew would be the correct word for the People group” rejected and wanted Jesus Christ crucified not Pilate.

    Your comment is Biblically Unorthodox seeing on how Pilate gave the Sanhedrin and the Jews the choice between Barabbas or Jesus Christ.

    We shouldn’t sway from the basic Truth simply because some might be offended by it Especially when it is dealing with our Creator.

    Pilate was concerned about preventing more revolts and riots carried out by the Jews because if he didn’t he would have had to explain his lack of ability to control the providence he was given authority over to the Senate or even Tiberius Julius Caesar Augustus which would have resulted in him without a job or put to death. That is why he gave the people the choice between Barabbas or Jesus Christ because he figured it would please the people and calm the protestors thus prevent another Revolt.

    I have been studying Religion, Theology, Archeology, Christian History / History, and Anthropology Since 1995. In the last Eight years I have read the New International Version, the Douay-Rheims, the King James New Testament, Luther’s Family Devotions for every day of the church year a compilation of Luther’s writings, Gregory of Tours Life of the Fathers, Gregory of Tours Glory of the Confessors, Gregory of Tours Glory of the Martyrs, Gregory of Tours History of the Franks, The Confessions of St Augustine, St Augustine City of God, The Confession of Saint Patrick, Luther His Life and Work by Gerhard Ritter, The Art of Illumination The Limbourg Brothers and the Belles Heures of Jean de France, Duc de Berry Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Complete Works of Josephus: Revised and Expanded Edition, and am now reading the Ante-Nicene Fathers formerly titled the Early Church Fathers and I am also reading the King James Version.

    I am a Historical Literalist. My belief is that if I toss a coin and it lands on heads then it is heads, if it lands on tails then it is tails, I am not going to insist that the coin landed on tails when it lands on heads.

  30. Michelle Johnson

    6 years ago

    This is what is wrong with the world now days. They have taken the one true savior out of everything. JESUS DIED SO WE MAY HAVE EVERLASTING LIFE. NO ONE CAN ENTER HEAVEN BY ANY OTHER NAME. Ryleigh Watts you did good, he is the best hero anybody can have he definately is my hero.

  31. Jerry

    6 years ago

    Maybe the Teacher is a Muslim sympathiser due to who we have in the White House. But rest assured, the Lord God is not mocked. What you say today in life, whether you believe or not, you will give an accounting before the Son of God, Jesus Christ. And there is another thing this igonrant teacher should know,….

    She should know what Muslims believe in,.. and try to remember that she is a woman, which is a lower form of life in the muslim world.

  32. Roy

    6 years ago

    Where we need to make the change is to take the government out of our schools or just take our children out and teach them at home!!!

  33. K. Sheldon Bailey

    6 years ago

    This is ridiculous! And as Christians we need to begin to make our voices of displeasure heard. We must begin to assemble in unity when and wherever our rights to express our faith in Jesus are being trampled. We MUST NOT continue to remain silent! We cannot be afraid of repercussions, neither must we be ashamed to stand up for Jesus in front of people, especially since He stands up for us before the Father.

    Let’s stop being silent, and let’s start taking back our rights. And if this society doesn’t think it’s enough of us to make a difference, let’s begin pulling our children out of school, and stop spending our dollars at places that mock our Christianity, and disdain our God and His Word.

  34. Mick

    6 years ago

    To “True Believer” regarding Alinsky’s so-called 8 levels of control, that has been proven false. Please read further on Snopes:

  35. mesaman

    6 years ago

    This comment is directed to “Cory”. I couldn’t disagree with you more. First, your assumptions are more like presumptions or allegations. You are entitled to your opinion which may or may not be based on empirical evidence. There is a chance you are correct, but also there is a chance you are totally wrong. The point is not about religion in the school, the point is a student has the right and even a moral obligation to compose a statement of his beliefs. If it were from any religion, the teacher would best serve the purpose she is hired for to study the composition, its syntax and structure, and save judgement for those who are placed in a position to levy judgement. If she is upset with the religious nature of this student’s paper, then that is her baggage. If her baggage represents the baggage of the school, the district, state, or federal, then it is the obligation of parents, who are fiduciaries in the educational process, to challenge such dictatorial postures and to terminate those which abrogate freedom of speech and personal choice or religion.


    6 years ago

    It would be very interesting to read the comments all her classmates would make IF they were allowed to hear or read it. Same goes for all the parents of her classmates. Next the principal and school administrator OWE the class and the parents the courtesy of an explanation and an apology to Raleigh for the weak spirit (wherever it comes from) of the people who made the decision to take the expression of ones deepest beliefs away from the very people who will one day run our government, make laws, and teach the next generation that it is necessary to obey the government rather than the best textbook ever created by the one and only true God – the Bible.

