Amicus Brief filed for the states of Washington & Minnesota v. Trump

February 11, 2017 @

USJF filed in the Ninth Circuit one of only three amicus briefs supporting President Trump’s Executive Order on immigrants and refugees —  in the case of Washington & Minnesota v. Trump.”

Washington v. Trump Amicus Brief Download



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    3 years ago

    Thank you for all your HARD work Mr. President.
    We support your wise decisions to protect our nation in the best possible manner.
    May God Bless you all.

    Rosita Morillo

  2. james fierro

    3 years ago

    mr. president,we are with you all the way.the good people in this great country are praying for your president can we set aside one day a month as a day of prayer for our would be the first president to invoke god our father of all peoples in prayer for a peaceful and loving country one day a month.god bless you and your administration.your friend jim fierro

  3. Kathleen Baker

    3 years ago

    We have waited a long time to have someone in the Presidency who truly knows how to run a business. I am so proud of what you have done and are doing. I have at times lived among illegals and know for a fact that they have no respect for our country or laws. It is high time this came to pass and I applaud your efforts. Please do not hesitate as you are on the right path and we Americans that are not out in the streets making fools of ourselves are at home working with you to make our country great again. God Bless you and your family, you are in my prayers daily. Thank you for your hard work and transparency. Your rock solid supporter. Kathy Baker

  4. paul snyder

    3 years ago

    Thank You President Trump for Making America Great Again. May God Bless You & Your Administration and Guide You in Your Hard Work. We Love You !

  5. John F Thomas

    3 years ago

    Those who are again the ban must have their heads up their respected butts! They are unemployed, right? So why are they fighting man who is determined to build our economy up so we can develope more job s, which include jobs for those idiots that can’t find their butts with a road map?? Can’t they see they are being used? A nd when the dust settles, those same protesters will soon be forgotten, and end up in a situation they wish they could get assay from!! Wake up you meatballs before you end up in a real mess. Give President a fair chance to prove what he promised. He can’t do it with out all of our help. Do you need someone o really draw you a picture you wouldn’t like….just keep on doing somebody’s dirty work and see where you end up!!!

  6. Rainey

    3 years ago

    What is anybody doing about the shadow Govt being commandeered by BOB?
    Also check out the following:
    BOB and MOB Ridiculous and in your faces.

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