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July 29, 2015 @

On July 22, 2015, the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Oversight, Agency Action, Federal Rights, and Federal Courts of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, held a hearing entitled “With Prejudice: Supreme Court Activism and Possible Solutions.” The video of the hearing can be seen here:

Former Congressman John F. Hostettler submitted a statement on behalf of the U.S. Justice Foundation which will be published in the record of that hearing. Attached to Mr. Hostettler’s Statement are three articles commissioned by USJF detailing how Congress can bring the federal courts back under the authority of the U.S. Constitution. These articles were part of the USJF series, Building Resistance to Same-Sex Marriage.

Same-Sex Marriage Versus Judicial “Good Behavior” by attorney Edwin Vieiera, Jr.

Time to Checkmate Federal Courts on Same-Sex Marriage and More by former U.S. Attorney Thomas J. Ashcraft

The Congressional Appropriations Power and Same-Sex “Marriage” by Virginia Delegate Robert G. Marshall

USJF Statement – Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing 20150722

5 Comments → “USJF — Hostettler Statement for Senate Hearing”

  1. mwood

    4 years ago

    we have lost our country to parasites,illegals, and corrupt congress. if we can save it ,it will have to be soon

  2. Virginia Nordin

    4 years ago

    We have lost America to a muslim half black islamist/half white communist. He continues to hide his passport, school records, birth certificate and LIES to the US and world. Why he has not been impeached and in front of a firing squad, is beyond my belief in American justice. Our military should execute all those in the White House and half or more in Congress Twi Supreme Court justices failed to recuse themselves as homosexuals, so could not vote on same-sex marriage partners. SIckos! Marriage is one man and one woman, only! Medical Society needs to declare them insane for their mentally deficient minds.

  3. Maxx

    4 years ago

    When the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of any government operate in total concert and in violation of it’s own Constitution it is no longer a government but a tyrannical dictatorship. To allow this to continue for another day exposes the absolute cowardice and stupidity of the population.

  4. Grunion

    4 years ago

    Is it lonely up on that pedestal Maxx?

  5. Sir2You

    4 years ago

    Grunion, trolling again?

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