  37. John Bentley

    6 years ago

    This is not anti Jesus. The assignment was “someone”. What if the kid would have written Zeus or Thor? What if his parents were Hindu and he would have Lord Ganesha or Osiris. Clearly you all understand that. Right?

  38. Melissa Canchola

    6 years ago

    Be prepared for this to happen more and more. This still shocked me and I already am expecting stuff like this to happen more.

  39. matt

    6 years ago

    Christmas is on the front page of this school’s website along with a song titled “a baby changes everything.”

    this report is suspect to me…

  40. Popeye

    6 years ago


  41. Linda

    6 years ago

    We don’t know the exact assignment. If it was to write about someone, real or imagined, then it was fine. If it was to write about a real person, or a living person, then the god-man wouldn’t qualify as Jesus isn’t (and never was) a real person. God-tards need to stop brainwashing their children.

  42. Lori

    6 years ago

    As a teacher, I think this is ridiculous. The question simply asks, who has inspired you? The child answered the question and provided how. The teacher could have said political figure or inventor or something more specific but did not. How they can justify an F is embarrassing to the profession. The grade should be changed and the teacher should be reprimanded. I would want this child removed from this teachers class for stupidity if nothing else.

  43. Doug

    6 years ago

    Okay, this will surprise some people (especially if people that know me read this) First, I do not believe in a god, supreme being, holy entity, whatever you want to call whatever you believe, which is okay because it’s okay if you do. The assignment that was given was to write about your hero, and she wrote about her hero, there was no exceptions on who it could be, so if Jesus is her hero then Jesus is her hero and that is who she should write about, end of story, the teacher and school is wrong for doing what they’ve done. As far as everything else, what amendments are being denied and blah blah blah….. I believe that church is for religion and that’s where you should learn about it, a lot of people are afraid that any mention of religion in school will leave the school/teachers/other administrators in a big pile of mess, they are completely wrong, just scared, the schools are not allowed to teach religion, people believe that prayer isn’t allowed in school, again wrong but scared, the school or teacher can not require or initiate it, if the kids want to pray, all they have to do is pray, simple as that. We have gotten to the point where people are so scared of what will happen if they break the rules that anything that may be anywhere near the rules, they panic, so to the people that want to boycott the schools or get them shut down or fire the principle or teacher, this is why the girl got the F, the teacher was afraid of all of that happening if people found out that she got a good grade and other people with the same get the school attitude, but don’t think anything religious should be in school, it’s a catch 22 situation for the schools, society really needs to relax a bit and not get so angry about things.

  44. David Adeleke

    6 years ago

    This is disturbing though. But it only encourages me to know that there are young kids out there who still see Jesus as the real hero. Kudos kid. God bless you.

  45. David K.H.C

    6 years ago

    Blessed is (our) young Sweet Sister Ryleigh Watts in the/our Loving Lord Jesus Christ (who came and teach and show us the Love of God) who wrote that the/our Jesus Christ is her Super Hero than any heroes of the world, and may she continue to be strong in her faith in our Loving LORD GOD ALMIGHTY, Creator of All Creation, Creator of Heavens and the Earth, and the Universe.

    But woe to the one who cancel/deny/reject His Name/the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY in times of need, but truly, our Loving LORD is Gracious, Merciful, and Loving to those who call upon His Name in times of need for He never cancel/deny/reject anyone who calls upon His name. Praise be to the/our True Living God.

    Psalm 145:18
    Joel 2:32

    For Surely it will come a time on this earth in this age when the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY is setting everything anew and where people will come and learn from Him on how to live the True Life according to His Perfect ways.


    Thank you very much for sharing this Christopher.

    Peace and Love in abundance to you all and your family in the/our True Living LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

  46. Francis Fawjes

    6 years ago

    That student should be allowed to write on Jesus Christ. Over 98 percent of the founding fathers of America were Christian. In actuality, the purpose of the Mayflower Compact signed by the founding fathers was to evangelize the world.

    Christopher Columbus who came to America somehow knew that America existed to evangelize. The name Christopher means Christ-bearer.

  47. Jeremy

    6 years ago

    I agree, if that was the child’s hero then that is who they should get to write about. But as Christians shouldn’t we be showing love and compassion to the teacher? I think the teacher is wrong and I’ll pray for her, but to go so far as say she need’s fired, or boycott the school, no I try to lead my children by example and I don’t feel that getting the teacher fired would be setting a good example.

    God bless.

  48. Boyd

    6 years ago

    No doubt the Country is in trouble from Prog assault but this particular story just reeks hoax. Sorry, just doesn’t pass the smell test.

