Sean Penn: I’d Commit Ted Cruz

October 31, 2013 @

“There’s a mental health problem in Congress,” says actor and liberal activist Sean Penn. The president could solve the problem “by committing them by executive order,” Penn told CNN’s Piers Morgan Monday night.

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  1. jammin44

    5 years ago

    Unbelievable. Saw that last night. Of course consider the source (the interviewer).. These celebrities haven’t a clue (at least most of them). They think a dictatorship is just fine. They criticize the Tea Party when they have no idea what the Tea Party stands for. They are just rich people without a clue.

  2. Martha Alexander Clarke

    5 years ago

    This from the guy who married Madonna. He’s got a standing reservation at the crazy place….

  3. Pegs

    5 years ago

    All of the so name elitists of Hollywood need an enema. They all live on a reality show where everyday is a performance and who better than Piers Morgan a well known know it all and the good ole Mr. Penn’s brain has obviously been affected by his ego and lots of Cocaine use. Frankly who wants to interview a Commie? Who would give this traitor any air time and stage presence? Only another egotistical Commie. And there you have it. Penn looks dirty, rubs elbows with the likes of Chavez and thinks he’s an American? He’s only an American by birth, not by any moral standard or pride.

  4. Norman

    5 years ago

    Without a doubt, he is one of the stupidest men to have ever appeared on the silver screen. I am not surprised someone of his IQ (Intelligence Questionable) cannot recognize his own stupidity. In fact, I would have to put anyone who supports Obama in that category. His only skill, if indeed it is a skill, is being able to pretend to be someone else.

  5. ???

    5 years ago

    Penn is the one who needs to be committed. He is the offspring of a well known commie. Sean is following in the footsteps of his father. The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  6. greg

    5 years ago

    The fun part when NO ONE go’s to see what he puts out He will back into a hole .. might be the back side of that person in OUR WHITE HOSE… WE THE PEOPLE WILL OVER COME..

  7. Alfred L Moniot MD

    5 years ago

    Speaks for itself as I have not seen the GAY JERK with an IQ in single digits in decades.
    Insane Hussein, the GAY Narcissist Sociopath Illegal Alien Muslim Idiot Psychotic Puppet and her entire ship of fools need to be ELIMINATED!!!!
    The Muslims need to be very afraid!!!
    ret expat MD: NBME; ABIM; ABNM; ABR w/spec comp NR

  8. Kris

    5 years ago

    What do you expect from a communist? This turkey (apologies to turkeys) goes over to Chavez and proclaims how wonderful he is, but was that just to get funding for a movies like that racist bigot Glover?, or was that because he truly admired him? I quit watching any movies both of these traitor’s are in or will make. That goes for Sarandon, Samuel Jackson, Fonda, and many of the other commie hoillywood loons! I’d advise you to do the same and stop supporting them! They are nothing like the old and mostly dead Hollywood (STARS) of the 40’s and 50’s who actually loved this country and fought for it! These are wannabe actors and not so wannabe Americans!

  9. Rp

    5 years ago

    Such a great comment from the dumbed down Hollyweird group. This is the man that wanted fame and would go out and attack the paparazzi for taking his picture. I believe the man is bipolar and needs to be examined. Exactly what education does he have? Maybe high school? It doesn’t necessarily mean he is not intelligent, but the actions he just called for are pretty much out of Hitler’s playbook.

  10. oldgringo

    5 years ago

    Are you kidding me…This guy is about as looney as they come…Just ask Madonna!

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