Vets Vs Park Rangers

October 4, 2013 @

Day 5 of the gov’t shutdown has closed parks and memorials, preventing war veterans from seeing their national memorials in D.C. Chris Matthews says that he is waiting for the book, “Killing O’Reilly” in reference to Bill O’Reilly’s actual new book “Killing Jesus – A History”. A California High School sophomore girl was reprimanded for wearing an NRA-themed T-shirt because it promoted “gun violence”. All this and more on

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  1. MSUEH

    6 years ago

    Free NRA lifetime membership for the student AND her ballsy parents, who challenged the screwy principal.

  2. John

    6 years ago

    I would help with that free membership. May the liberal muslim loving uninformed traitors all wise up! Political correctness (taught in college) is going to be this country’s downfall. College liberal teachings have been a problem since Viet Nam!

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