  49. Mrs. TD Pace

    6 years ago

    This is HORRID!!!! But that’s ok… HE will rectify and everyone will bow and call HIS Name!!! Believe that!

  50. Heather (Florida)

    6 years ago

    I have three young children, all school age. I am very upset to read anything like this. America is supposed to be a free country. If this young lady wanted to writd about Jesus that should have been fine. We all habe our own believes. No teacher or school personal should be able to say other wise. I see nothing wrong with the paper, she only wrote about Jesus. Shes not shoving/forcing her religion down anyones throat. So many kids are afraid to stand up for what they beleive in. Shes not! A++++ NEVER LET ANYONE KNOCK YOU DOWN, CONTINUE TO STAND STRONG LITTLE MISS. 🙂

  51. Tomz

    6 years ago

    Actually I put in some research into this, because anyone who believes what is on the internet or in the news without doing fact checks is a fool.

    Here is the real story:

    1) The kid chose Jesus as the subject of the project. Nothing wrong with that according to the school.
    2) The kid only partially finished the project because she couldn’t think of things to say about Jesus for a few of the project steps.
    3) The teacher said that if Ryleigh couldn’t complete the project using Jesus as the hero, she should try to use another person.
    4) Ryleigh was given extra days that the other kids didn’t have to re-do the project or else finish the project using Jesus as the subject.
    5) She still didn’t finish it.
    6) She was told again, that if she couldn’t finish it using Jesus, she should try another person.
    7) She never finished it.

    So then the mom, who evidently is too lazy to help her daughter with her homework, complained that the school was banning Jesus. The school investigated, and saw that it was simply a case of a lazy parent who evidently wants to take no time to invest in their child’s learning.

    Just like when some people automatically scream “racism” all the time, this mom decided to hide behind “religious persecution”.

    Parents like these are probably the same who go to McDonalds so they can spill coffee on their pants and sue for a million bucks.

  52. laurie

    6 years ago

    Jesus is my hero too!! Keep standing up for Him and your beliefs and never back down!!!! The world needs a witness regardless of their hard heartedness.

  53. Geneva

    6 years ago

    We need to stop this infringement of Constitutional Rights NOW!
    Mr. Kent Lovett
    7685 Andrew Jackson Highway Southwest
    Cerro Gordo, NC 28430
    Phone: (910) 654-4250
    Fax: (910) 654-6155

  54. Lillie

    6 years ago

    Ryleigh Watts –honey you keep on believing…and shame on that teacher……Jesus is my HERO …

  55. mesaman

    6 years ago

    Are we to conclude that we must have greater confidence in you to tell the facts as they really are than to trust the various comments from all different perspectives? If you are more trustworthy, why hasn’t the school board or the school principle done their job and set the record straight, instead of having to rely on just another blogger?

  56. Diane Calnan

    6 years ago

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels this way… I’m angry and sad by this.. My kids love a song from our Church.. “Jesus, you’re my Superhero”… (they sing it all the time in our house) I can’t imagine someone asking them to stop singing it.. =( That poor student who got an F for this!! Shameful… This teacher should be let go.. or it may be the School… either way.. I’d like to show support to this student! BRAVO!! she/he deserves an A+++++

  57. Ed

    6 years ago

    Peace to All
    I see too many groups of Peoplez that say they have a problem with this Religion, & that Faith of anyone’s Ideas on how Each of US wants to live. But this is the Best that was ever said about Faith,

  58. Joan

    6 years ago

    Where is the ACLU? I’m no lawyer, but it seems to me that this would be a perfect case to take all the way to the Supreme Court.

  59. Lee Jr

    6 years ago

    Although this article was very interesting, I have to express my concerns about the contradicting messages that the author has delivered.

    If the message is supposed to be about the freedom to choose whatever hero this young lady wants, or to write about any other topic that she wants, then if she had chosen to write about “a profane rapper like Jay-Z, or vampires and other monsters brought to life by leftists in Hollywood,” would this be frowned upon? Would that not be within the scopes of her freedoms? Who are we to judge the decision this child decides to write about a period, if she has real freedom to write. Here choices should be hers alone. Grade her writing, and leave your opinions of her topic out of it.

    My hero is President Barack Obama, and his entire family.
    He’s my Commander in Chief, and I proudly serve my country under his leadership.

    I am a hero to my younger brother, and my eleven year old son.
    I embrace the idea of being a hero in the eyes of a few.

    I wouldn’t want anyone telling me that my hero isn’t acceptable,
    and I wouldn’t advise anyone tell my son, or my brother that their hero isn’t either.

    Lee Jr

  60. Tomz

    6 years ago


    I’m not concerned if you believe me or not. If you refuse to do your own fact checking, that’s your decision. You don’t have to believe me, and therefore I encourage you to use your own brain to find out if what I said is true or not. It took me less than 15 minutes to find the real story.

