The Case for Impeaching Barack Hussein Obama

October 4, 2013 @

According to U.S. Code 18 USC Section 2339A, it is a treasonous act to arm a State Department-designated terrorist group. Barack Obama on September 16, 2013 signed an executive order essentially exempting himself from the law in order to allow him to send thousands of tons of weapons to what he calls “freedom fighters”—the Syrian rebels that openly identify with al-Qaeda. The executive order, however, is not retroactive.  This means that the 1000 tons of weapons that our own CIA distributed to the rebels on August 21, 2013— including thousands of shoulder-fired missiles capable of taking down a commercial airliner—is clearly a treasonous act. In fact, this was just one of dozens of weapon transfers prior to September 16, 2013 that the Obama administration has made to a terrorist group that murdered thousands of Americans on 9/11.

Part 1 of a video series exclusive to Western Center for Journalism, making the case for why Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached immediately.

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  1. Joyce Foster-Konya

    6 years ago


  2. lesb

    6 years ago

    Is not Our Congress also guilty of treason for failing to investigate and impeach? If We the people have a treasonous Executive and Congress, is it not our duty to march on Washington DC and shut them both down?

    Larry Klayman has proposed a peaceful march on the Capitol on November 19, 2013 to demand Mr Soetoro/Soebarka/Obama surrender. Be there.

  3. Len

    6 years ago

    I have wanted him to be found an illegal president because of his birth place and
    that would make all laws he signed into law become null and void immediately. I am not sure that impeachment would do that. We do need to find a way whether it is through the birth certificate and all the other things he has in hiding, or through the impeachment process. I personally think it would be easier and faster to go the illegal birth certificate route to rid ourselves of the worst president in history. It seems that the judges that would have to hear this case are either paid to look the other way or perhaps they or their family has been threatened. I pray for a solution to this problem and soon.

  4. TexRancher

    6 years ago

    Clearly, Impeachment of Obama is called for as he’s been acting in violation of the Constitution and various laws. BUT, the trouble is,so many members of Congress are complicit in his actions, the chances of Impeachment going any where are slim and none! Too many of these criminals will go down with him should impeachment actions be taken!

  5. kabuto

    6 years ago

    Time is running out and it seems Obama is getting away with anything he wants and all we have been doing is complaining and feeling sorry for what we are up against. It is time to be serious, not just talk and complaining. It is time to go to Washington and get him out of the White House together with all his gang of corrupted congress.

  6. Fred

    6 years ago

    I totally agree with Len. If we can get him out on the eligibility charge, that would null and void all he has signed and criminalize most of the tricks he has pulled on the American People. It will immediately get rid of the Socialistic
    “Health Deterioration” law called “Obamacare”. It is commonly accepted that if more than 50 percent of the people do not agree with a law, it cannot be held as a legal law. Get him out by proving non-eligibility, then go after the rest of the criminal acts he has done. As Kabuto said, ‘time is running out’. We have to keep
    up the pressure on Congress and Senate through petitions, letters and faxes.

  7. Shirley

    6 years ago

    I hear this all the time, Fox News, O’Reiley, Hannity, people in the newspaper complaining of what is happening to the United States of America. It is OUR SIN that our country is in the condition it is. But this is what I have not heard anyone saying. Let us get together and begin to pray and ask God to forgive us for all of our sins. Ask Him to have mercy on us and bring us to our knees. Havn’t heard that and I do not hear any leaders wanting to get their people together to pray and fast either. I do hear them ask for money so we can do this or that. I will not give money to anyone who does not put God first. Is there anyone out there who has the leadership and the guts to do this? I pray and have asked God what to do. I always get to pray and I do just that. How about the people who are complaining stop it and use your words to get God’s favor and attention? Get other people together because Matt 18:18-20 says if two of you agree as touching anything on the earth it will be given them and Jesus will be in the middle of it. How powerful is that. I see it all the time. I pray with others and I see their prayers answered immediately because we are in agreement with the authority that God has given us when Jesus took that authority away from satan when He died for all mankind and was raised from the dead for all mankind. Our authority comes from Jesus. We have the promise, the power of the Holy Spirit, that our prayers will……WILL be answered. Man’s wisdom shall always fail without God in the middle of it. Raise God up in prayer where He belongs first and you will see miracles and people removed by the hand of God. Revival starts with His people. Get up and off your duffs and seek Him for the answer, not other men.

