US Justice Foundation Backs Citizenship Question on 2020 Census

January 15, 2019 @

The fight begins between the Trump administration and the courts regarding including a citizenship question in the decennial census. A new report by the United States Justice Foundation says the lower courts are on “shaky legal ground” and are “ripe for an appeal”.

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  2. LAS

    1 year ago

    Does not the Constitution say the rights of Citizens of the United State to vote? Therefore since we know that some states have allowed non-citizens to register to vote can we not declare that a state violation of the U.S Constitution and demand that those states clear their voter rolls and re-register all citizens using certified copies of birth certificates, certified copy of marriage certificate for name change, and two pieces of proof of residency (ie. copy of utility billings) and then tie that newly entered information in the system with a fingerprint or thumbprint so as to clean up voter rolls from non-citizens and dead people who seem to be able to vote; in addition to eliminate people who vote multiple times. THIS IS EFFECTING THE SOVEREIGNTY of our nation by letting non-citizens nullify citizens votes. I believe there is massive voter fraud and corruption in Democrat controlled states such as CA. Can there be federal regulations of VOTER ID in all states of the United States? This is a national crisis.

  3. Lusignan

    1 year ago

    Texas is starting to do its part in “cleaning up the voter rolls” by identifying 95K illegal voters of which 56K have voted in our Texas elections in the last 10 years! Our Attorney General Paxton is in complete agreement with our Governor Abbott that voter fraud must end. President Trump must charge his newly appointed AG William Barr to look into every states election rolls and get them purged of illegal voters.
    California comes to mind as the most corrupted state when it comes to voter fraud, and if their new governor Gavin Newsome doesen’t do something about getting his Sec of State Padilla to do something about it, then Pres. Trump should authorize Barr to send in federal Marshals to force the issue! I am a firm believer in the X amendment, but what California and some other states have done is defiance of the supremacy clause in federal statutes.

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