    I personally believe about 25% of what I read on the internet and on the news. I don’t care if it from a liberal source or a conservative source or American source or Foreign source. They all lie and twist the stories. God gave you a brain so you can use it to figure things out on your own. Don’t let anyone just say something and you accept it.

    As far as the school board or principle setting the record straight, I have worked in the school system. The school can’t give any more details than they have. In my country (the US), there are privacy laws surrounding school children and minors. If the school comes out and gives the details, they are in violation, and the child’s mother can sue. The mother and her lawyers know the details, but unless she wants to come clean with the full story, the school is forced to simply issue blanket statements.

    As far as where I got the real story, it came from interviews with parents in that community who know the mother and who have kids in the same grade and class. None of them are up in arms, because it’s not a question of the kid writing about Jesus. It is a question of a mom who believes that having 15 minutes of fame is more important than her daughter finishing a school project.

    Anyway, if you actually do want to fact check and use your own God-given mind to find out the details, I’d start with the original story referenced in this article. From there, check out the comments section, and then use Google or another search engine to search for various words and phrases, such as the school name.

    It’s up to you if you want to be a sheep. I am a believer, but I refuse to let anyone tell me what to think.

  61. jeff

    6 years ago

    Cory, you are way off base, my friend. It was an assignment the subject of which was up to the student. This student chose Jesus. If another student chose another religious figure throughout history, who cares!!! Its up to the student. Why don’t we give our children a full education and make up their own minds. It sounds like according to your approach that all views are valid except for Christianity.


    6 years ago


  63. Bill

    6 years ago

    I have noticed that people who have contributed to this thread that are warning about the things of Jesus being taught to children as a bad thing, are filled with rage, use horrible profanity and say vulgar things. It does not see to me that they are credible to teach young people. At least I would not want y children being influenced by that type of vocabulary.

  64. anita

    6 years ago

    This is sad to express your Faith in Christ and be punished by a school.No wonder most of Kids now days have little or no faith in God it is a punishment to do so..

  65. wingnuts

    6 years ago

    this is a fake,and all the comments are hilarious,fake scandal and manufactured out rage much;anyone.

  66. mesaman

    6 years ago

    Tom; I also have a little experience in the educational system; 52 years in college and university settings. I challenged your position because of the glittering generalities you tried to stand behind. Furthermore to hide behind the privacy act without further explanation is foolish. To clarify my position, the teacher should have remained as a teacher, not a judge. She should have focussed on the correct usage of the English language and the errors a second grader is capable of. The subject matter is moot. Most of the posters disagree with me on this and find it reprehensible that she would, if in fact she did, challenge the stand the child presented. You may be an ideal in your own mind, but you will have to prove it on the table of public opinion.

  67. WRF

    6 years ago

    I wonder if the ACLU will take up and defend this 8 year old’s case of infringement of her constitutional right of freedom of speech?

  68. Monty

    6 years ago

    The assignment was to articulate “why” not “who”. If she would of replace the name with “JELLO” the girl would have gotten an “A”. The teacher needs to be replaced.

  69. Tomz

    6 years ago


    I think you miss my point. My point is not that teachers should or shouldn’t tell kids if they can write about Jesus. My point is that if you research the story, you will find out that the school NEVER said that the child couldn’t write about Jesus. The teacher NEVER said the child couldn’t write about Jesus. The child could have done the project on Jesus.

    My point is that the news article that this whole thing is based on is false. The child didn’t finish her project. Evidently there was some part of the project that she couldn’t come up with what to write or something.

    The teacher saw that the child did not finish. In my country (the US), if you don’t finish an assignment, you don’t generally get full credit. The teacher was nice enough to give the child more time. The teacher was even kind enough to say that if the child could not finish the project using Jesus as the subject, maybe it would be better to use a different person. It was a suggestion, and was not an order.

    Now if I was a parent of this child, I would have sat down with her and helped her with the last section or sections of the project. I would have given suggestions, and maybe even helped her write it myself. It’s not that hard. We’re talking about elementary school.

    But instead of helping her child, the mom decided to focus on the teacher’s suggestion to change to a different historical figure. She immediately reached out to the media and probably has lawyered up.

    Finally I am a bit dismayed that you claim to have 50+ years in the educational system, and are not aware of privacy laws. I’ll let you research, and give you a hint. Call up a local college of your choice, and tell them that you want to discuss a random student’s grades or record over the phone. Then call up a local elementary school and tell them that you want to discuss a random student’s behavior record (like number of absences, tardies, suspensions). I’ll give you a clue. They will hang up on you. Just like I can’t call your doctor and delve into your past medical history, you or even journalists cannot legally obtain information about students without express permission of the parents.

