Video: Obama A Hypocrite When It Comes To ‘Civility’

March 30, 2012 @

Barack Obama deems speech ‘uncivil public discourse’ when it suits him politically. When the ‘public discourse’ comes from Rush Limbaugh, who scathingly attacks Obama on a daily basis, Obama offers an excoriating attack of him. When the ‘uncivil public discourse’ comes from the New Black Panther Party, calling for Treyvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman to be brought in ‘Dead or Alive,’ or Spike Lee tweets the home address of Zimmerman, or a Twitter account is set up called @KillZimmerman, Obama is strangely silent.

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  1. ram1#

    7 years ago

    This man and his gang has in 3 short years done more to distroy racial balance that so many worked and even died for ,MLK must be rolling over in his grave .It’s the 50’s and 60’s all over again ,people died ,and city’s burned .

  2. Mindy

    7 years ago

    I would like to point out something to Americans. And I am not talking BLACK, WHITE, YELLOW, GREEN, PURPLE, or any particular race. If everyone viewing this has not seen BOOGIEMAN: The Lee Atwater story, they should. It clearly points out exactly what the media is doing with this story. How it affects AMERICANS, and how it’s exploited to sway voters and get someone RE-ELECTED based on race.

    I am an AMERICAN, it doesn’t matter what color, I AM AN AMERICAN. And so is everyone else who votes. This man (Zimmerman) did do something that he was not even questioned on. I don’t know all the details, so I cannot comment on the case. But we all MUST REMEMBER, that we cannot be DIVIDED (which is exactly what the mainstream media wants) And by the way, the media is OWNED By the ones who “THINK” they own us! Essentially the ones who run this country, whom we are trying to get out of office!

    PLEASE do not let this divide us as Americans, that is what they want. It is designed to SERVE THEM.. We DO NOT serve them, we are all free thinking AMERICANS, no matter what color you are, you are free. NOT ALL Whites are bad, not all blacks are bad, not all people are bad. The beauty of being a free American is that we can choose to think and say what we all want. The elected officials, and the ones who keep drumming this into everyone’s heads are the ones who want to take all of our civil rights and GOD GIVEN LIBERTIES away from us.

    NEVER forget that!
    They are deliberately trying to separate the whites and the blacks!
    DO NOT FALL PREY to their mission.


    They are deliberately NOT airing anything about RON PAUL on the media because he threatens their intentions, which is to KEEP TAKING OUR GOD GIVEN RIGHTS FROM US!

    RON PAUL is the ONLY one who wants to restore our liberties, release all non violent offenders from incarceration (prison) and restore our CONSTITUTION!
    He is not bought and paid for, his campaign is solely being run BY US, AMERICANS, and the ones with power are trying to hide him from Americans!


  3. Mark

    7 years ago

    To Mindy;
    Very well an eloquently said. You summed up the national political/racial situation to a T! I have no idea of your age and regardless you are one smart insightful lady.

  4. maggie

    7 years ago

    I truly believe that Mindy has done a wonderful job in her writing. I would not be good enough to change single word. You said it the way it is, not the way the Dems and MEDIA WANT IT. I hope many more people will read your comment. GOD BLESS!

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