Supreme Court to conference on Obama eligibility today

February 15, 2013 @

Photo Credit: Laura Padgett Creative Commons

Today, February 15, 2013, Attorney Orly Taitz brings her request to move the Obama eligibility challenge from conference to the oral hearing stage at the US Supreme Court.  She is moving forward in spite of the fact that four African-American Supreme Court clerks refused to allow Taitz to see the signature of Justice Anthony Kennedy, who denied her petition originally.  “But I resubmitted to Justice Roberts, and he sent it to the conference,” Taitz said.

The California attorney is asking “…how do we know that he (Kennedy) ever saw the brief?”  In no uncertain terms, clerk James Baldin told her that “I (Taitz) [was] not allowed to see the signature.”   This denial of her right to see Kennedy’s signature “does not make any sense.”  Perhaps her Russian ancestry and background knowledge of the suppression of citizens caused her to note similarities with DC police actions that blocked “more and more streets” during Obama’s State of the Union address. The group of eligibility challengers were pushed farther and farther away, making it impossible for the public to see or question those who attended the event.  When school students touring the buildings came up to the Taitz group to ask questions, their teacher was said to have made them leave!

Read More at Western Journalism . By Suzanne Eovaldi.

Photo Credit: Laura Padgett (Creative Commons)

36 Comments → “Supreme Court to conference on Obama eligibility today”

  1. James Green

    6 years ago

    As far as I am concerned the man occupying the Whitehouse is NOT qualified to be the president. If he were a Natural Born Citizen, he would have willingly and simply provided the necessary proof. Since he did not and only after much pressure came up with an obvious forgery, he loses that opportunity. If it is proven that he in fact is not legally qualified, he should be hauled from the Whitehouse in handcuffs and taken straight to prison… for perpetrating one of the biggest frauds in history. People have died under his command, on both sides. This is not just an impeachment issue, it would be treason, which carries VERY serious consequences.

  2. Marc Jeric

    6 years ago

    Fire those black clerks – now!

  3. JCS

    6 years ago

    James Green nailed it, I second what he said to the letter.

  4. JCS

    6 years ago

    Fire those clerks and then charge each of them with obstruction of justice.
    See if Barry will come to their aid.

  5. way2confused

    6 years ago

    Yet whenever Obama is trying to justify his rational for legislation he wants, he constantly uses the old justification for this administration is “if you have nothing to hide, this will law will not affect you so why are you against it?”

    Yet when we ask for the same thing, all of a sudden it is a problem for him to do as he asks us to do. It just doesn’t make any sense. Logic tells one, he is hiding something that would be very problematic for him, enough so he is willing to pay over $1 million to his attorneys.


  6. Fideux

    6 years ago

    In the (near) future, if there is a future, historians are bound to ask the question, ” These Supreme Court Justices claimed to be intelligent people who were entrusted with interpreting the laws as they were written and for making rulings regarding them; what happened to that which was bestowed upon them? Why did they discount and ignore such important challenges?” As a result, the once greatest nation on the planet will be reduced to that of a third world nation being ruled by anarchy and be an easy mark for takeover.

  7. LDK

    6 years ago

    The problem is, if the Supreme Court rules he is not legally qualified, then ALL his executive orders, Supreme Court appointees (Ginsberg and Kagan), and any laws he signed , are null and void (that includes Obamacare). You know the afore mentioned judges will rule in his favor, so they should recuse themselves, because they have a personal interest in the outcome.

  8. Donald Merriam

    6 years ago

    When the Congress fails, when the courts fail, when the media fails, when all peaceful attempts fail, the people will have to rely upon the Second Amendment and their personal courage to fix the problem. Why do you think they really want to disarm us all? It has nothing to do with public safety. It’s all about dictator safety for themselves and helplessness for the people to oppose a radical minority element in government.

  9. Robert Hamilton

    6 years ago

    If the full Supreme Court hears all the orguments they will side with Obama, but I think it will not get that far. Wait and see.

