Three court victories for American freedoms

August 8, 2011 @


Recently we won three court decisions that signal there is ample room for optimism as we wade through the obstacles to freedom the Left throws in front of us.

In San Francisco Loretta M. Giorgi a County Superior Court judge ruled that a ballot measure to prohibit male circumcision which was scheduled to be part of next November’s Election Day choices must be stricken and removed.

While the judge’s ruling was grounded in a conflict of jurisdiction (she determined the State of California must prevail in) the sub-text of the ruling was clearly to deny this blatant anti-Jewish charade its day in the sun.

A week ago Milwaukee County Wisconsin Circuit Court Judge Thomas Cooper put an end to a gravy train sick leave policy despite its having been approved by a 69/31 margin just 2 ½ years ago. The law was the handiwork of a Marxist/ACORN Working Families Party coalition. It would have compelled large businesses to provide their workers with up to nine paid sick days a year and small businesses to pay workers for up to five sick days each year. The purpose of this attack was to cause all businesses to collapse forcing displaced workers to find employment in larger companies which would be more easily intimidated into unionized. Their ultimate goal is to involuntarily force ALL workers into unionization.

A Texas federal judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by an atheist group demanding that Governor Rick Perry be stopped from sponsoring Texas’ participation in a Christian national day of prayer and fasting. U.S. District Judge Gray Miller ruled the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) had no standing and further found the group’s actual motive was based on “feelings of exclusion” which held no weight in law.

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    8 years ago

    Thank God, it’s about time a little common sense in the Courts.

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