The Minuteman Protection Program: Minutewoman Sues San Diego Police Department

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By John Larsen
Feb. 18, 2008

San Diego is the most un-American sanctuary city in the entire country. Worse than Los Angeles, Chicago, and Phoenix. Those cities treat illegal aliens as citizens but in San Diego, Mayor Sanders, has instructed the San Diego police department to harass American citizens, raid their homes, and make false arrests to intimidate them from protesting against illegal immigration.

Illegal alien activists like Claudia Smith and Enrique Morones have Mayor Sanders wrapped around their dirty racist fingers. However, try as they might, they’ve never been able to stop the San Diego Minutemen or any law abiding American citizen from speaking out against those who aide and abet illegal aliens. Jeff Schwilk has beaten back countless frivolous lawsuits and phony allegations brought against him.

John Monti Falsely Prosecuted, Acquitted Of All Charges

Last year my friend, John Monti was attacked by 8 day laborers and the San Diego Police Department in cooperation with illegal alien activist Claudia Smith, and La Raza City Attorney Mike Aguirre tried to throw him in jail and ruin his entire life. They didn’t prosecute the day laborers that attacked him, they prosecuted him!

After the court ruled that John Monti was innocent, Claudia Smith and her foolish Attorney Daniel Gilleon pursued civil litigation against John Monti, Jeff Schwilk and even FOX News! They claimed the violent day laborers were unable to get work after wanted posters with their photos were posted at a nearby strip mall. FOX News aired the photos and interviewed John Monti after he was attacked. Claudia Smith and Daniel Gilleon claimed the poor illegal alien criminals had their reputations tarnished and required compensation for their loss.

Not surprisingly Claudia Smith and Daniel Gilleon lost badly in court. The Judge hasn’t yet ruled as to whether or not Daniel Gilleon will be required to pay FOX News for their legal expenses in filing this frivolous lawsuit, but Daniel Gilleon may be forced to pay FOX News tens of thousands of dollars. In another strange and stupid move, Daniel Gilleon didn’t serve John Monti or Jeff Schwilk with the court documents as required by law. Instead, Daniel Gilleon lied to a Judge claiming Jeff and John defaulted on the lawsuit. After their stinging defeat to FOX news, it is unlikely that Gilleon and Smith will try anymore dirty tricks.

John Monti was represented in court by Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation. Gary Kreep is the Attorney that defended me and defeated the illegal alien advocates in San Diego back in September of ’06. Now Gary Kreep is suing the San Diego Police Department on behalf of SD Minutewoman, Francisca Galvan.

Extraordinary Minutewoman, Francisca Galvan

Francisca Galvan is a very active and vocal member of the San Diego Minutemen. She’s participated in many protests and rallies in Los Angeles as well. Francisca is also a legal Mexican immigrant. You wouldn’t know it by the biased media coverage, but there are many Hispanic anti-illegal immigration activists in Southern California.

Francisca was falsely arrested on February 2, 2007 while she protested against the brown supremacist Enrique Morones during his open border event, Marcha Migrante II. Another well known activist in San Diego shot video of event. That video is no longer available on the Internet, but it seemed like the police just grabbed Francisca and arrested her because she was the closest one to them. The videographer was talking to the officer on camera while Francisca stood by, but as soon as the videographer turned the camera away, the police officer forcefully grabbed Francisca and handcuffed her. He waited for the exact moment that the camera was turned away to make the phony arrest.

Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation

You can read the court document at USJF for more information on the lawsuit. Gary Kreep of the United States Justice Foundation has supported all of us pro-bono. We don’t have the funding that illegal alien advocates do. They have MALDEF, the SPLC, the ACLU, and countless other socialist law firms that support them. Other than Judicial Watch, Gary Kreep and USJF is the only conservative pro-American law firm defending Americans against the illegal alien invasion. If Gary didn’t help me when he did I know I would have been in serious trouble and so would my friend John Monti.

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