  10. Mary

    6 years ago

    Orly should ask Justice Kennedy outright, did you ever see the brief I submitted. If he says no and he did not sign it, those 4 clerks are in deep doo doo. Obama will not come to your rescue, you will be on your own. Then you will find out the person that you are protecting was not for you. He never was and never will be. He is for Obama and noone else. If this does not work for Orly Congress has to get Brennan to admit he had something to do with Obama’s and his mother’s passport info. being deleted from Dept. of Passport files. Obama’s mother’s records are also missing. INS for the week of his birth, the records of all people coming in from Africa are also missing.

  11. JCS

    6 years ago

    I can smell a cover-up coming out of our once glamorous Capital. Camelot is long gone. For the first time in my 62 years I’m embarrassed to be called an American. Thank you democrats for the downfall of American pride.

  12. Farkel HJ ones

    6 years ago

    Seriously… Does anyone understand NATURAL BORN CITIZEN. Obumstead is not . NOT NOT NOT NOT NOT a natural born. He needs to be born of 2 US citizen parents(at the time of his birth)…. He could have been born in Timbukfarkintooo for that matter. When he present his FAKE Birth Certificate( lets say it was real.. even better) he proved that his father was NOT NBOT NOT a US citizen, But a Kenyan….A communist no less.. End of story. It is that simple. Wake up… This schmuck is as eligible as Marco Rubio who is also NOT NOT NOT a nautral born Cit. His parents were Cubans at time of his birth. Educate yourselves PLEASE!

  13. mesaman

    6 years ago

    Regardless of the outcome of this courageous attempt to prove Bammie’s ineligibility, his arrogance and disdain for the common citizen is reprehensible. He is NOT my president, will receive recognition as such, and will not be given any support from me. He has failed us this far and I pray that his total failure can occur before the disintegration of the United States, as we know it. He is a fascist and should be removed from office.


    6 years ago

    Farkel HJ,ones,

    Totally agree Ever notice how the conversation ends when you bring up Marco Rubio? Rubio is also NOT NOT NOT a natural born citizen, As you say when he was born his parents were Cubans not citizens. Some say the Constitution doesn’t say that the President. must have two citizen parents AT THE TIME OF HIS BIRTH. However this is clearly the only interpretation that is meant, because the Constitution clearly lists the only exception to that eligibility for the office of President is the original Colonists could be President. Other wise immigrants coming in after the Declaration of independence from the British kings tyranny would have to become Citizens. If they have a child already, that child is an immigrant. I would think when Rubio’s parents applied for citizenship they also applied for their children as well. Rubio’s is no more a natural born citizen than his Cuban parents are!! I will not ever vote for any person for PRESIDENT who is NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, and that includes Marco Rubio! The Constitution states that the there must be no allegiance to another country, since the President is the Commander in Chief of the Military. Very wise men these drafters of the United States of America! Rubio’s Children are Natural Born Citizens.

  15. jrf1631

    6 years ago

    When the black robes are all done with the lines drawn in the sand, John Roberts will kneel down to kiss Obama’s a$$ again. He now has his own personal reserved place for his liplock right beside Whorehouse Harry and Nancy Piglosi.

  16. Richard Jaussst

    6 years ago

    You folks are all “Out of it”. We are a WEALTHY Nation even though each and every one of us owes $53,000 for the DEBT. Only a fool would say such a thing to the country he supposedly runs. But we are a “ship of fools”, aren’t we? The Mombasa Kenya hospital birth certificate 32018, 8/4/61, has a baby’s footprint on it. If the footprint of the current illegal occupant of the White House is the same, except for size, then he was in Mombasa on 8/4/41 when that foot print was placed on the birth certificate. A simple task. Being about 15 days older than BHO’s father I know from experience what was going on in 1961 and how welcome that BHO and white lass Stanley Ann Dunham couple would have been anywhere in a hospital to give birth to a baby when the black father is 5 years older than the lily white 18 year old S.A. Dunham, 2,500 miles from home in the Seattle area. The man is a liar. Oh, yea, his father served in the Army in the 2nd war. He did, he was my barracks mate, we were both 5 years old. We really owe the country’s problems to the low life that have supported this fake all this time. Maybe he can end up with his democrat governors Ryan and Blago, who are his pals from Illinois, the most corrupt state in the union. Love to all.