  8. Ron

    6 years ago

    This must be hitting close to home for the “Obama information police”. I tried everything I could think of to watch the video but on each attempt I got the message: “Internet Explorer has blocked this website from displaying content with security certificate errors.” When I indicated that I was willing to take the risk I simply got a repeat of the original message. Consequently I have not seen the video. However, Shirley is correct about the spiritual nature of the battle we find ourselves in. I do believe that there are believers in government who understand that the stakes are high and are trying to protect the American people. We do need to be praying for them.

  9. GG

    6 years ago

    More of the same old tired rhetoric…corruption, malfeasance, dysfunction, incestuous liaisons between Obama and media, disregard for the Constitution, ALL are so ingrained in this renegade administration that it would be very difficult to impeach the fraud in the White House.

  10. Vietnam Vet, Bill

    6 years ago

    I agree with everything that has been written above, but especially, that we the people need to repent of our sins of unbelief in God Almighty. Those who voted for this evil man in OUR White House, need to repent of failure to investigate those who are running for these offices – including our Senators and Representatives, to look at their stand on the various issues. We have allowed abortions, civil unions and in many states now, even gay marriage. This is an abomination in the site of our Creator. And then a vast majority do not even vote at all. But still, he was re-elected to a second term. I fully agree that Obama MUST be impeached, but also believe that if those responsible for hiding Obama’s true birth certificate, do not come forward with the truth, it will never happen or will be drug out for the balance of his term. Congress also needs to put a cap on Presidential “vacations.” This guy thinks nothing of golfing while our men are fighting a known enemy, or being killed as those in Benghazi. And in Hillary Clinton’s congressional investigation, she said loud & clear, “What matter or difference if our ambassador or military were killed?” I personally believe that a requirement for President and Vice President and Congress – MUST have had a minimum of 4 years in the military service! A Vietnam Veteran – and proud of it!!!

  11. Joan

    6 years ago

    This was stated to be part 1 of a video series, but this is no way a video as it is represented to be. What’s up with this? Please explain how to get the video.

  12. tangshuichun

    6 years ago

    no one can impreach this usurper due to the fact he has no ID who he is. Is he really what he call himself? No documentation whatsoever to satify any legal action. that’s why he legalize illegal aliens to stay. this is where all legal citizen of USA can do by take step using citizen arrest this usurper. why no one go to their town or city to be deputized for this purpose? is it because this is hardly used? remember this felon is non-citizen, mafia by extortion, murdered dozen gay partners before his senate and presidential race. yes, the liberal media kept these filt off the air; destructive path to dismantle our law of the land, the constitution of USA, perjury and taking bribe from george soro, a known IRS tax manipulator with warren buffett; treason by all counts to destroy this republic. he is no friend to the black or any group, only his goal is total destruction by economy choke hold and creat chaos so his brotherhood can take over this country. when this usurper shows up at your townhall, confront him with citizen arrest, that’s your right to do this legal deputation as did in the old day. he is worse than cattle rustler, a thief, a murderer, and felon

  13. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA.

    6 years ago

    Both Barack Obama and The CIA are deeply involved in this deception and destruction of The United States. The CIA is unbeatable without God’s assistance. The people of the United States have, over time, been departing from the ways proscribed by God, and have increasingly behaved in a secular manner. Returning to God is the answer. Peter Guild, Quincy, MA.

  14. v steve

    6 years ago

    It doesn’t matter how many treasonous acts, crimes or misdemeanors b hussein o commits. What does matter is if congress will act on them which they won`t because of the color of b hussein o skin. If they did act the NAACP would label them as racist although the NAACP is a racist organization.

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