Will The Supreme Court Kill Constitution?

November 13, 2013 @

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In 2012, National Federation of Independent Business vs Sebelius was considered by many to be one of the most significant Supreme Court cases heard in decades. On its outcome would depend the continued liberty of the American people. For if our elected officials can force the public to purchase government-approved health insurance, what can they NOT demand the American people acquire?! The full effects of the unconscionable betrayal of the Constitution and the American public by Chief Justice John Roberts are only beginning to be realized.

If the NFIB decision pronounced an end to our liberty, the Court’s upcoming ruling in Bond vs U.S. has the potential to literally end the 240 year history of the United States. For at issue in this case is the following question: When the United States joins an international treaty, may Congress pass laws toward its implementation that violate the Constitution? The Obama Regime, through Solicitor General Donald Verrilli, says YES. For during oral arguments on November 5th, Verrilli told the Court that “…once a treaty is signed by the president and ratified by the Senate, Congress has the power to pass any law necessary and proper to implement the treaty.” ANY law! The constitutional limits on Congressional power may be ignored at the whim of lawmakers.

As a result, the United Nations would effectively make the laws by which the American people are governed. The UN Small Arms Treaty would, for example, wipe out the 2nd Amendment as international police acquire authority to order–even carry out–the disarming of the American people.

The Bill of Rights will become the former law of the land. Express an opinion insulting to pro-Islamic UN doctrine, and an American citizen could be imprisoned (or, should the terms of a treaty call for it, perhaps even be beheaded as an infidel!)

The legal history of Bond is a bit involved and not really at issue here. What is of importance is the fact that the terms of a treaty entered into by the president and ratified by the Senate will effectively take precedence over the Constitution. For elected DC representatives may fashion and pass legislation based solely upon upholding the terms of any treaty with any nation for any purpose.

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Photo credit: terrellaftermath

6 Comments → “Will The Supreme Court Kill Constitution?”

  1. BigIron

    6 years ago

    In order to understand this first the “people” must realize that what they think is “our” Constitution is in actuality only the corporate “charter” of the “United States Corporation”, a corporation created via the 14th Amendment (that was put into “law” in 1868) and completed in 1871. The name of this corporate charter is “The Constitution Of The United States Of America”; it is NOT the true Constitution of the Republic which is “The Corporation for the united States of America”! The “constitutional (of the Republic) United States is the “United States, DC” which is 100 square miles located (within the State of Virginia but NOT in the State of Virginia), the territories, the protectorates and military enclaves …And that is ALL! Please note that the difference is “for” in the Constitution for the Republic and “Of” for the “corporate” Charter for the “United States Corporation”.

    So when you claim your “constitutional” rights and privileges you must make sure that you leave no doubt as to which “Constitution” you reference. Referencing the wrong constitution gains you absolutely nothing.

    The Supreme Court that we know is NOT a part of the “constitutional” United States, DC, of the Republic but is of the Corporation and rules on “public policy” and NOT on constitutional “Law-OF-The-Land”.

  2. Walda

    6 years ago

    Wow, now I am really confused. So which one was written by the founding fathers – The Constitution Of The United States Of America or The Corporation for the United States of America. And where can we find a copy of the correct one? Or is just some more of the liberals propaganda?

  3. BigIron

    6 years ago

    The “original” constitution for the Republic as written by our “founding fathers” is “The Constitution for the united States”. Note: “united” was spelled with a lower case “u” in the “hand-written” original as the States were each “sovereign” Nations therefore “united” was used as an “adjective” not a “noun”. It could be understood as States that were united. When it was sent off to be printed the typesetter “corrected what he thought was an error and on the first “printed” copies “united” became “United” which confused the meaning from “States united” to “United States” a term used within the original Constitution itself for the United States, DC etc..

    The “difference” is:
    original constitution = … “for” … (…for the united …)
    corporate charter = … “of” … (…Of The United …)
    Close doesn’t count!

    This “change” in the wording was obviously intended to deceive and so it is a “fraud”! …Just like the Federal Reserve” which is neither Federal nor is it a Reserve; it is NOT a part of the Federal government. Using this terminology places the United States over the States and makes them subservient to the United States that “constitutional” 100 square mile enclave located within the State of Virginia and which also includes the territories, the protectorates and the military enclaves.

  4. BigIron

    6 years ago

    Yes, it easy to get them confused as that was the intent when the United States Corporation WAS created under the 14th Amendment (which was “unlawfully” ratified!

    Incidentally, in or around 2008/2009 I WAS able to pull up the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and the “UNITED STATES CORPORATION” (and many many more variants including states and courts, etc.) on “DUNN & BRADSTREET” however that public access is no longer available. I would guess that too many people had discovered

  5. Nancy Lee

    6 years ago

    I must admit that all of the above comments are like Greek to me. I only know what the average citizen (meaning the generation of those who studied these documents….not the current generation) knows and believes about OUR Constitution and our Bill of Rights. But no matter what it says, the current administration ignores it all and our Congress allows it, along with our “stacked” Supreme Court. Scary, isn’t it, that the United Nations is basically supported financially by our country and sits on soil in our country? Obama is still community organizing for the larger “community” that he will one day be a bigger part of and that will rule over many nations. Why is the citizen a nobody in all of this? Our elected representatives are politicians, not representing us and our needs and dreams. We left Europe for a reason! That is for freedom to succeed, grow, share, safely live and speak out for the God of Glory without facing jail or maybe death. Wake up, America!

  6. C H Smith

    6 years ago

    The good thing is that as long as there is a free breathing American left we will fight tyranny with all that is required. The one thing the SCOTUS can’t do is stop people from wanting to be free or to stop a civil war over the freedoms we have earned for these 240 yrs.

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