  17. dkwalburg

    6 years ago

    The real villains are the house republicans who have failed to impeach the clown in the white house…they are the true traitors. And also remember there is no one who claims authority to require proof of eligibility…they leaves 50 fraudulent secretaries of state who have failed to even try to check for proof of eligibility. Much less the idiot supreme court judge who swore the jack leg into an office without proof of eligibility. The REPUBLIC is gone with the exception of the 2nd amendment and the black ops is full force to end that …. and which bunch of service dodging tittering feminized jack of knaves are going to protect their own rights much less yours? And for all you math derived wanta be voters…. the individual debt is $434,000 each when you throw in soc sec, medicaid and RX…and does not include the federal retirement liabilities or the lifetime secret service for obama and baby bush. AS long as the country vote for the democrats or republicans there will never be any relief from the debt.

  18. Schnable

    6 years ago

    He IS the President, right or wrong, and can only be removed from office through the Impeachment process, being voted out of office, or by reasigning his office. His eligibility can used as part of an Impeachment which can only be brought in the House of Representatives.

  19. Donald Merriam

    6 years ago

    What if he really is a natural born US citizen but doesn’t want to reveal his REAL father’s identity for political reasons? What if his REAL father was Franklin Marshall Davis, a radical Communist agitator? He spent lots of time with Davis as a child and it wasn’t as though his mother was a saint with moral heartland values at 18. Have you ever noticed how Obama looks more like Davis that BHO Sr.? Which is easier to get elected, a guy who if his claims are true, is clearly ineligible for office under the definition of natural born citizen, a definition most Americans don’t understand, or the son of a hardcore Communist? Which one is the people more likely to accept or reject politically?

  20. Daz

    6 years ago

    This is the story of The King Has No Cloths. I find it amusing that people like Hannity, Rush, Levin et al not only think the King has clothes but they continue the charade with Rubio, who also has No Clothes!!!!

  21. Debra

    6 years ago

    Roberts will side with Obama. It is ‘disgusting’ beyond belief. I have lost all ‘respect’ for this ‘one’.

  22. Marriott Cole

    6 years ago

    I completely agree with James Green!

  23. James Padgett

    6 years ago

    Our only hope is that stem cell research will quickly develop the ability to grow gonads. Then we could have a national collection to obtain the money to help all of the Republican House members a pair (with the exception of the wimpy femail House members. — May God give supernatural favor to Orly Taitz – and bless her efforts to expose this fraud (so he can be removed an imprisoned.

  24. downs1

    6 years ago

    Everyone knows that only Whites are racist! There is absolutely, without doubt, surely, I’d stake my life on it, you betcha NO RACISM AMONG BLACKS, especially among Black clerks at the Supreme Court! Oh Really?!

    Thanks Orly for your willingness to stay the course on this key issue. People like you, Jerome Corsey, Joe Arpaio and many other investigators [some of whom are Black] are to be commended! Speaker John Boehner and other RINO’s among the Old Guard Republican Establishment (OGRE) in Congress as well as Black Reresentatives who have steadfastly denied mounting evidence that Obama is Constitutionlly ineligible to hold office, and that he has committed high crimes and misdemeanors since taking office, need to be voted out! Truth has been overruled by political expediency! The “deal” is more important than intellectual honesty! The further this culture turns away from God, the more of this foolishness we will see. When this once great nation collapses, these people will shake their heads and wonder why! They will undoubtedly blame George W. Bush!

  25. TruthWFree

    6 years ago

    I completely agree with James Green!

