US v Arizona Renewed Motion for Amicus

July 11, 2011 @

Barack Obama’s DOJ sued Arizona over SB 1070.  Arizona counterclaimed against the USA. The DOJ filed a motion to dismiss the counterclaim and USJF filed an amicus brief on the trial level supporting Arizona’s counterclaim.  The Federal Judge denied USJF’s request, and struck our brief from the file, on the grounds that there was no authority for USJF to file an amicus brief on the trial court level. This refilling provides that authority, as well as pointing out a number of high profile recent cases where amicus briefs have been filed on the trial court level in federal, including over 30 in one of the OBAMACARE cases. We specifically point out where USJF has recently filed amicus briefs on the federal trial court level in the Von Nothaus and Georgia Immigration law cases, as well as our federal trial court filing in the Prop. 187 case here in California decades ago €”USJF was the only group in the country allowed to file an amicus at the trial court level in that case, as we represented one of the authors of the law.

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  1. Yah Coyote

    7 years ago

    Can we institute a penalty (say disbarment or even prison sentence) for any judge who rules not according to the Federal Constitution? These activist and just plain liberal/progressive judges make seemingly arbitrary and certainly Constitution annuling rulings that anger many of us.

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