Video: Romney Admits He Won’t End ObamaCare

December 20, 2011 @

5 Comments → “Video: Romney Admits He Won’t End ObamaCare”

  1. Frank

    8 years ago

    Yep, Romney will try to “tweek” ObamaCare by reforming what he considers the “bad parts”, but overall he would not repeal it and work to keep the “good parts”.

    Case closed: I WILL NEVER VOTE FOR ROMNEY!!! I will vote 3rd Party before I vote for him if he is the GOP candidate for President. ObamaCare needs to be totally repealed, PERIOD.

    This is another reason why we desperately need a “small government” GOP candidate for President & not another RINO “big government” type.

  2. Linda Orf

    8 years ago

    Did he say “Repeal the bad and KEEP the good”??? Newt ought to take this and run with it!

  3. Dee

    8 years ago

    Since Romney won’t repeal obammacare, sure hope he doesn’t get the nomination.

  4. Robert Fallin

    8 years ago

    I hope the Ron Paul campaign puts a piece of this on the air in New Hampshire.

  5. lou

    8 years ago

    Romney cannot repeal Obamacare. It is a law passed by Congress and only Congress can repeal it. However, he can do what Obama has already done. He can exempt every state from having to have it.

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