    Now if the mom will go to the school and give them express permission to tell the details of the incident, the school will then be able to say something besides “We have investigated and found no wrongdoing”.

    Not sure why this is difficult to comprehend. If the school and/or teacher had really done what it says in the article, I’d be calling for her to be dismissed. But in this case, unless all of the people who are closest to this incident are lying, it looks like the mom is trying to snag some cash at taxpayers’ expense.

  70. Wingnuts

    6 years ago

    This has been proven fake,are Christians that narcissistic that they just want to be “persecuted?

  71. Joy

    6 years ago

    Such a strong, intellegent young girl who wanted to express who her hero is! Whatever the reason is for the teacher to give her an “F”, for using the name of “Jess Christ”, is beyond me, but, as a Christian we are to love those that persecute us. We are to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. We are to pray for our enemies. It is te goodness of God that brings us to repentance. As this family works through this ordeal, my prayer is they will walk in love and hopefully the teacher and those involved will see the reasoning for choosing to write about Jesus! To all fellow believers, we should all be praying for Gods love to work in the hearts of the teachers and those involved.

  72. mesaman

    6 years ago

    And you have the audacity to want us to believe you? Careful, you might strangle on your strained prunes.

  73. Fuzzzy556

    6 years ago

    I actually genuinely agree with what the article says. Kid should have the right to write about anything they want to on this assignment. Tolerance of everyone’s choices should still be a universe concept. Even if you don’t believe in someones belief, even if you don’t support them, being tolerant is what makes you a good person. Accepting that others have different beliefs and grading a paper without bias is what the teacher should have done. Don’t give a bad grade because of who she’s writing about, give a bad grade for poor execution of grammer and spelling. Does the paper make sense, is it in the correct format. The child deserves a good grade regardless of who or what they wrote about. Write about an invisible friend named charles who can ride unicycles with his hands and taught you how to play checkers, as long as the formatting is correct and the assignment is complete the child deserves a good grade. So yes, I do agree with some comments that the teacher should be penalized, for acting unfairly towards an assignment that otherwise should have been an A because they have a bias against religion.

  74. SandraC

    6 years ago

    A poorly Photoshopped ‘school paper'(the jpg artifacts around all the items in red show they were added after photo of the paper was was photographed. I do photo editing for a living, and I know crappy Photoshop job when I see one), supposedly written by an 8 yr old, is being used as proof of persecution? Shame on you.

    And to all you sheeple jumping on this false bandwagon, shame on you too. Bearing false witness is against your religious tenets.

  75. Dee

    6 years ago

    Take this to the TOP! This is an OUTRAGE of our RIGHTS!!! JESUS CHRIST IS HER HERO, so she should LIE!!!! Is that what the teacher is teaching, INTOLERANCE and LIES!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! I bet if MOHAMMED was her hero the teacher would have kept her big mouth shut. MMM HMM

  76. jamie

    6 years ago

    This is OUTRAGEOUS. How DARE this teacher have the audacity to say and do this to a child regarding her beliefs. As if the girl were praising the Devil.
    Disgusting and so ignorant it’s absolutely embarrassing.
    Shame on this teacher. Shame on you.

  77. Natureboy809

    6 years ago

    In a strange way, part of me actually likes hearing stories like this, because it strengthens my belief in Christ even further. After all- he told us that this type of thing (not specifically public education of course) would happen.
    I’m happy to hear that this little girl feels this way, and I am also happy to hear that neither her nor her parents backed down from the teacher.

  78. Valerie

    6 years ago

    Contact info. for the Principle of Cerro Gordo Elementary School – Kent Lovett – [email protected] *Please be respectful when expressing your opinion to him*
    School Website:
    Columbus County Schools Facebook Page –

  79. LauraM

    6 years ago

    Anyone notice that the two handwritings are very similar, if not the same? Tomz, where can I find the original article? I don’t believe this one, either.

  80. LauraM

    6 years ago

    Uh….anyone notice that the article says the girls name is Ryleigh and on her appear her name says “Em”, and then it’s cut off?

  81. LauraM

    6 years ago

    I stand corrected…..her paper says her name is Emily!

  82. Susan

    6 years ago

    This is just a shame. The teacher is not a teacher. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible. Jesus Christ is our savior.

  83. Miesha

    6 years ago

    Isn’t North Carolina a conservative state??

  84. Dorothy

    6 years ago

    This is total BULLSHIT!!!!!

  85. martine

    6 years ago

    What you are saying cannot be true because if it was the teacher would have wrote UNFINISHED ASSIGNMENT! instead she crossed out the name of Jesus Christ everywhere in the assignment. She even wrote on the paper REMOVE JESUS PLEASE! Your common sense should have told you that the problem is not about an unfinished assignment but the name of Jesus Christ in the assignment.

