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Friday, 03 November 2006

On Wednesday Morning at 8:30 am Warden, the Notorious Mexican Flag Burner, went on trial in Municipal Court in front of Judge Eugene Hays. The courtroom was packed with Warden’s supporters and Open Border Activists, including Derechos Humanos Leader Isabel Garcia and Pendejo Thug Arturo Rodriquez…

At Warden’s side sat prominent California lawyer, Gary Kreep, Director of the United States Justice Foundation. “Without Mr. Kreep’s help I would have been convicted,” says Warden.

“By 11:00 Mr. Kreep and I knew the case was over. We devastated Ruben Fuentes (the Fox News 11 cameraman who charged Warden with assault) on cross examination. We destroyed the credibility of the video records submitted by the State. Judge Hays simply did not find Fuentes, or the State’s evidence, credible.

“Frankly, Judge Hays found none of the prosecution’s case credible. In spite of the State’s allegations, there was no arson damage done to the Armory Park Shuffleboard Court.

“We put on a half dozen witnesses on the narrow issue of whether two flags were burned on the same spot on April 10, after which Judge Hays found me not guilty on all counts.”

“For the past six months the “Chicana Pendeja” Isabel Garcia, the Pendejo Thugs, the Pima County media, lawyers and prosecutors have been shooting off their big fat mouths on how they were going to ‘get’ me,” said Warden.

“Yesterday we called their bluff and they folded like cheap suits.”

Warden’s pre-trial discovery revealed some shocking facts:

1. Barbara LaWall never filed cases against five of the six Pendejo Thugs who committed aggravated assaults against TPD officers in Armory Park on April 10, 2006. Behind the scenes, local politicians, TPD Chief Miranda, the Assistant Chiefs and Barbara LaWall all kissed Mexico’s ass and sold out the TPD rank and file to the Mexican Counsel and Isabel Garcia.

2. At Warden’s demonstrations, Pendejo Thugs and Open Border Activists openly laugh: “We’re not afraid of TPD. They can’t touch us.”

3. TPD officers and Tucson Park officials falsified documents to convict the Mexican Flag Burner.

4. TPD Assistant Chief Kathleen Robinson heads up a small, covert unit of TPD officers who instruct Hispanic Activists to disrupt Warden’s political demonstrations and commit acts of assault and intimidation.

5. On Monday October 30, 2006, TPD Internal Affairs received evidence that may lead to the federal indictment of Assistant Chief Kathleen Robinson and other TPD higher ups for criminal violations Title 18 §242-244.

Warden says he’s grateful to Judge Hays for his control of the trial. “Judge Hays has been under terrific political pressure from all sides,” says Warden. “I know, because I applied some of it myself. We had 40 TPD officers standing outside the courtroom, under subpoena, who witnessed my every movement in Armory Park on April 10 and were prepared to testify in my defense.

“Judge Hays is to be commended. He saw through the State’s smokescreen. Judge Hays didn’t even ask me to put on a defense.”

Warden expressed special thanks to Laine Lawless, Director of Border Guardians, who appeared at the last moment to testify she too had burned a Mexican Flag in Armory Park on April 10, 2006.

“Lawless has developed powerful video evidence that will devastate the TPD brass, including Assistant Chief Kathleen Robinson and Chief Miranda. Lawless will emerge as a real hero in the movement to stop the invasion and expel illegal aliens from America.

“America is the stronghold. And here in Tucson Arizona we Americans will make our stand!”

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