Undermining Faith In Law Enforcement: The Legacy OF Eric Holder

December 5, 2012 @

I wrote here about the sustained persecution of CIA agents who protected America by obtaining information from terrorists in the aftermath of 9/11. The persecution culminated in a decision by Attorney General Holder to reopen cases against some agents that the Justice Department had already deemed unworthy of prosecution.

I now know the “back story” to Holder’s decision. It renders that decision even more disgraceful than I had thought.

The back story is set forth in the pretentiously titled book Kill or Capture: The War on Terror and the Soul of the Obama Presidency by Daniel Klaidman, a veteran Newsweek correspondent. As Michael Mukasey, Holder’s predecessor as Attorney General, shows in the the November 2012 issue of Commentary, Obama’s approach to dealing with terrorism and terrorists, as depicted by Klaidman, is “a four year scandal.” I urge you to read Mukasey’s article.

My focus, though, is on Holder’s decision to reopen the investigation of the CIA agents. Understand first that the techniques used by these agents had been analyzed in detailed legal memos by Justice Department lawyers that, although revised at least once, concluded uniformly that they violated no standards applicable when the memos were written.

Moreover, career prosecutors in the Eastern District of Virginia had investigated each instance of claimed unlawfulness and had concluded that none merited prosecution. They had drafted detailed memoranda describing their conclusions and the reasons for closing each of the investigations.

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  1. Jim Garrett

    7 years ago

    Holder belongs in jail.

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