WATCH Judge Jeanine Nuke Nancy Pelosi’s “Brilliant” Obama

September 25, 2013 @

Judge Jeanine Pirro destroys Obama on the Navy Yard Shooting, Obamacare, NSA, guns, and more…

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  1. Joyce Foster-Konya

    6 years ago

    I totally agree with Judge Jeanine! This President has absolutely no respect for the American People….and especially for those families who have just lost family members at the Navy Base! Our Country has to be so Ashamed of Obama today. He isn’t protecting Americans….he’s acting like nothing seems to matter. He’s backing the terrorists with our money and our guns. Our Servicemen need to stand up to this nut-case of a President! He is so incompetent! He isn’t a Leader…he’s a trained Puppet.

  2. C S.

    6 years ago

    Keep up the GREAT work Your Honor!

  3. Rip

    6 years ago

    But Jeanine, ob is right on track ! his agenda from day one has been to bring America as we know it to an end, his divisiveness, in just four short years has divided the American people racially with a wider rift than we have ever had !

  4. Albert Wilson Luce Moore, Jr.

    6 years ago

    Obama is probably the most accomplished Quisling in history.

    A Comintern mole for all of his adult life to date, he is part of a four-cornered plot with the Comintern rulers of North Korea, Russia and China to paralyze the United States by an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack that will make it possible for Obama to take over as dictator.

    He will claim it’s a solar flare, like the one that is alleged to have narrowly missed the earth a short time ago. Query, was this a fictitious sighting to set up a cover story for the EMP assault from the North Korean satellite, when it passes 300 miles above Omaha, Nebraska?

    I’m afraid that it’s not Obama who is the dummy.

  5. Jamin Jayman

    6 years ago

    He’s not incompetent, he’s a paid assassin! Trouble for him is thanks to Judge Jennine and others people are waking up. ptL!

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