  26. Shirley Basista

    6 years ago

    All branches of government in the District of Corruption are totally corrupt and what we have been dealing with for 5 years and beyond is the height of arrogance and CORRUPTION. John McCain’s natural born status was questioned during the 2008 campaign—BHO was given a pass by the media and the money flowing from the puppeteer (Soros) who has been pulling the strings with his funding of all the 527 Liberal Groups. It WAS and IS disgusting that more people in the District of Corruption and elsewhere have not pushed for BHO’s TRUE identity. He is a fraud and a Chicago thug who’s playbook is Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky (the Communist). That has been clear from the beginning to those of us who are not Deaf and Dumb. The American voter is pathetic, to say the least, and they are uneducated to what is best for our ONCE GREAT COUNTRY. These voters care ONLY about themselves and what can be GIVEN to them—which is shameful as an American—however, BHO has been delivering at the tax payer’s expense, for their votes.

    Soros’s goal is to bring America to its knees financially (that out of his own mouth) to have his New World Order. BHO is his puppet, as President, to accomplish this goal and they have been moving in that direction by leaps and bounds. Soros has the money to buy everyone and everything to achieve that goal—and he has. The BHO Media is in their pocket—telling people WHAT to think—like sheep being led to the slaughter.

    God is in control— but we have at least 4 more years to suffer unless the Supreme Court can bring themselves to hear this case of BHO’s eligibility to be President and rule in a logical and correct manner. Just remember CORRUPTION is deep seated in all branches of government it seems (unfortunately). This will be very interesting to watch—prayers are needed!!!

    God Help Us!!!!

  27. John J Garagozzo

    6 years ago

    James Green I apploud you. No-one could have said it better. Unfortunately we are surrounded by corruption. It should have been allowed to this far? Obama’s birth certificate should have been presented at his nomination, He never should have been allowed to be a canidate let alone be president. I would like to know if scumbag billionaires, Soros, Bloomberg and others pulled the strings on our ourconressional puppets for this Obama travisty. Congress better get off their butts and correct the problem. Impeach Obama and throw him in jail with cell mates, George Soros and Michael Bloomberg; also in the same cell block with 6’5″ 320 lb. lifers, Tyrone and Gregory.

  28. NCBigmouth

    6 years ago

    Fire those clerks! They are useless as testicles on a heffer!

  29. Dempsey Coleman

    6 years ago

    I hope Orly Taitz wins her case she has fought long and hard mostly by herself out side of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Investigation of which is still moveing forward is about our last chance to fire Obama and put him in Jail where him and a lot of Democrats and some Republicans belong. I like saying From the White House to the Big House!!!!!

  30. Richard Wagener

    6 years ago

    Thank you so much for what you are doing for our country. God Bless You. You are today’s Jane (John) Wayne!

  31. American Patriot

    6 years ago

    I agree with all the above. Do you know who counted the votes this last presidential election ? I heard George Soro’s company in Spain did. Spain? Don’t we need jobs & they farmed it out to a communist?
    Hear about the drones that will be flying over the US? 1500 of them to PROTECT us? We need them at our borders & over Washington DC! They are spying on us watching our every move. Sensors ARE in the highways St. Louis mo to track who ever using a car & the car too!!
    It is never ending!!! Wake up America!!!!

  32. GrumpyOldMan

    6 years ago

    So, if OBozo isn’t Constitutionally qualified (natural born citizen) then by the Constitution he cannot be president. Therefore, at the moment, and for the last four years, the United States has had no president!

  33. countyguard

    6 years ago

    I may have spoken many times to one of those clerks in my IRS case there… I’ll have to ask him about this…

  34. debra

    6 years ago

    I have vowed to start praying for our judges of this land, as they are the ones that can make it happen or make it go away. Obama didn’t win anything…he coerced or forced or illegally was placed where he is now.

  35. Guy Plante

    6 years ago

    Ain’t no way the SubPrimeCourt will accept to hear this case!m If the now-occupant of the White House was Dubya, they’d hear it in a heartbeat, but because Obozo is black, they won’t dare! And the RATS in Congress will have won again!

  36. RDW1455

    5 years ago



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