  86. Luke's Army

    6 years ago

    Absolutely disgusting. We are in the last days.

  87. Summer Smith

    6 years ago

    The original article referenced is here:

    You’ll notice the picture does not have the crossed out ‘Jesus’. It’s completely different. Do your research, don’t be so reactionary and actually think before posting 🙂

  88. Tar_Heel_Fact_Checker

    6 years ago

    I agree with Dorothy..this IS ” total BULLSHIT!!!!!”>>> Here is the REAL story:

    Here is the real story:

    1) The kid chose Jesus as the subject of the project. Nothing wrong with that according to the school.
    2) The kid only partially finished the project because she couldn’t think of things to say about Jesus for a few of the project steps.
    3) The teacher said that if Ryleigh couldn’t complete the project using Jesus as the hero, she should try to use another person.
    4) Ryleigh was given extra days that the other kids didn’t have to re-do the project or else finish the project using Jesus as the subject.
    5) She still didn’t finish it.
    6) She was told again, that if she couldn’t finish it using Jesus, she should try another person.
    7) She never finished it.

    Here is the official statement from the school:

    “After speaking with both the teacher and the principal, we have learned that students were not restricted from writing on any topic of their choosing. Columbus County Schools encourages student expression in all aspects of our educational program. We also have an open-door policy, and encourage our parents and guardians to contact or visit their child’s school to address any concerns.”

    So instead of a liberal school banning Jesus…it was a mom who was too lazy to help her daughter with her homework, then complained to the local news (instead of speaking to the teacher or principal) to cause a false narrative. Typical. Don’t let logic or basic fact checking get in your way….Benghazi!!!!!

  89. Alesia

    6 years ago

    This whole thing is ridiculous. This is the South. The one thing any school in the South will not do is give reason to believe that they are defaming, putting down or dismissing God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Spirit. This is still the Bible Belt people.

  90. Dan

    6 years ago

    This story is a strange one and possibly true. A single person misinterpreting the notion of keeping religion out of schools… but the responses as usual are off the charts nuts. Nearly every comment on this story makes me cringe at the hostility and ludicrousness of people’s imagination. For followers of a man whose primary message was one of love and understanding there’s absurd amounts if hate. And you wonder why people don’t want this in schools or in their lives?

  91. Patti

    6 years ago

    “Give and example of someone who has impacted your life” Number one, once that statement is given with no qualifications, the teacher CANNOT change what a child comes up with. That was the project…it didn’t say you had to exclude anyone. So then the question is what is wrong with the teacher????? Is she/he atheist, muslim and is biased against that child’s choice??? I would look into it and then I would file a legal complaint to start with to force the teacher to stick with the directions on the paper.

  92. Joey

    6 years ago

    I completely agree with this, religion shouldn’t be in school work. The subject is touchy, there are people who don’t give a fuck about religion who wouldn’t approve that any “fake being” effected your life in anyway. And that giving a good grade to that isn’t fair. While others who would die arguing that he exist even though it doesn’t matter it’s a paper. It’s not there job to prove he exist or ever did. Christians need to understand that it’s not their job to make a statement everywhere they go, it’s a fucking paper. Write it on your mom or something. If Christians kept to themselves and stopped trying to push their religion on everyone and spreading it like a virus, then no one would care. In the end the religion itself says the only way to heaven is your relationship with god. Not how many people you pissed off pretending to try and help them, not how many lives you’ve ruined constantly telling them their going to hell. It’s not their job. Honestly, the most fakest people i’ve ever met are Christians. I’d never of gave that paper anything other than an F. No offense. ^-^

  93. mesaman

    6 years ago

    Joey, I strongly encourage you to posture in front of your mirror. There you will see the image of a true nitwit, a fake, a bizarre mistake of nature, and you can be satisfied that compared to a Christian, you failed the test of humanity, completely

  94. charles

    6 years ago

    God’s love extends to all whether they accept it or not. It’s interesting to me how some people can say Christians go out of their way to force their beliefs on others yet those same people are going out of their way trying to force their’s on Christians. You will not find a person more religious about their own beliefs than that of a fanatical atheist and I cannot understand why. Tell me how the love of Jesus Christ has harmed you and I will tell you a hundred times how it has helped me.

