United States v. Texas — amicus brief as filed

April 5, 2016 @

Attached is the United States v. Texas amicus brief, as filed in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Texas amicus brief

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  1. Gregory Paulman

    2 years ago

    Kudos to Texas. Stand by the Constitution both of our country and the great state of texas.

  2. John Minich

    2 years ago

    I find it “interesting” that a family from Germany, I think the last name was Romeike, came to the U.S. to avoid having the children taken from the parents by the German government because they were being home schooled. The parents and children came entered legally, and had their case heard by a court, which granted legal permanent residence. President Obama and his justice department tried to have the family deported. My impression is that the result was permanent probation and no path to citizenship. I am not impressed that illegal aliens are treated better than those who obey laws.

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