Tidal Wave of Support for Colorado Baker Hits Supreme Court

September 11, 2017 @

The list of defenders of Colorado baker Jack Phillips in his case against Colorado’s order that he promote same-sex marriage in violation of his faith reads like a who’s who of America’s leaders.

 First, the Department of Justice has come down on Phillips’ side in his dispute with the state over his decision to not create a wedding cake for a couple.

Then there are the briefs from 20 different states, 86 members of Congress, 479 creative professionals, 34 legal scholars, 33 family policy organizations, 22 Utah Republican state senators, and 14 legal and economic scholars.

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4 Comments → “Tidal Wave of Support for Colorado Baker Hits Supreme Court”

  1. George Rowe

    2 years ago

    I am a Constitutionalist as in American Constitutional Bill Of Rights Republic.
    That means I am a True Classical Liberal as in Liberty and Freedom for each and every
    person. I have and have had many friends and relatives who are homosexual..
    Homosexuals are perhaps more miserable than the rest of us.
    To call themselves “gay” is oxymoronic and a travesty. And what of those name or nickname is “Gay or Gaye” – no consideration for them at all.
    If homosexuals are so “proud” why are they not proud to call themselves what they are, “Homosexual”. Homosexuals deserve fair and equal treatment under the law. Homosexuals do NOT deserve special treatment of any kind. Homosexuality is a perversion, why do they refuse to acknowledge that fact.
    Homosexual or not, homosexual behavior is a chosen lifestyle.
    Homosexual activities are chosen not forced. Or are they?
    I know those activities can be coerced. I had it tried on me when in college.
    Did a little research on life expectancy of homosexuals.
    Not surprisingly their life expectancy is reduced by several years.

  2. Jim

    2 years ago

    We need a return to solid Constitutional law.

  3. Dail Blankenship

    2 years ago

    I do not care what people call themselves or what they do in their private lives and that is where their proclivity belongs “private”. Do not demand that I or others accept your way of life if we do not choose to do so. In others words do not flaunt your beliefs, keep them private and then we can all respect one another. In this “new world” many persons do not respect others nor themselves.

  4. kevin

    2 years ago

    The reality in this case is whether an individual has the right to live by their beliefs – work is an expression of of an individual’s free speech – if the rights of a minority group trump the right to free speech and freedom of religious, than freedom in the US is indeed lost.

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