See How Liberals Just Used The Race Card To Try And Silence Ted Nugent

July 23, 2014 @

Ticketholders expecting a raucous Ted Nugent performance at an Idaho casino just learned the show has been canceled due to the rock legend and outspoken conservative’s alleged racist tendencies.

Without providing a single example to back up its claim, the Coeur d’Alene Native American tribe announced the Aug. 4 concert has been cancelled.

As for an explanation to fans looking forward to the event, casino owners only suggested that he has “racist attitudes and views.”

Though Nugent has not publicly commented on the decision as of this writing, his supporters took to Twitter to express their dismay.

Read More at Western Journalism . By B. Christopher Agee.

6 Comments → “See How Liberals Just Used The Race Card To Try And Silence Ted Nugent”

  1. Joyce Foster-Konya

    5 years ago

    I’ve never, ever in all my days, have seen so many Racists in the White House Administration…until now. Our President is Leading the PAC. He truly hates America, especially white America and all we stand for. Everything he does is to totally to destroy our Country! All the Chaos happening today is brought on by Soros and Obama being the puppet. He ignores it…because he’s involved. He has disconnected himself with Americans. He doesn’t want to have to explain himself. He will continue to ignore every horror going on, that it will help his sick causes. He and his corrupt bullies will always use the race card. They ran out of lies in Obama’s first we will hear “Racist” for the rest of his second term.

  2. Martha Veerman

    5 years ago

    I agree with you Joyce. Why is not going home where he belong, this country to good for him.

  3. my911

    5 years ago

    Well, let them suffer.
    Others will engage Nugent and the indians can go suck bark.
    All who follow 0v0mit will end up the same cesspool.

  4. Rustytruck

    5 years ago

    I’ve known Ted and the guys since El Paso in ’69 and have never known of him being racist. Prejudicial against un-American crap, yes. Hell, so are the rest of us that love our country but racist, that’s a laugh.

  5. Jack Hendrixson

    4 years ago

    If Ted Nugent cannot perform for the Coeur d’Alene Native American tribe in their casinos then I will never attend anything associated with them. Plus I will forward this notice to all I know that uses their casinos

  6. Joseph l.Mansell

    3 years ago

    IS it too late to IMPEACH OBAMA?

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