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October 8, 2016 @

The American Bar Association describes itself as “the national representative of the legal profession.” Much as the ABA may wish that were so, it is most certainly not the case. Although laymen no doubt believe that the ABA represents the views of most lawyers, in reality over the years it has devolved to nothing more than a special interest group that seeks to impose its ideology on lawyers. The truth is that the ABA represents only a small fraction of lawyers nationwide, and no doubt many of those who do belong to the group are simply “hoodwinked by the pedigree of the ABA.

Not Representative of the Nation’s Lawyers

The ABA reports that, in 2016, there are approximately 1.3 million lawyers nationwide. And while the ABA claims to have 417,000 members, only about half (220,000) actually pay dues. The ABA Executive Director reports that its “number of dues-paying members has gone down every year for the last 10 years.” What’s more, membership in the ABA is not limited to the legal profession, and the organization does not reveal how many of its members are actually lawyers. In any event, even with ABA “padding its stats,” it is safe to say that fewer than 17 percent of the nation’s lawyers are actually dues-paying members of the ABA. Compare that to 1977, when about 50 percent of lawyers belonged to the ABA.

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