  95. Paula

    6 years ago

    Do you think you could get your opinion across without any profanity. I feel sorry for you and hope you can open your eyes up. Everyone’s rights are being taken away a little at a time. The young people of our country doesn’t remember how hard of a fight to get our rights, whether it is religious or not. I’m a Christian, a true believer. Step back and imagine if you had a young child you had to explain why they couldn’t write about their hero. What would you say?? It’s just a paper, don’t write what you feel, write what your teacher wants you to say and what you want doesn’t matter. I bet your child would think you were a hero for backing them. Grow up, it’s not about Jesus Christ, it’s about our rights.
    God Bless You,

  96. Tony

    6 years ago

    Please watch this video. Political Correctness was designed to destroy Western Civilization!!!

  97. Tony Soldo

    6 years ago

    All Christians must take their children out of “Caesar’s schools” now.
    I know it’s not easy, the economy is bad, it’s hard to make ends meet, but there is no more important responsibility to a Christian man or woman than the raising of their children, and to give your children to the government run public school system is to literally hand them over to Satan.
    Things are not going to get better here in this world, as we move closer to the end of this age, awaiting the imminent return of Christ Jesus, we should all avoid and severe all government ties and connections, and band together as one body; the Church, and that includes homeschooling all children of the Body of Christ Jesus ; the Church.
    Stop trying to fix this world system of governments, schools, and cultural influences, and separate yourself from this world and all of its evil systems and traditions.
    Peace and Maranatha.

  98. Kim

    6 years ago

    Shoot, if I was the mother(and once I was just like this child), I would still write about Jesus Christ. If the teacher didn’t like it or the school as well, I would be like give me a 0 then, and boy would it go public. If she wrote about any other religious hero, say a saint or something….no one would sneer at it, but Christ is to be thrown out???! Sinful, corrupt world we live in….infuriating and heat breaking. Well Jesus Christ is my hero, keep following Him kiddo; For one day every knee shall bow, every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is LORD.

  99. Peter Cheng

    6 years ago

    That kid is really authentic about what she sees a real hero looks like! The Lord Jesus must have personally impacted her so much that she chose Jesus over anyone else.
    Don’t we have the right to express our thoughts freely so long that they do not cause detriment to others? The teacher basically has violated the human rights of a kid who stands up for Jesus. Kudos to the kid. God will vindicate you.

  100. Coco

    6 years ago

    This is stupid & I’m so sick of ignorant ass people. This baby is EIGHT & looks up to Jesus!!!!! Which is awesome especially when you look at the world we live in. Dang near every channel, radio station, etc. is talking about sex, drugs, etc. even cartoons are displaying inappropriate things & for this baby to look past all of this & still choose Jesus saids a lot about her upbringing!!!! Two thumbs up for her mom for standing up for her daughters rights!! That teacher needs to get fired & learn to stick with policy especially when your employed & not the head huncho in charge..

    To the teacher…. Next time you give an assignment may sure your more detailed in what it is you WANT from your students because it’s obvious you HATE Jesus because that F was soooo harsh… Smh

  101. The Voice Of Sanity

    6 years ago


    The education system in any civilized country should teach and promote fact and NOT beliefs. As long as the teacher is consistent and does the same for ALL religious references in this way then there shouldn’t be a problem.

  102. Robert S.

    6 years ago

    I read several of the comments here and have concluded that this is a BS story. Several have stated correctly what the whole story is and I tend to buy that one. The kid couldn’t think of a enough things to say about Jesus and didn’t want to start over. Basically she was unable to quantify her beliefs in writing. That’s to bad. Maybe as she gets older that will be easier for her. She probably thought that since it was Jesus, she could get away with a half hearted effort. But I do have to wonder about a “news” sight that proposes to be so conservative and print such a story to “prove” it, then have a link to register yourself as a minister. What is that all about? Just click here and get yourself ordained and registered as a minister. Couldn’t be easier. Or more worthless.

  103. Steve Koraly

    6 years ago

    Keep Jesus… Dump the teacher.

  104. metta

    6 years ago

    It sounds like there is more to the story that is not being told:

    “After speaking with both the teacher and the principal, we have learned that students were not restricted from writing on any topic of their choosing. Columbus County Schools encourages student expression in all aspects of our educational program. We also have an open-door policy, and encourage our parents and guardians to contact or visit their child’s school to address any concerns.”

  105. Greg

    6 years ago

    Hey, this is coming from an atheist. I don’t believe in God nor have I ever seen any reason to change my mind. I am a firm believer in proof. So prove to me that God is real and I would be happy to believe. As yet, there has been NO proof. Yet that isn’t the point. I just wanted people to know where I come from on this.

    If this story is real, it is an atrocity. My beliefs have no right to infringe on yours. I don’t preach to people, try to convert them, threaten them or anything else with my beliefs. This kid wasn’t either. He got asked a personal question, he gave a personal answer. He didn’t preach or try to convert anybody, he simply answered the question. So if this is true. I share your outrage.

