Amicus Brief filed for the states of Washington & Minnesota v. Trump rehearing

March 7, 2017 @ 3 Comments

USJF filed a brief for the rehearing supporting President Trump’s Executive Order on immigrants and refugees — in the case of Washington & Minnesota v. Trump.”

Washington v. Trump Amicus Brief for rehearing Download

3 Comments → “Amicus Brief filed for the states of Washington & Minnesota v. Trump rehearing”

  1. mark

    2 weeks ago

    Why do I suddenly have an urge to move my family across the state border to Idaho?

  2. Steve

    1 week ago

    Obama did illegal stuff, like Fast and Furious, aiding and abetting the enemy. President Trump is trying to uphold the Law.It is time impeach these liberals.

  3. Nancy Langhorst

    1 week ago

    Please impeach these Liberals, all of them. They are no good,they have cost us a lot of lives for our VETS. We need to put Obama in jail for life because of the dishonest things he has done and keeps doing!He has stolen Millions from the American Tax payers,and especially the Senior. He stolen 13 billion from Medicare!!!!!!Put it back! We the people back our President 100%. He works for us not you liberals and republican !

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