The Five Most Catastrophic Hidden Costs of the Obama Presidency

August 24, 2011 @

We well remember candidate Barack Obama’s ’08 throngs laying in breathless wait for the “Lightworker” to appear and speak as “sort of like God” from his teleprompter on high. Now, with nearly everything this president has touched lying in shambles, a shrunken Obama whines from town to town, transported in a taxpayer-purchased bus that resembles a big, fat hearse — the perfect symbol for the harbinger of economic death that Obama’s presidency has become.

It’s painfully apparent now that the American people were scammed in ’08 by Barack the Bamboozler in what will be known historically as the most audacious scheme of fraudulent branding the world has ever seen.

I would just love to see a crackerjack team of litigation attorneys put together a class action suit with a dollar amount on both the tangible and intangible “pain and suffering” costs of the Obama presidency. In fact, if I were a Republican strategist, I would commission a legal team to devise such a case and put it in a PowerPoint presentation for voters by next fall.

The all too apparent costs, of course, are…

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  1. Harold Clark

    8 years ago

    The largest cost will be the lose of freedoms to a communist wannabe dictator!

  2. Dave

    8 years ago

    Bankrupt the Bastard. The tool? Emminent domain. Reason for the good of the people and to resolve that the U.S. Constitution, the “Bible” of the United States still stands. He swore an oath to protect and defend it. He failed. It should be his own actions that convict him. Does anyone in Congress or the SJC have the intestinal fortitude to proceed? Sentence? Take everything he and his family owns now or in the future to help pay the cost of his sins against The Constitution, this country, and humanity at large.

  3. Tomtom

    8 years ago

    Hussein is a serial liar. When we can no longer TRUST the president, the Country is doomed!

  4. David in MA

    8 years ago

    I sincerely hope that when obama dies
    he goes to heaven to claim his 72 virgins,
    and I sincerely hope he goes today!

  5. Dave

    8 years ago

    David in MA:
    Haven’t you heard? It’s not virgins it’s Virginians!

  6. Texas Granny

    8 years ago

    I have live through many presidents both Republican and Democrat, but I never felt poor until the illegal Muslim-in-Chief took office and told us Seniors that we did not count for a COLA raise for two years (it is now going on three). Mr. Obama would do well to remember that we Seniors vote!

  7. EdinNola

    8 years ago

    It’s entirely appropriate that Obama travel in a conveyance that resembles a huge hearse. Much to the embarrassment of those who prayed to him a few years ago, he has shown his true self to be nothing but the “community organizer” that some of us knew he was all along.

    If you don’t understand “community organizing” read Alinsky, the father of community organizers. They have ONE single purpose and Obama is among the best of them. Their sole purpose is to destroy anything established. They are destroyers. They are grim reapers. Thus the hearse. If you expect Obama to rebuild anything, forget it. He not only won’t, he can’t. It’s just not in him.

  8. parkhill

    8 years ago

    Have you nnoticed that when Obama makes a policy statement it is always couched so that it can be taken two ways. 1) The normal language expectation or a more obscure meaning. This leaves him an escape bolt hole.
    Case in point: The Border Fence
    Obama went to the border ,looked at about six miles of fence and proclaimed:
    “Here is your damned fence” (My phrasing). He said two things 1)I have met your requirements for a border fence and 2) I will appropriate no more money for any
    additional fence. Both boil down to “you can stick it–“. Obama has to be read not only for what he does say but also for what he doesn’t say. This is one slimy guy.

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