  106. Andrew Herzman

    6 years ago

    Totally fake story!

  107. Ingrid

    6 years ago

    “The kids were asked to think about who they consider to be a hero and begin writing a paper explaining their decision.” This was the assignment – she should have been specific if she did NOT want anyone to write about Jesus Christ. I am not a Christian, but this Christian bashing has got to stop. This teacher is out of line.

    Greg, I agree with you. This was abhorrent way to treat this child. If this story is real, the teacher is not a teacher but a bully. By the way, for all of you who think religion should not be in schools, that is not the point here – think about. The school was not teaching it, it was the child’s opinion that was asked for in the assignment.

  108. Betsy Race Fecht

    6 years ago

    JESUS IS THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES!! The child was told to write about a hero, she had every right to write about Jesus! I’m sure the teacher did NOT specify to NOT write about a religious hero…In which case she should not have been given an F on her paper…in which case she should not have had His Name JESUS crossed off…in which case she should have been graded on her writing and expression, etc. Whether it was superman or spiderman she was writing about …What was the lesson about??? THE TEACHER WAS THE ONE WHO WAS WRONG..TO PUT HER NON-BELIEF IN THE’s not the child’s wrong doing!
    Teachers are not for the student anymore because they are taught now to be unaffectionate and seperated. One teacher who works with children said “That when a child is standing in front of her crying, (her heart wants to hug the child and tell them it’s going to be alright) but she can’t even put a hand on the childs shoulder or console a child with any kind of it can be turned into a lawsuit!” What’s this world coming to! TAKE A STAND…JESUS IS IN CONTROL…FOR WHEN WE STAND WITH JESUS…WHO CAN BE AGAINST US!!! It may look like the world is winning…but Jesus will have the last word…damnation to those who deny him!! Train up a child in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6. So train them right not with crap like this! Lord Jesus I ask that you Bless that little girl and her parents for doing right, Amen!!! Thank you Jesus

  109. Hank

    6 years ago

  110. Autum Clevenger

    6 years ago

    In my opinion, there is a separation between church and state, simple as that. It is our right be believe whatever we want to believe and anybody can be a christian or anything else they would like. Either way, we should keep it out of school. It is a personal decision on what you believe for one, so we should not include religion in school teachiings. We could not say “christianity is good.” And then turn around and tell the child “but you can believe whatever you want.” Children dont know what theyre doing, they dont give a flying pig about religion. If children follow religion that is presented to them by people they trust, like their parents and school teachers. What if there is conflicting views? That could be very cofusing to the child. School is to learn things for the future, not for things like religion. Religion is a personal decision, and school is not nor has it ever been involved with most decisions on beliefs. I know that my beliefs arent because of school.

  111. Alicia

    6 years ago

    And we all wonder why there is such a giant streak of crime in the schools? PSSSS one of the best places to learn about different religions is in school around others that have different beliefs. What are we machines all the sudden, we are all human and even tough we all have the right to refuse a religion no one has the right to refuse another person the right for them to have a religion. Just ridiculous what has happened to the humanity and the people of this world it has all gone to shit. So may people want “THE AMERICAN WAY” back yet we tolerate this behavior from people our children are learning from Lord have mercy no wonder all we hear about is a resemblance of the devil, People are treating it like it is a crime to believ and have faith now is the test of faith and those tat believe and hold strong will come out of the mess un harmed. None of this was a problem until people started feeling like it was their business what or weather we believe in anything. When it comes down to it the teacher did not specify and no matte who the child wrote about if it was that childs hero it should be a passing grade there should be no problem with the choice of the hero, you are not grading the childs beliefs you are supposed t be grading their structure and form of writing, that my friend is what a teacher signs up for. So if a child says My hero is satin or god or Obama none of that is substantial to the way the story is written.

  112. Mike

    6 years ago

    Maybe if we paid and trained our teachers better this sort of thing would happen a lot less.

  113. heidi

    5 years ago

  114. Brad

    5 years ago

    Obviously some “Christian” made this all up
    just to rattle some cages.

    The story is a complete FAKE.

  115. Sarah Rose

    5 years ago

    *The teacher probably posses by Satan or it is Satan itself who are afraid in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ.”

    Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble.James 2:19

  116. Sam Davis

    5 years ago

    FAKE!!!! An 8 year old’s writing looks like that? NOT. Also, the teacher’s writing and that of the “student” is the same. THIS IS FAKE and anyone who believes this is a MORON.

  117. Paul Caporino

    5 years ago

    I’ll bet this story is a fraud and a lie.

  118. T. LA LANDE

    5 years ago



  119. Pat b

    5 years ago

    Complete and utter bullshit. Never happened. What is wrong with out country is the outrage stories like this generate.

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