Three Fall Guys Won’t Make Fast and Furious Go Away

September 6, 2011 @

On Tuesday, Aug. 30, Kenneth Melson, then-acting director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), was reassigned because of his involvement in the gunrunning operation known as Fast and Furious. At the same time, it was announced that Dennis Burke, the U.S. attorney in Phoenix, was resigning his post due to his involvement in Fast and Furious, and that federal prosecutor Emory Hurley would be moved from “the criminal division in the U.S. attorney’s office in Phoenix” to the civil division.

In other words, after 2,500 guns were bought with illegal intent, transferred to various criminals of one type or another, and used to kill well over 1,100 people to date, the Department of Justice announces that they’re going to deal firmly with three people who were involved in the operation by reassigning them and/or accepting their resignations.

Wow. There are huge problems here.

For starters, it looks like these three are taking the fall for bigger fish higher up the administration food chain.

We know that ATF supervisors William McMahon and William Newell knew about Fast and Furious and were directly involved in it. And we also know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Attorney General Eric Holder knew about Operation Gunrunner, which ultimately morphed into Fast and Furious. He bragged about his involvement in Gunrunner during a speech in Mexico on April 2, 2009.

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2 Comments → “Three Fall Guys Won’t Make Fast and Furious Go Away”

  1. Lib

    8 years ago

    Another serious case of how our government thinks it can fool the American public on any issue. It becomes pretty clear as soon as reassignments and resignings begin that somebody is using somebody else as a scapegoat. They regard the public pretty much as serfs were regarded by in the old days, totally ignorant and incapable of thinking for ourselves. Like we are supposed to believe those men acted without “permission.” Like we are supposed to believe an “altered birth certificate.” And how many other strange things we are supposed to accept without question.

  2. Tomtom

    8 years ago

    Holder is the problem. This is a first class RACIST! Send him back to Chicago with the other scums!

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