WATCH Barack Hussein Obama Give Thanks To Satan!

September 13, 2013 @

Watch what happens when you play backwards an assortment of clips from Obama’s acceptance speech in Chicago. Also, what is up with all these Flies?

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  1. Benton Bain

    6 years ago

    You can not fool a horse fly. They know a horse ass when they smell one.

  2. Jammer2

    6 years ago


  3. Dr. Jeff

    6 years ago

    PLEASE, this is beyond lame… You only make yourself look stupid when you put out stuff like this!

  4. markk

    6 years ago

    Okay now you have gone over the top and ruined all credibility . I am the ultimate Obama hater for sure and I say this is a load of crap right up there with the likes of Rachael MaddCow and the others . You should not stoop to the level of maggots .

    Please do tell how ” nac ew sey ” comes out pronounced ” thank you satam ”

    One more of these ridiculous stories that you have been promoting lately and I will be forced to un subscribe

  5. Mary

    6 years ago

    Sorry folks, but this is a bit of a stretch. People can “say” anything backwards that you want to hear. However you can’t fool flies. They know a pile of s*** when they see one.

  6. val

    6 years ago

    forget the stupid satan crap. now I must say I have never seen any other public official get chased around by flied like this dude. He either constantly steps in (which I don’t think is the case) or something evil this way cometh.

  7. hatinObama

    6 years ago

    Flies are always attracted to manure.

  8. DAY

    6 years ago

    Anyone knows that a piece of chit will draw flies,,,, now we have it on video…

  9. Mar

    6 years ago

    Ditto many of the above comments. I will unsubscribe because of this and several similar quality recent stories you have chosen.

  10. ONTIME

    6 years ago

    PROOF POSITIVE…..BO STINKS….drawing flies is about he does well…

  11. v steve

    6 years ago

    We hear enough lies from him we don`t need you to give us more lies, stay with the truth. Maybe it is time to unsubscribe after all.

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