WATCH Judge Jeanine Pirro Destroy Obama On Syria

September 11, 2013 @

The Fox News host attacks Obama in her opening statement…

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  1. cjs

    6 years ago

    Right on. Now if we can only get him to listen to what she has to say. But he will not listen.

  2. Flo/Az

    6 years ago

    We have Judge Jeanine Pirro giving Obama the sentences we wanted to say! We thank Judge Pirro for having the guts to stand up to this tyrant. we do not have congress expressing to impeach Obama and this tyrant has cost the American people stress on the daily basis. Obama has promoted degeneration of civility with his evil tongue against U.S. citizens, the arm forces and veterans. As American citizens, we have to keep fighting, do our prayers and that we put the foundation back when our founder placed for us. We know too well what Obama and his administration are using Alinsky model in decline of America.

  3. John Stewart

    6 years ago

    He and his regime have more policies than Carter has little liver pills, yet there are no procedures to back up his declarations. All of his policies are based on political convenience.
    He and ALL of the progressives have fallen for Yuri Andropov’s KGB plot ARES hook line and sinker. The worst follower of Andropov is John Kerry when he fantasized about atrocities in VietNam.
    This regime, bar none is the worst Marxist follower of all time.

  4. Don Merriam

    6 years ago

    You’re right, cjs, he won’t listen, but everything she said made sense and she left nothing untouched on the issues and the people who heard her will be influenced. Now if they would only write their elected representatives.

  5. Greg Thomas

    6 years ago

    Right on the mark with everything.

  6. Fed up

    6 years ago

    Has the video been taken down. I can not get it or the one of the black Pastor talking about Obama. Has Obama had them deleted from the web?

  7. Truth or Vanity

    6 years ago

    I’ve just fallen in love with this Woman!

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