Wikimedia v. NSA — amicus brief as filed

February 28, 2016 @

Attached is the final version of the Wikimedia v. NSA amicus brief, as filed in the Fourth Circuit.

Wikimedia amicus brief

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  1. Arthur LeBeau

    2 years ago

    I am not an attorney, however I have been involved in many issues in the court for over 55 yrs (I am now82) and had one case of standing that I argued and won in the Missouri Supreme Court (a unanimous decision) I have followed USJF for years and these briefs intrigue me as to the verbiage. It helps me in some of the filings I do.

    Unfortunately I live on S.S. and don’t have extra funds to give, but those of you who do please donate what you can. We need more citizens to get involved on all levels – at times I think I am fighting a losing battle here in Missouri (Franklin County) but I pray and I believe the Lord Jesus tells me to go forward.

    Didn’t mean to wrote this much, but readers please get active. Presently I have two cases against Franklin County as a pro-se litigant and would appreciate your prayers in those cases. Not sure if it is proper but anyone who would like to correspond do so. Art LeBeau, As a Christian may the Lord Jesus bless all. Note: first time I ever seen the Bible quoted (Ester) as an authority. Great!

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