The Minuteman Protection Program: Court sides with illegal immigrants over U.S. citizen

April 14, 2008 @

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Attorney Gary Kreep says a California man is being sued by a group of Hispanic day-laborers who claim he attacked them, even though witnesses and photographic evidence clearly indicate he was the victim.

John Monti, who is married to a Colombia-born woman, is a public school teacher who lives near the migrant camps in California. He became incensed when he learned that some illegal activities were occurring in a nearby neighborhood, and he wanted to get some photographic evidence of it.

Gary Kreep, executive director of the California-based United States Justice Foundation (USJF), represents Monti. “What got him involved in this was the fact that around many of the migrant camps where many of the illegal aliens live, especially around the San Diego area, child prostitution has become a major problem. There was an undercover investigation done by a television station [that proves it],” Kreep contends.

When Monti was getting the photos, Kreep says, more than a half-dozen day-laborers — several of them illegal aliens — assaulted him. “He stopped at this day-labor site, started taking photographs, and he was attacked by a group of the day-laborers,” says the attorney. “First they threatened him, and then they attacked him. They took and smashed his camera … [and] his cell phone.”

Monti was able to escape, but when he reported it to authorities, he was the one charged because his assailants claimed he attacked them. Kreep says even though his client was clearly the victim, prosecutors falsely charged Monti with attacking the day laborers. But, according to Kreep, the prosecution could not prove its case.

“Mr. Monti was criminally prosecuted [and] a jury found him not guilty. The criminal case is over. However, now the attackers [who are] claiming to be victims have civilly sued him, and that is now going through a variety of motions,” Kreep contends.

Kreep says Monti would not be going through all of this if it were not for the zealous efforts of those who want illegal aliens to have free reign of the United States and are willing to give those “criminals” more rights than actual American citizens.

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